1. i’ve given up on booze and feel distinctly odd, and even healthy. Over Easter i felt i’d damaged my gut with years of immoderate boozing, and so stopped for a week. The old Elberry gut is still reluctant to take much food, which is fine as i was 1.5 stone overweight, disgustingly obese by my standards though no one else seemed to even notice. My body has apparently reset to my pre-teaching levels of booze, i.e. i can go without alcohol and my tongue now responds to whisky like a maiden aunt thrust into Al Swearengen’s fine establishment – a bracingly unusual situation, to be taken in exceedingly small doses. Before beginning to teach full-time (six years ago), i drank perhaps a glass or two of red wine an evening (with food), and got through a bottle of whisky every 3 weeks, when i had the money for it. At my teacherly height, in Kassel, i was getting through 2 glasses of red wine an evening, and a bottle of whisky every 2 or 3 days. Curiously, my body seemed able to take it without the slightest ill effects, perhaps because i only started heavy drinking aged 34.

Having drunk almost nothing for 2 weeks, i realise how much alcohol structured my free time. The weekend would pass in a blur of gin, wine, whisky, as if alcohol itself were companion. i don’t feel at all lonely without my old guide, but time takes on a different quality. For one thing, i need less sleep now, so have an extra 2 or so hours every evening, and in general much more physical energy and desire to perform noble deeds (murder, etc.).

This is typical of me – i lack any real discipline and only adopt what seem unusual courses due to necessity (the ox is driven to pasture by blows). When i want to do something that requires any discipline, i have to create a situation with the apt necessity, e.g. i take a German book (at the moment, Joseph Roth’s Radetzky March) with me, along with my Kindle, and since my bag is usually too heavy, i feel obliged to read some of the German book to justify lugging it around all day. i am a little envious of those who can discipline themselves, but then perhaps it isn’t really natural – why, in nature, would anyone do something they don’t have to? Of course, most such disciplines are undertaken not for pleasure, but for future profit.

2. i’ve been studying IQ and race in my dilettantish way via youtube. There seem to be significant differences between IQ between racial groups – or if you don’t like the word “race”, between groups sharing physical characteristics which everyone can objectively observe. One theory for the differences is that the climate and culture of colder countries weeds out those who don’t go for discipline and long-term planning, so the impulsive or lazy find no food or shelter come winter. i suppose it’s a complex of factors, often with a feedback loop, so certain practices develop due to landscape and climate, and then these practices encourage certain character types, and discourage others, and over time these practices become a culture (or civilisation) which replaces climate as primary influence.

It would be interesting to compile statistics of crime according to migrant group, for i notice that in Germany most rapes, thefts, and assaults are committed by Iraqi, North African, Afghan, and Syrian “refugees”. i suppose if, 6 months ago, you lived in a country where everyone carries an AK-47 and if you see something you want you kill whoever has it, Germany must seem like a Disneyland of potential rape and pillage. There is a reason Muslim women are stuffed in burqas and jealously guarded by their male relatives – because for these people, if you want to fuck a woman, you just rape her and it’s her own fault for going out on her own. A sentiment, curiously, more or less shared by feminists, as long as the rapist is Muslim – the feminist  Mayor of Cologne basically said the mass sex assaults on New Year’s Eve were the women’s fault for, well, not being stuffed in burqas and guarded by male relatives with AK47s, and by the way we should all welcome the 3rd World because they will enormously enrich our culture, and if you don’t agree you are a racist.

3. i haven’t seen any news reports of rapes, assaults, or robberies committed by Eritreans, yet there are plenty of them in Munich, looking hapless and bewildered. As far as i can tell, their country is a 3rd World hellhole but for some reason they either aren’t committing many crimes in Germany, or haven’t been reported on yet (i suspect the former). i had to help one buy cigarettes in the supermarket a few months ago, he was staring at the vending machine with utter incomprehension, and in general the Eritreans i’ve seen here look as if they just woke up one morning to find themselves in Munich – one of the cleanest, safest, richest cities in Europe, with probably the most beautiful women, and have no idea what’s going on or whether it’s good or bad.

The other migrant groups – who generally look Afghan or Pakistani to me – are very different, with a look of swaggering and predatory contempt for the Germans who are paying for them to rape, steal, and murder. Several of them exude a feral criminality and clearly bear a capacity for extreme violence – it happened even at work, as i was in the corridor when the rapists came out of their classroom (supposedly learning German), and i found myself locking eyes with a bearded Afghan male, early 20s, very healthy and untraumatised and unrefugee-looking, and noticeably bigger than the others. i recognised the capacity for lethal violence in him, and he recognised that i’m not a German mangina. Perhaps, i thought, i am being a bigot once again, and paranoid to boot. However, when i went into the teacher room and told Toddball, – One of them Mooslim rapists looks like a motherfucking killer, Toddball responded promptly, – The one with the beard? Yeah, I noticed him too.

It’s a difference between German manginas and people from Huddersfield or Chicago or Brooklyn – many of the English teachers have been in scrapes and altercations and fights back home, and so have learnt to recognise potential violence in others; you would have to look long and hard to find a German with any such sensitivity.

4. i was discussing weaponry with the Kurgan the other day, he already has a longsword and expandable baton in his house, and a fat and dangerous-looking cat, his wife has pepper spray, and he is thinking of getting a weapon’s license for something more serious. Conversation ran as follows:

Kurgan: There gives a small weapon license for gas guns, and heavy weapon for real guns.

elberry: i was thinking of getting a box, putting your cat in it, then opening one side of the box and poking the beast so it launches itself claws-first at the rapists.

Kurgan: That is also possible.

elberry: Or putting some hungry aggressive rats in a sack and carrying it everywhere, and when the Mooslims start to rape, just open the sack and throw it at them.

Kurgan: That is against hygiene regulations.

elberry: Or getting a tomahawk and a crossbow and saying i need them for my religion, some Mooslim starts screaming Allahu Akhbar and raping small boys and women on the u-bahn, not to worry, i pull the old crossbow out and give him a bolt through the head, then run over with the tomahawk and start hacking away.

Kurgan [to his wife]: This is why we need laws against weapons in Germany. Because of people like Elberry.

i already have a modest armoury of legal weaponry. i’m not sure how long it will take before we have Rwanda-style slaughters in Germany – there are perhaps a million military-age 3rd World Muslim men sponging off the German taxpayer, and more will be coming each month thanks to “Mutti Merkel” (a crack-addled mother who invites a string of abusive boyfriends to rape her children). Given the ferocity of the average 3rd World Muslim, i think Germany will collapse into Rwandan or Balkan-style genocide and mass rape as soon as the Muslims feel strong and numerous enough to rise up against the generally sheep-like whites – already i think if France’s Muslims (7.5% of the population, comprising 70% of the prison inmates) rose up, the whites would just sit there grinning about diversity and tolerance as they were raped and slaughtered. An aggressive, and ideologically-motivated minority can overpower a docile majority with ease, and if you think e.g. liberal Sweden couldn’t possibly turn Muslim, consider Iran in 1970 and Iran today.

i foresee the collapse of Western Europe in the next few years, the lucky few escaping to Trumpica, Eastern Europe, South Korea, or Japan. Perhaps the destruction of Britain, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Scandinavia, will encourage the Eastern European states, and we will have an inversion of the Iron Curtain, with the hitherto free countries being under Muslim subjugation, collapsed states with a white population maintained purely for rape purposes by the Muslim overlords, and the ex-USSR bloc will be havens of European civilisation, protecting their borders against incursions from the scimitar-waving armies of Mordor Merkel.

i considered trying to learn Japanese, since the Muslims will find it harder to invade an island, and but after 6.5 years trying to learn the Bosche, i feel i should probably just die here, wielding my sack of rats and my tomahawk as the bearded hordes close in. i have, after all, had a quite enjoyable few years in Germany and so it is only fitting to perish here.