1. i haven’t been reading much save histories (generally WW2 and so on), however films have stepped in to fill the imaginative gap. i saw Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight, and have been rewatching Nolan’s Batman trilogy, and then Inception. i didn’t much like 8 – every main character is (to use a Werner Herzog phrase) “vile and debased”. There is a brief vignette of some grinning rustics – who get wiped out – but they are so implausibly nice, Arcadian, that they just got on my nerves, and i cheered when they were shot. i feel there is something pathological about Tarantino; so, i note that it is his hands choking Diane Kruger in Inglourious Basterds, because he felt Christoph Waltz couldn’t do it properly, and by Kruger’s account she was not feigning panic and pain, Tarantino having got a little carried away.


i like a good bitch-slapping as much as the next man but, watching 8, i got the feeling Tarantino relished the sight of Kurt Russell beating a helpless female captive (she is, naturally, also a nasty piece of work). One only needs to look at Tarantino, and listen to him talk – he is vile & debased; i wouldn’t be surprised if they find a load of dead hookers in his basement at some point. He is, naturally, a Leftist and Social Justice Warrior.

Having said that, i like most of his films – Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Jackie Brown, Inglourious Basterds, and Django Unchained. He is certainly a master technician, with a vision – hence, one talks of “a Tarantino film”. In his best works, for all the cartoonish & gory extravagance, there is a fidelity to our experience of cause & effect. Films tend to get on my nerves because the plots often run thus:

Bad Guy has a master plan

Good Guy defeats him by being good and strong

In Tarantino films, every plan goes awry. In Pulp Fiction, the entire story is driven by plausible chance, and plausible human response – a guy is hiding in the bathroom, shoots at Jules & Vincent, misses, then Jules chooses to give up his way of life. Vincent accidentally blows the head off an informant, as a result they end up breakfasting in a diner dressed like morons, when Tim Roth’s character decides to hold it up. In Inglourious Basterds, Von Hammersmark meets the Basterds in a beer cellar, and a curious Gestapo officer is sitting nearby.


In Django Unchained, Waltz’s Dr Schultz loses his temper, precipitating the bloody last act of gore and vengeance. Nothing is planned, or rather men plan and then something unexpected happens, and it all ends in bloodshed and death.

i find this highly satisfying, for it is my own experience of life. Even Stalin apparently said that events have a will of their own (memoriter, i read this wonderful sentence in one of my many WW2-era books but forgot to make a note). We live, quoth Wallace Stevens, in an old chaos of the sun, and are constantly surprised by events, and our own impulses and actions, keeping appointments we did not make (Chaucer via translation via Harold Bloom).

2. Christopher Nolan is, i would say, as great a film maker as Tarantino, but in his films there is a classical neatness and form – so in The Dark Knight, the Joker has his masterplan, but watching this film again recently, i kept thinking “how could anyone plan this?” The opening bank robbery (a homage to Mann’s Heat) is ludicrously overplanned, to the point where it would all have fallen apart if one variable had acted even slightly other than expected. Later, the Joker tries to intercept a police van (i can’t even remember why), only failing because Batman intervenes, then Batman fails to kill the Joker on a last minute impulse of (presumably) mercy, then the Joker fails to kill Batman because Gordon happened to be (in disguise) driving the van and holds a gun to his head. Joker is taken to prison, gets out when he uses a phone to activate a bomb implanted in another prisoner’s gut, and then quoth Gordon “the Joker planned to be caught!”





What? What? What? You on crack or summat?

Same in The Dark Knight Rises, Bane and his men are put on a CIA plane without any kind of checks:

CIA agent: Was getting caught part of your plan?

Bane: Of course!

Of course, everything is part of the plan and everything runs like clockwork. In Nolan’s films, when things go wrong it is because of willed opposition & choice (e.g. Moll’s spectre in Inception, or Catwoman finally siding with Batman), never because things just go wrong. In Tarantino’s films, the characters are small figures in a largely incomprehensible world, a world with a will of its own. Fate is the principal. Nolan’s films are more like a dream where the main character creates everything, including his adversaries, and so everything that happens is a working-out of a central and uniform vision.

3. My own sense of things is that daily life is Tarantinian, but outside of time it is Nolianic. When i think of my own fated events, there was no frisson of otherworldly awe at their start, nothing to indicate significance; everything seemed to come from chance, prosaic cause & effect; yet the result was pre-ordained.

Because most plans seem to go awry, and many things happen for seemingly no reason at all, i have long resisted conspiracy theories about giant lizards and the New World Order. However, the situation in Germany is now so strange that i have begun to wonder what is guiding Angela Merkel, or Morgul as i think of her (actually, her real surname is dire enough – Merkstaves, Mirkwood, murky). Among my German acquaintances, interpretations run:

i) She has suddenly chosen to be emotional and wants to embrace the 3rd World in her  loathsome bosom;

ii) She wants to make Germany look good and not like a bunch of snarling Nazis;

iii) She wants millions of young men to do low-skill jobs in Germany;

iv) She is stupid

v) She is mad.

No one finds i) plausible, and ii) is also risibly flimsy. iii) would make sense if Germany had enough low-skill jobs, and didn’t already have enough East Europeans. It is also highly unlikely that the millions of young, aggressive male Muslims will contribute to the German economy – Sweden here is the exemplar of multicultural horror & economic collapse; since Sweden’s Leftist politicians magnanimously chose to open their country to the 3rd World, rape has gone up 1472 %. Even if crime and the actual danger to the native population is of no importance, economically Muslims contribute nothing to Sweden, or actually any country. They mostly lack education, and don’t come from a culture where education is valued (unlike, e.g. Jews, South Koreans, Chinese, Japanese), and also centuries of inbreeding have not made for intellectual potential. The idea that these violent, inbred, young Muslims will become Purchasing Managers in BMW, or engineers, or accountants, is, well, a bit of a stretch. Although they could probably manage basic physical tasks, they will only do so if absolutely compelled.

They will rape, and rob, and murder, and live quite a comfortable life off the taxes of those who spend 15 or more years in education, and who want to work – that is, the native population – but i wouldn’t expect too much in the way of productive labour from 3rd world village Jihaddists.

Here are my suggestions, interpretations behind the Morgul’s actions:

i) Destroy Europe and exterminate European races, and European civilisation. Quite why anyone would want to do this is beyond me; even the Muslims can only live a cosy ghetto life on welfare as long as there are educated Europeans to work for them, or enough natural resources to manage without civilisation (as in Saudi Arabia):


…but then, i suppose after the world economy has collapsed completely whoever is left can always blame the white devil, as they presumably will.

ii) Introduce so much chaos and disorder that people cry out for more police, for the army to patrol the streets, and they are willing to pay even higher taxes to protect the borders. This would be a way of moving money from the private individual to the State, and so is a plausible motivation, for a politician.

iii) Introduce so much chaos and disorder that people are distracted from the impending financial crash, having other things to worry about – how to protect their wives and children from being raped by our Muslim guests.

The Morgul is apparently playing her cards close to her chest, as a German friend in the know seemed bewildered by her actions. i think one can safely say the Morgul wishes not merely millions of young men, but especially young Muslim men – or so i judge, since Germany is refusing refugee applications from the Ukraine, where there really is a war, and where people have a broadly similar culture, and education. A million Ukrainians would cause problems, but they wouldn’t be roaming the streets looking for rape victims, and i dare say they would have a much higher level of education, and willingness to work. And yet the Morgul has turned them away. So, it looks like the motivation is purely to introduce millions of young aggressive Muslims into Germany.

i doubt Morgul is unaware that Sweden’s 16.5% immigrant-background population consume 66.4% of total welfare, and that not merely the first generation, but their children and grandchildren are over-represented on the welfare rolls, and in criminal statistics (see also the Pakistani community in UK). So, unless she is stupid or insane, her only motivation is to destroy German society and economy, and to end European culture.

4. i am not naturally given to optimism. Once the rapists are here, it will be impossible to solve the problem without iron will, and ruthless force of a kind (West) Germans haven’t known in precisely 71 years.

‘I wish it need not have happened in my time,’ said Frodo.

‘So do I,’ said Gandalf, ‘and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.

i am mildly put out that this comes now, in my gouty middle years, my lungs so damaged by repeated attacks that i lack the power for an extended brawl. Realistically the most one can hope for is total financial collapse, burning cities, gang warfare, mass rape, Sharia law, and a good death, fighting the invaders and trying to take a few to use as doormats in Valhalla.