1. Yesterday was 20 April – a very special person’s birthday! Joel Zuckerberg? Sid James? Steve Job? Obano? “Pope” Francis? Hugo Chavez? Russell Brand?


Adolf Hitler.

That’s right, Führertag!


In many ways, our culture is both a reversal and continuation of Nazi Germany. Continuation: the idea that an all-embracing, all-seeing Government can and indeed should regulate everything, with regular wars and persecution of pre-selected groups (Jews and Commies and Christians and conservatives then, whites and heterosexuals and Christians and conservatives now). Reversal: Nazi ideology, such as it was, is a Nietzschean/Darwinian melange, survival of the most brutal – weakness taken as sign of inferiority (odd, given the physical and mental ailments of the Nazi leadership). The Nazis liked to present Germans as hard-done-by, more sinned against than sinning, but victimhood itself was a sign of inferiority – as Hitler allegedly said in his last days, if the Russians could defeat the Wehrmacht, then the German people had no right to exist.

2. In our culture, victimhood is a mark of pride, to be held high and flourished, forsooth. i suspect this is the first time in human history that people are proud to be victims, and in which a victim economy encourages the falsification of grievance. Such fancies could only come to pass in a soft, late civilisation; they would be impossible in a warrior culture, or any culture with an awareness of the essentially savage and merciless nature of things, over which civilisation is a difficult and fragile facade. In “nature”, an animal which rolls onto its back, whining, feigning terrible injuries in order to excite pity, would be promptly gobbled up by the nearest predator.

i find the adoration of strength and the warrior tedious after a while, if that’s all a culture has (5th C BC Athens would have been a far more interesting place than Sparta). The adoration of weakness and the (often professional) victim is, however, a truly disgusting spectacle. The black disabled “identifies as a unicorn” tranny rolling on its back whimpering about white privilege, while secretly licking its fangs, is only possible in a society that coddles and positively encourages the weak, the deviant, the mentally disturbed. i see it, as with much of the Left, as a perversion of Christianity – in this case, a caricature of Christian pity, which Nietzsche presciently lambasted.

This will go the way of all such decadence – destroyed by the dreary warrior culture of Islam, invited into Europe by the professional victims and the Social Justice priesthood. In this, the Left reveal that they have no interest in equality, fair treatment of gays and women, since Muslims are not renowned for their tolerance of sexual minorities, other religions, or their respect for women. The Left is, rather, a cancer in the West, set on the destruction of civilisation, and they see the Muslims as useful tools. But then, they seem to imagine that after the Muslims have burnt down every church, murdered every white man, they will then suddenly break out the tandoori tapas, llamas, sombreros, yoga, tantric sex, and saris and start singing and dancing en masse in the socialist paradise where no one works and everyone lives in a mansion:

The lyrics would run something like:

oh beautiful feminist!

oh wise tranny!

oh magnificent gay/lesbian/bisexual!

oh socialist oh communist oh Marxist!

you are so wonderful!

you invited us to dance for you!

we dance for you, we dance for you, we dance for you!

the white man is dead

the Jew is dead

the Christian and the Sikh and the Buddhist and Confucian are dead

we killed them all!

for you for you for you!

now we are so happy

allahu akhbar!

happy forever forever forever!

3. Curiously, i don’t think about the past that much, don’t feel in any way implicated in the actions of my ancestors, or even in the actions i undertook before this life. Perhaps this shrugging disavowal is necessary (for me at least) to remember anything, since i would otherwise be burdened with judgements on my finished lives.

The Left seem to look on the past purely as a source of guilt and blame, perhaps because the protected “minorities” haven’t generally accomplished much they can point to with pride (relative to white males). i suppose i could try to feel proud that my father’s forebears were Brahmin, and so genetically übermensch, and my mother’s were Anglo-Saxon, and so genetically above the global average, but actually i don’t care, nor would i accept blame because people vaguely related to my white mother colonised India, nor would i accept preferential treatment because my father is Indian, hence oppressed and colonised, though it would be amusing to try and feel both simultaneously, and Harvey Two-Face style constantly accuse and apologise to myself.

For the Left, every past civilisation is an abomination, and perhaps only tribal illiterate societies escape censure – ignoring the warfare and slavery practiced by the Africans against each other long before the White Devil arrived. Actually, there is one civilisation the Left favour – the Soviet Union, the workers’ paradise which sadly only failed due to Jews, fascists, and Capitalist saboteurs, but nonetheless a glorious experiment that we simply must repeat – this time with more gulags, more secret police, better indoctrination, more surveillance, more laws and harsher punishments.

4. Yesterday, i told my Arbeitsamt (Job Centre) group: “It’s Hitler’s birthday today.” This came as news to them, though one of them redeemed their collective ignorance by saying, “Congratulations. Happy birthday”, inciting much mirth. Later, in the teacher room one of my colleagues was talking about a 80-something teacher who worked in a school Hitler had praised: “and, my God, she brags about this!” Everyone looked horrified, except me. “That’s awesome!” i enthused. “i would brag about that!” “Don’t get him started,” California Jesus moaned, for i have fully embraced the Left-wing ideology of self-identification and “racism”, and have now self-identified as a black disabled Palestinian Muslim trannie and since racism is prejudice plus power, and as a black disabled Palestinian Muslim trannie i have no power, i can basically say and even do what i want, and no one can say shit. For example, i started offering phrenological notes to colleagues on the dimensions of their skulls and their ranking in my personal racial scale of value, and i accused an Irish alcoholic ex-colleague of being “a traitor to the white race” after she cheated on her German boyfriend and had sex with a Muslim security guard at a migrant camp where she works in Berlin. As you would expect, my colleagues gave me a “but…you’re blek” look, and indeed i am blek, i am in fact a disabled black Palestinian trannie unicorn, and so have no power, and hence cannot be racist, and so now indulge in frankly rather baroque racial theories and phrenological observations. i’m planning to start talking about the secret Nazi base in the Arctic next week.

5. As a freak of nature (don’t like football, don’t drink beer, don’t even drink alcohol now, plus i like to read) i have little stake in any society, and am resigned to the destruction of the West. My objection to the Left and their whining victim culture is more a matter of sorcerous principle. Castaneda is right to liken the sorcerer to a warrior, for in a time of war any self-indulgence, weakness, distraction, sloth, is a fatal error. War, as i found in my last life, can compress and focus a loose, incoherent character. War gives purpose, and it is only with this directed will that one can attain to power and knowledge. Some passages i read this week in Castaneda:

i) The hardest thing in the world is to assume the mood of a warrior. It is of no use to be sad and complain and feel justified in doing so; believing that someone is always doing something to us.

Nobody is doing anything to anybody, much less to a warrior.

ii) Self-importance is man’s greatest enemy. What weakens him is feeling offended by the deeds and misdeeds of his fellow men. Self-importance requires that one spend most of one’s life offended by something or someone.

For the vitki, life is war – he is at war against his own ignorance, his sloth, his self-indulgence, his self-pity. He must become taut and directed, ruthless to himself and others. If he is a victim he does not ask for preferential treatment, he simply strives to escape his conditions through his own work; or if this is not possible, he strives to develop internal resistance to his troubles. The last thing he does is to expect others to help, and he would rather be destroyed than to roll on his back and whimper.