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1. Taught a Bundeswehr class on Monday, mostly ordinary-looking chaps (some rather muscled and bearded) and 2 women, at the end of their service; as i was fussing with my paperwork they were discussing the Olympia Einkaufszentrum shootings, saying if they were still active they could be called up for emergency operations.

Without hearing their tales, one could form a pretty accurate idea of their Bundeswehr duties, e.g. a Platoon Leader who has his own pond and hut in some rural Bavarian paradise, where he goes “to drink and think” – looked like a character from Das Boot, brawny and bearded and with that peculiar calm & friendliness of big men who look after others; a Signals Engineer with the demeanour of a software programmer; a rather lovely & slender redhead babe who is a Sergeant Major & paratrooper to boot – i asked her – Are you a Fallschirmjäger or a Fallschirmjägerin (-in being the Feminine ending in the Bosche); she looked puzzled, then said, decisively – Fallschirmjäger. i thought paras tended to be giants but she said you need to be pretty light to take the fall, however some of her comrades were too fat, and out of shape – it seems the Bund has in general low standards of fitness.

– If I were your Feldmarschall, or Reichsmarschall even, i began, gesturing grandiosely, – This would not be acceptable. Imagine if you jump from 400 meters, a Schnitzel Planet comrade breaks his leg and then lies there whining, uhhh, help mir bitte, I have eaten zu viele Schnitzel weil ich ein disgusting fat Schnitzel beast am. You are in hostile territory, with Muslims closing in, bearded and shrieking for rape. What would you do?

– We would take him with us, she said, bravely.

– I would leave him, i told her, stabbing an inky finger at her interesting chest. – Leave him to his fate. He ate a man’s Schnitzel, now he must pay a man’s price. Let the Muslim use him for their pleasure.

2. This world is burning down. The Wolf noted that i seemed to like Donald Trump, and Jeremy Corbyn. My political opinions are close to worthless but i see neither Trump nor Corbyn as fully part of the machine. The machine – a grotesque blend of Cultural Marxism and financial neo-liberalism – has had its day, and Trump and Corbyn are symptoms of “reactionary” revolt. i favour neither. Socialism is an abominable error at best, a vile evil at worst; capitalism has never really existed in a pure form, and never could, since companies will naturally seek to influence government; and in complex, large societies some government is necessary. In any case, to elevate capitalism to an ideal is bizarre.

For the last decade or so i have felt that the underlying assumptions & metaphysics of the modern West are mistaken, and highly displeasing unto my nostrils. Capitalism at least allows more freedom than socialism – the latter necessitates the all-seeing Eye, Political Correctness, and political police, commissars, the gulag, all the apparatus of the EU, as the USSR before it. If you are happy to entrust bureaucracies with absolute power, then the EU, as National Socialist Germany or the USSR, will most likely be in order and profoundly to be desired. If you have any intimation of the essential human frailty, and the “Satanic” tendency of bureaucracies (in the Blakean sense), then socialism is very much the highway of good intentions; although in my experience most socialists are clinically insane or borderline/narcissistic power freak feminists who want control over all others, and the self-righteous bliss of feeling they are in the right, the white knights charging the evil-doers as they live in luxury and do nothing of any conceivable use to anyone.

Socialism is only possible in a machine age, where human beings are mere ants, to be suborned to the greater good of the future Marxist Utopia, which of course is only possible through vast oceans of blood, and actually may require several generations to be persecuted, tortured, executed; mass starvation, poverty, Political Correctness, as we saw in the USSR for 70 years, or China, or North Korean, or Cuba, or Venezuela. Human devisings always fall short of reality; because human beings were created, and so their understanding is less than the reality they did not create.

Capitalism strikes me as simply amusing, as if one said everyone should able to wear whatever shoes he desires, and then called this Shoeism and tried to craft a ruling ideology therefrom. This is nothing to set against the Rape Horde religion of peace.

3. On Tuesday/Dienstag, i got the Bundies to give presentations. Some refused, or rather looked highly unwilling, and i said, sighing magnanimously. – If you don’t want to, i won’t force you. But it will be good practice. Your choice.

7 out of 10 chose to give presentations; i was pleased that the weakest student volunteered first, and gave a presentation about testing stress tolerances in metals – rather bizarrely, i seemed to be the only person to understand it, even though he gave it half in German and the language was very simple, but then i have spent 7 years teaching engineers. An artillery spotter (another profession for which i have some affinity) gave a presentation about Lego, quite fascinating as i’d known virtually nothing on the topic beforehand.

The sexy Fallschirmjäger gave a presentation about Dunkin Donuts, and concluded that it was Dienstag Dunkin, all donuts 1 Euro a piece.

Rubbing my manly chin, – Outstanding, Sergeant. Perhaps we should all go out to buy donuts now.

– Can we? they pleaded, looking at me with their big puppy dog German eyes.

– We can do what we damn well please, i said. – i mean, as long as my boss doesn’t notice. Let’s use the back door.

So we walked to the Hauptbahnhof in formation, then stormed to the Dunkin Donuts stand to get 6 donuts for 6 Euros. i hadn’t realised just how military the Bundies were till i saw them walking, savagely bearded, frankly fucking huge, blue-eyed, and vaguely alarming killers. The Dunkin Donuts cashiers, bearded hipsters in glasses, paled in comparison to the bearded Bund. We then returned to eat our donuts in McLingua in White Man Triumph:

bundeswehr donuts july 2016 censored

Today i did a bit of grammar, deploying my other motif (Schnitzel):

bundeswehr july 2016

4. i find Bundies akin to the quite lovely therapists i wrote reports for in Manchester – even the Speech Therapists had had many patients die on them (strokes), and so although i dare say they were Left-of-elberry, they had a more realistic sense of mortality and humanity than a SJW Guardianista; there is nothing like prolonged exposure to suffering and death to burn away Left-wing ideas & retardedness in general. Indeed, when conversation in Manchester turned to chavs and the G, the therapists were all pretty traditionalist, favouring stable families, education, empowered police, and minimal bureaucracy.

i would be interested to know how many GPs are right-wing, since my father (retired GP) is Leftist in many ways (i.e. he wanted to help “the poor”, perhaps because in India there really are poor people), but a proper Elberryist in everything that counts: education, the family, custom, religion, decency. Don’t bother trying to harass him, my SJW readers – i can imagine the following conversation:

German Feminazi: Ja hallo, this is Dr Elberry, or?

Elberry Pere: Yeeeessss…who is this?

German Feminazi: I am die Hedwig! I am an angry German woman! I am very intelligent! I am having a PhD! I have read Derrida!

Elberry Pere: Egh well listen, the Germans, egh, well, are you listening, egh?

German Feminazi: Ja.

Elberry Pere: Egh, well, listen, the Germans are SO STUPID. Listen, egh? I am a BROWN MAN, egh?

German Feminazi: Ja! Das ist very good! White people are all racists! They must all die! We need more Muslims like you!

Elberry Pere: Egh well, the MUSLIM are, egh, let me tell, you, I worked in Bradford, in Huddersfield, in Leeds, in Wakefield, in Nottingham, in Saint Helens, in the Wirrel, in South Shields, in Rotherham, in Sheffield, egh, and DO YOU KNOW WHAT I THINK OF THE MUSLIMS?

German Feminazi: Ja! It is the religion of peace, or?

Elberry Pere: Well, you must be VERY STUPID! The Muslim are THE WORST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD.

German Feminazi: Das ist hate speech, or? I will call the EU police and you will go to prison for 3 years because we are having free speech, or? You will to die in prison, why the EU will not tolerate hate speech, or?

Elberry Pere: Egh. Well. You are a woman. Listen, egh, you attack me, egh? And SOMETHING BAD WILL HAPPEN TO YOU, egh? You think you say bad thing and say this brown man is Nazi, and you call the police, egh? Well, listen, egh? I will CURSE YOU. Egh? You are laughing, egh?

German Feminazi: Ja. I am an atheist because I am smart. I have read the post-structuralists! I have been at university for Women’s Studies! I am working at Social Media, or? I believe nothing! I am very smart! I am having the latest iphone!

Elberry Pere [hideous laughter]: Egh, heh heh heh, well listen woman, I have Chemistry PhD, I have Medical Degree, I saved HUNDREDS OF LIVES. And I WILL CURSE YOU. And, egh, listen woman, it DOES NOT MATTER if you believe, YOU WILL DIE.

German Feminazi: I am very clever! I have readed Foucault for twenty years! I am smart enough to get the post-structuralists! I am a power Frau!

Elberry Pere [hideous laughter that just goes on and on].

5. Evil is perhaps a constant; or if it fluctuates, it does so within a certain range. One sees how those with no material disadvantages often create their own problems, as if suffering & malevolence will out; however, i feel that with constant vigilance and a good heart, one can at least safeguard the culture of a people – in such cases, an external enemy usually destroys all. Right now, Europe has enjoyed relative peace and goodness for 70 years, and now it is over – the Leftist elite have imported millions of Stone Age rapists to destroy Europe. In these dark days, it is hard not to consider so-called conspiracy theories. i feel that there is definitely an earthly group who will the evil, who hate the good, and as is the way of most evil-doers, they invert language (hence, it’s not racist to say all white people are evil; it’s not sexist to say all men are bastards) to present themselves as the knights in shining armour. Perhaps some of them know what they are about (e.g. George Soros), and so i would say they do not merely practice evil, but are evil. The rest are fools, self-righteous loud morons with a worthless education in Leftist cant – ask them about Parmenides, Dante, Abelard, Shakespeare, Milton, Goethe, Browning, Yeats, Geoffrey Hill – and either blank incomprehension or cant will ensue; e.g. the Communist who said airily of Wittgenstein “yaaas, well, the great flaw in poor old Wittgenstein is that he didn’t speak any non-European languages” – which doesn’t make any sense to begin with, it’s the kind of thing a University of Huddersfield undergraduate would say, after sitting through an hour’s lecture on Wittgenstein, bored stupid & tweeting angrily about how Donald Trump is LITERALLY HITLER – specific languages are totally irrelevant to the Tractatus, and the PI demonstrates a method, a habit of mind, which would work in Ancient Sumerian, Chinese, English; and also i wouldn’t consider Russian a European language (typically, the Communist didn’t even know Wittgenstein had learnt Russian); it was the kind of thing bloated academics say when they don’t want to admit they haven’t actually read an author, but want to pontificate & display their own colossal intelligence by casting stones at mere imbeciles like the Gawain Poet, Schopenhauer, Milton, Wallace Stevens. “Oh Schopenhauer? Yes, well his great flaw was he failed to understand Marxist dialectic!” – meaning “I am far more intelligent, far wiser, than poor old Schopenhauer, who I haven’t read, because I don’t read anything!” – although these sinecured Left-wing fools have not written anything of any value, and never will. Give them a book to read and after 5 pages it will be discarded with a loud “Absolute balderdash! What was he going on about! Nonsense!” much as the Communist stormed out of Inception after 10 minutes, red-faced & bellowing, “Stupid bullshit!”. And these are the elite. These are the people with cushy jobs in the UN, the EU, these are the Wise Ones who decide your fates.

6. Beyond the idiots, and the evil, there are non-physical intelligences – demons, if you like – i think some are actually human beings outside of time, and some may be more like Jungian archetypes of malevolence. There has been a weird shift in our total reality over the last few years, with the non-physical and physical moving into a different relation – or sentience & non-sentience. Europe is one of the battlegrounds of this change – and what were once called demons or devils are now more openly at work; the fabric between worlds is more of an open-weave now. As is typically the case, the gods (or angels) communicate subtly – they seem to prefer freedom, to allow their earthly communicants (e.g. me or the Man in Black) to make up our own minds, to worry through our own doubts & difficulties; whereas the devils possess.

i cannot speak of the gods in others. For the devils, i think they enter the vulnerable, and work with what is in their heads – mostly Islam, often enabled by drugs (it would be interesting to read the toxicology on the Paris concert attackers). Both Islam and the drugs would be smiled upon by the Left, and the results – mass murder, rape, torture – are of course savoured and relished by the Left, who will the downfall of the West, and see every dead or raped or mutilated or tortured white person as another € in their account of righteousness.

7. There seems a symmetry between my elberry life & the last: in which case, this year we will have a colossal financial collapse – worse than 2008 – and the old order will disintegrate, and Europe will become rather violent and in due time (a decade, at most), we will have significant war. And yet, i note the metaphysical changes over the last decade seem profounder than in my Austrian life, so that even animals are beginning to transform & become sentient (but not as we are). What we call electromagnetic energy is changing in some way, which i take as harbinger of wilder and deeper changes yet; and i see Corbyn, Sanders, and Trump as sign and emissary of sudden collapse – not, i think, collapse into 1930s Communism (as Sanders & Corbyn would like), or Thatcherite neo-liberalism – hopefully, a transformation beyond politics and demagoguery.

That is most likely overly optimistic: i note that those who can read the past often make foolhardy predictions of the future, and i myself am cagey of foretell and prognostication. i can, however, say for sure – that what we called gods (Wodan, for example) are of the land and the people who were gentled, formed, birthed, by the land; and the gods will resist those who seek to destroy European culture. Christ was one thing – unwelcome, neutering, but ultimately amenable to a kind of European form. Islam is and always will be a Stone Age desert cult.

The earthly powers, the devils, are of course immensely rich and powerful – a black Marxoid American President, the entire EU and UN elite – but Wodan is a god.

As i understand it, the gods do not will political groups; they do not soil themselves with “activists” and Facebook groups and lobbies and institutions – they are silent and occult, and transform by personal contact; for example, in the last week i have more or less accidentally witnessed the transformation of two people i know – nothing to do with politics at all, purely their own psychological/spiritual problems. The true gods work by person to person interaction, in privacy, in intimacy. It is the devils who amplify speech until it loses meaning; it is the devils who create political and cultural movements, it is the devils who love bureaucracies, totalitarian systems, the EU, the UN; it is the devils who require ideology, usually of the Left, since the so-called Right is often what is left when you subtract ideology and politics.

In future, we can expect the Muslims – often weakened by marijuana – to be possessed by devils, to kill and kill and kill again; but every time a Muslim rapes and/or kills a European, one should think – There are gods also.

And do not look for political messiahs, for ideologies, groups. Look, rather, for person-to-person interactions, and listen in your own great quietness. If you must speak or write, let it be as one would write to oneself, in total privacy, in a secret alphabet.


i was planning to meet a friend in the Olympia Einkaufszentrum (ghastly shopping mall) on Monday. Someone just shot the place up. This is just to say that i’m not only not dead, i wasn’t anywhere near it, i’ve been in Chateau Elberry a good 20 km outside Munich the whole afternoon. i realise that just because i live in the neighbourhood doesn’t mean i’m likely to be dead but i also realise one’s natural response to hearing of the enrichments of multiculturalism and the religion of peace is to wonder if anyone you know in the area is dead.

i dare say the attacker wasn’t white, and quite possibly shouted something, something like, well, you can judge, but it begins with an “A”, and he’s probably from a country receiving rather more sun than Germany, and i wouldn’t be too shocked to hear he’s a devotee of the religion of peace. Of course i could be wrong, but i am sure that:

1. The media and government will say we need strict gun laws, even though the attacker probably obtained an illegal firearm.

2. The media and government will say it has nothing to do with Islam, even if the attacker is called Mohammed Al-Jihad and declares his allegiance to Islam.

3. The media and government will blame it on:

i) Britain voting to leave the EU

ii) Donald Trump

iii) Putin

iv) The white man

4. The media and government will say they fear for the safety of Muslims. If they can find a story about a Muslim being insulted or attacked, they will run this so it eclipses the deaths of several white people, and then call for repressive measures against any party remotely to the so-called “right”.

5. It will happen again, and again, and again.



1. Oulu is, much like Kassel and my hometown Huddersfield, a medium-sized modernist dreariness, surrounded by countryside, though thank god not as multiculturally-enriched as Huddersfield (rife with Pakistani and black: pimps, drug dealers, dolescum, rapists, and gangsters, not to speak even of our white chavs) or Kassel now (swarming with Merkel Muslims; naturally, rape and assaults are suddenly now normal, but hey, there’s a war in Syria, what are you, a NAZI????). i saw a few Africans and sand peoples in Oulu, but they lacked the vicious swagger and evident criminality of the English variety, perhaps because they are at present vastly outnumbered by the white man; and unlike in Germany or Sweden, a good many Finnish men look like the cast of Vikings, bearded cold-eyed killers.


The Muslim, in my experience, are generally cowards, hence most of the Merkel sex attacks have been against small boys and girls, or thirty Muslims against one or two German women; though to be fair i doubt you could find many rapists who would take on a woman of brawn, one-on-one; but then rape seems the norm among the sand peoples and the religion of peace, less so among the civilised white devil.

When last in Oulu, i was amused that a late-teens African with guitar strapped to his back asked me & the Man in Black for directions; the MIB cordially and helpfully gave directions, and then answered my querying look, – That was one of the acceptable ones. Besides, he had a guitar, so he was artistic.

Generally bland as Oulu is, it is nonetheless by the sea, and so there is lots of water:

oulu 2016 (12)

and a few old wood buildings, mostly serving as a kind of Finnish Disneyland amidst the concrete monstrosities of modernity, because it is, after all, the current year:

oulu 2016 (81)

oulu 2016 (9)

In one such wooden shack, i found Crockett & Jones wear, a small shoe store with sherry & tea in one corner, lots of decent shoes; and went in to chat with the young chap on service (he was polishing a shoe) about leather and whatnot and whatnot. The MIB, who dresses in what i can only term peasant shoes (black of course), scowled at us, and then said, – While you were talking snob nonsense with that shoe homosexual, I was looking at his sherry.

2. As every time in Finland, i slumped with the Man in Black on his black sofa in his black living room, in the Black Wing of his black mansion, watching his black television while i gorged myself on Karelian pies and he soiled himself with black beer and long drinks, waving his functional left arm and chanting runic workings to summon more beer at which point three very pale women with black hair appeared from somewhere, bearing platters of beer and Karelian pies. As far as i could ascertain, they are his brides.

It sounds rather odd but he is, i feel fairly sure, my closest brother from my last Austrian life, and also in this life initiated me into Wednesday matters, and so our connection runs weird. His right arm was cut off in a freak photocopier/forklift truck accident at work a few years ago, and now he dedicates his life to drinking beer and watching True Detective. We watched Vares, a great Finnish detective series – usually, i loathe police & detective fictions, but this was great. Vares is a rather seedy private detective in Turku, Southwest Finland.


Generally, each episode/film comprises the following scenes:

2.1 Vares drinks with his loser friends, a failed priest who now runs a failed bookstore, and a failed writer.

2.2 Vares gets a mysterious job offer investigating some Finnish shit to do with whores.

2.3 Vares bangs some fucked-up femme fatale who the actual Vares actor is married to in real life, or the actress is a lesbian who murdered her children in real life. Vares lies on his back and the femme fatale rides him like a Finnish mule while he looks drunk.

2.4 Vares accepts a drink from his arch-nemesis, and passes out.

2.5 Vares is beaten.

2.6 Vares is saved by another arch-nemesis, who takes out the first one.

2.7 Vares is triumphant.

2.8 Vares has a drink with his loser friends.

3. We also watched some Finnish movies about degradation and bootlegging. The Man in Black, as is proper for a grotesque elder brother, taught me the following Finnish phrases:

3.1 Saatanan nullki – fucking punk!

3.11 Saatanan huora! – fucking whore!

3.2 Turpa kiinni! – shut your mouth!

3.3 Ihan sama – whatever (as in egal, or doesn’t matter)

It is strange, listening to Finnish. i have a quite capable vocabulary of Romance and Germanc languages now, a bit of Slavic and so was pretty fucking flummoxed by Finnish. When the Man in Black talked to his Dracula Brides, i listened and tried to penetrate the grammar and shift of a few centuries, without success, for Finnish is, as Basque, not beholden to Indo-European. Once or twice however:

Man in Black: There is a Finnish pie, with, what is it, taika? Anyway, fucker, you take the taika –

me: Pastry, dough?

Man in Black: Yes, but it is superior to your Zionist Masonic pastry.

In German, it is Teig. Or:

Man in Black to his Dracula Brides: [Finnish nonsense] vitsi [Finnish nonsense]

me: a joke?

Man in Black: Yes, of course. Are you stupid, you fucker?

In German, joke is Witz.

He also is given to Satanic practical jokes, for example brandishing his runic dagger in states of advanced drunkedness, threatening to stab me to death and indeed in his insobriety coming close to at least a good maiming. As he commented, leering hideously – There are often police reports where a man kills his friend or his whore or a Somalian or someone and it says, ‘a personal dispute under the influence of alcohol’. That could happen now. But you are not a Muslim so no one will care what I do to you.

4. When he could bear to leave his runic sofa, we went to various Oulu shitholes, including Snooker Time, easily the most depressing establishment i have frequented, outside of Bradford:

oulu 2016 (32)

however like erring souls transmigrating through variously shitty incarnations, we finally progressed through to the superior Graal:

oulu 2016 (44)

and to Hevimesta:

oulu 2016 (20)oulu 2016 (18)

Where they played hard rock and metal – no Coldplay, thank god, the loathsome soundtrack to much of our voyaging, persecuting us wherever we went. i would have happily gone there every night but unfortunately the Man in Black committed an occult ritual in public, cackling horribly, and we had to leave in a hurry. On the walk home i chastised him, – I liked that place, we could have gone back there. And he: – Of course we can go back. In disguise. We just need new jackets, so nobody will recognise us.

And so we returned to the sofa, where none could judge us:

oulu 2016 (83)

5. i’d wanted to see the Finnish woman who was my eldest sister in my last life – the Man in Black’s too, of course – but she was too ill to make the 2 hour bus trip from the little village where she lives as 19th Century a life as possible. In our Austrian life, i often wondered at my family, the constellations of brother & sister, which of us hated which, which could abide which, etc. These relations are more or less the same in this: the eldest sister is reclusive, musical, shy; the Man in Black is domineering, peculiar, maimed; and a third sister is now a Social Justice Warrior (then a kind of vacuous champagne socialist fascinated by the latest things). It is interesting to see what changes, and what endures, over lives. Things like musical or literary tastes usually change, but fundamental attitudes tend to persevere, so i suspect that most so-called “far-right extremists” have always at some point sensed the twining-together of the gods & traditions, valued the accumulated treasures of the past more than vulgar fashion; and most of the modern Left have probably been abused as children, developed what we call borderline/narcissistic personality disorders, or were born bipolar, and conduct lives of self-righteousness, rage, hatred, the will to destroy the world from which they came – no matter if the entire West resembles Somalia in 25 years, their own personal psychoses will be satisfied by heaps of dead white bodies. Of course, the self-righteous, the emotionally-damaged, the insane will always be with us – one cannot, unfortunately, persuade them not to reincarnate; but their power to destroy is minimised when they can, at best, gossip and pride themselves on whatever nonsense they care for; in our world, the bipolar, the borderline, the abused and insane, have almost automatic access to the levers of power in universities, the UN, the EU, every Leftist organisation and institute and committee.

England is pretty much gone into darkness already, a land of belly-patting Southron apple polishers, chavs, and Muslim rapists; the only decent folk i’ve met tended to be born before the 60s; but i take heart that at least in the Finland i have seen, Finland is still Finland. Perhaps there is something in the land itself – even in the language – which insulates it from the destruction willed by the Left. If anything survives the long night to come, it will be in pockets of European tradition; and when the Muslims have killed all the whites in Sweden, England, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, etc., and then turned on each other, and all of Europe resembles Liberia, then perhaps civilisation could begin anew from such places as Finland. i would like to fast-forward to this rebirth, because i am not exactly looking forward to the initial collapse, the race war, the total annihilation of the white race, then the descent of Eurabia into a failed continent of warlords. But perhaps this is the way of all civilisations: they rise, they are destroyed from within by the insane, and then the barbarians enter.

So, my notes on the Mission to Finland so far (i write from the Man in Black’s sinister study, festooned as it is with skulls and occult paraphenalia):

1. On the s-bahn to Munich airport, surrounded by sand peoples and assorted Ausländers, a dago girl sits next to me, pulls her phone out and then suddenly and without any transition, without even seeming to dial a number or take a call, starts sobbing loudly in Italian, sexual recriminations it seems. The few Germans look disgusted, i cringe away and then get my suitcase and move to a different carriage. Her Italian wailing continues unabated, hysterical menstrual shrieking like we’re at a post-structuralist rally. i privately wonder if there’s anyone on the other end of the phone or she’s just a schizo who has managed a veneer of normality; perhaps her therapist taught her to at least pull a phone out before initiating a public outbreak.

2. Get to the airport to find i have no seat. i am, apparently, “on standby”. – And what, i ask sourly, Does this mean? – You have no seat, a bored German woman at the info desk explains. – But my good woman, i hiss in German, I have paid for the seat. Not her problem, apparently, she tells me to go to the far side of the airport, to a totally different airline, and ask there. i walk a mile to the desk. They have no idea why i’m asking them, phone calls are made and the second bored German woman tells me: – I don’t know why you came here! Go to the Finnair desk! Now!

i walk a mile back to the original desk. First bored German woman shrugs when i tell her they sent me back. Go to Finnair queue. Finally, the luggage checker woman says they overbooked the flight, this is normal, but i’ll probably still get a seat, as long as i don’t miss the flight due to having wasted 40 minutes walking about the airport and waiting at desks. – Is this normal? i ask. – Oh yes, she says.

i don’t know if i’ll even be allowed on the plane till i get to the boarding gate. They deign to allow me on. Nobody offers even a perfunctory apology, nobody grasps that i paid for the seat more than a month ago, have cancelled a week of work, made plans, etc., and find this highly unconscionable. When i try to explain this to Finnair, they just stare dully and say, – Go here. Maybe you get a seat. Maybe not. That is your problem.

3. Finally arrive at Oulu Airport, Man in Black picks me up, he insists we take a taxi because the bus will take another 30 minutes and “it will be full of Somalians”. A taxi? i never take taxis, but he says it will be cheap. It is 40 Euros – a day’s pay for me, with my current teaching schedule, but then i’ve lost more in the past and it hasn’t killed me. However, in order to salvage something from the situation i resolve never to take a taxi again, ever, anywhere, for any reason. Thus do we become wise.

4. i sleep in the Man in Black’s guest room, or study rather. A skull on a kind of nightstand, books about Satan, Satanism, runes, Catholicism, Hitler, etc.

We sit down to watch True Detective, Season 1 only of course. i have brought two bottles of good Bavarian gin to share, however when i start to make myself a drink he snarls, – Don’t drink that! That is too good for you! Here, drink some Finsbury! and offers me the rotgut gin he found in the ditch where he threw the dead prostitute.

– But i want to drink some good gin, i complain. – The ones i brought.

He sneers. – Not the good gin! This is too nice for you to drink. I want to enjoy it when you are gone. Finsbury is good enough for you. You are greedy. You are a parasite. You want to drink all the good gin! You are a parasite, a worthless sponger who wants my gin. I will kill you in your sleep. You will wake up to see the knife going into you, and you will never drink gin again. You fucker. I will take you to the sea and drown you, and leave your body so the little children find it.

5. We watch True Detective and i eat Karelian pies, a very satisfying microwavable food. Luckily, he is more or less a gin and beer man, so i am permitted to drink the whisky i brought. He sits to my left, spilling beer and the gin i brought all over the sofa and himself, then cursing me and the beer and the Masons, and ineffectually dabs at the ruined sofa and his sodden occult habiliments before shrugging since, as Rust would no doubt observe, we’re just sentient meat.


This is the fourth time i’ve seen TD and i still notice new details; the Man in Black focuses wholly on the whisky and beer brands, leering, – What is that label? I must have that. Get it for me in Germany and bring it to me.

i focus to some degree on the whisky but being now a man of the horolog, i am interested in the watches – Rust has (i gather) a mid-90s Lorus diver, Marty a dress watch, the Reverend Tuttle a gold-plated something. The set design is great on Season 1, the decor in each office, flat, house, reflecting the character; clothing too is well done. i don’t recall anything of this sort in Season 2 but then there were no real characters, save perhaps Colin Farrell’s, and without a real character you can’t develop meaningful costume and decor.

6. We also watch various Finnish films about alcoholics, murderers, prostitutes, down-at-heel cops and private detectives. Finnish is a strange language, i keep expecting to be able to understand, because with a fairly good French/Italian and German vocab, i can usually make some sense of things, but when i do follow it it’s only because it’s similar to proto-Indo-European, or it’s Swedish (and hence Germanic). The Man in Black teaches me important Finnish phrases like Saatanan nulkki! – fucking punk! We watch an amusing Finnish cop drama, and he routinely comments, – English is such a stupid language, like you, you fucker, the subtitles lose all the flavouring of the Finnish.

As far as i can tell the Finns use “cunt” a lot, so “go to hell!” is, in the Finnish original “go to cunt!”

7. Every day i awake to some Muslim atrocity, e.g. yesterday:

Man in Black: A man has driven a truck into a crowd of people in France. 84 dead.

Me: Was it a Muslim?

Man in Black: They have not said yet. We will see.

Me: Have people changed their Facebook profile pictures to the French flag yet?

Man in Black: That will be their priority.

i then log on and find the same worthless platitudes offered after every Muslim atrocity: “so sad” and “my thoughts are with the families” while Obameau assures the world “This has nothing to do with Islam. Islam is a religion of peace. Therefore this man was not a Muslim”, and the Muslims dance on the streets, singing Allahu Akhbar! and celebrating a great victory against the white man, and his gin.

8. The Man in Black just tried to persuade me to get in a taxi and go to some True Detective-like location in the bayou. – No, i insisted. – Never again.




1. Prince hadn’t done anything good in ages, Bowie was cool but there are many good pop/rock musicians. But to replace Geoffrey Hill?


the rest passagework,
settled beforehand, variable, to be lived through
as far as one can, with uncertain
tenure. Downstream from this Quaker outcrop
Stonyhurst’s ample terraces confer
with the violent, comely
nature of Loyola and English weather

2. i know almost none who can read poetry today, in Germany only two – both dandies from the fascist bohemian underground. i had a Physicist flatmate at university who asked me to recommend some good classical music. He only listened to drum and bass, rap, and heavy metal, so i lent him the most immediately accessible but good composition i know, Beethoven’s 9th Symphony; he returned it saying it wasn’t too bad, but he’d kept waiting for the drums. This struck me as symptomatic of modernity; the rhythm of our times has become that of the machine, and much of our culture is so: monotonous, fast, coarse, not merely graceless but actually wilfully brutal and ugly, repetitive, collectivist. Techno is the soundtrack to these days, a form of music which neither demands nor rewards attention, and serves to quieten what is left of mind, allowing for the desired torpor & absence of affect.

Poetry is now a vanishing possibility, for it requires undisturbed concentration and a different kind of time – more spacious and flexible, deeper (the difference between shallow and deep time gives some indication of the modern man’s limitations).

3. In years to come, perhaps our culture will be seen not as the Plastic or Oil or Silicon Age, but rather the Machine Age. Our devisings and tools determine our self-perception and our perception of the world. The machine, and the modern scientific method, require repeatability, uniformity, a fundamentally quantitative appreciation. And so it is, any qualitative reckoning is despised, and anything not subject to statistical analysis is, at best, a curiosity.

Socialism is one aspect of the Machine Age. Those who supported “Bremain” seem motivated by two considerations: 1) Economics; 2) Hatred of western civilisation. The EU was a left-wing totalitarian project, Supranational Socialism if you like, in this odd blend of cut-throat financial greed and Menstrual Marxism. The economic arguments don’t interest me, since i see little correlation between financial well-being and human decency – otherwise, people like George Soros, Hilary Clinton, Tony Blair, Donald Trump, would (presumably) be clearly superior to my stepfather, a retired bus driver from a small village outside Huddersfield. Having useful work is important for anyone not on the Left, but that has little connection to money: many of my students earn ten times my dire pittance and are miserable because their work is pointless bullshit.

4. When the economic arguments against independence are questioned, the Bremainers i know simply backstep to Menstrual Marxism, as if to say, “well yes, the money thing isn’t THAT important, what IS important is to have an all-powerful state which enforces the right views“. So one of the truly mangina Leftist Brits i know posted that Brexit would annihilate the UK’s economy, that the UK would be North Korea, totally isolated from the rest of the world, however he then shifted to posting articles saying that after Brexit it is VITAL that the UK fail financially, or it will encourage Nazi parties in Europe, like the actually lukewarm, centrist AfD (it is typical of the Left to redefine language so in Newspeak a moderate conservative party is “far right”, because who cares about truth if you’ve got a revolution to start).

The alliance of the Left and financial neo-liberals should not surprise. Both regard western civilisation as something between an inconvenience and an outrage. Both are true products of the Machine Age. The dream of the Left is of a vast, all-reaching bureaucracy, a managerial elite in which of course they will find a well-paid niche reading Twitter, having lengthy lunches at a nice little Michelin restaurant in Geneva or New York, and changing their Facebook profile pic to reflect the latest Muslim atrocity. For the Left, the State is vital – the bigger, more powerful, more tyrannically uncontestable, the better. Bureaucracy, layers and layers of bureaucracy, with forms and quotas and committees and commission and panels and memoranda and reports and procedures. Nothing to be unregulated, no aspect of human life to escape the all-seeing Eye. And, naturally, a cushy little job, heroically fighting injustice by calling for increasingly draconian Hate Speech laws against anyone who disagrees with them.

Aside from their cultural self-loathing, their self-interest, they seem motivated by a belief in bureaucracy, in regulation, in the domain of number and quantity. There is a panic at the very idea of something, somewhere, going on. The human mind must control all. Nothing must be allowed to just happen.

At the back of all this, i think there is the manic fearful urge to bring all of reality within the dome:

The domed city is not only a return to the sanctuary of cave and grotto and even the womb, but an image of “paradise” in technological disguise, for the very word “paradise” means “a walled enclosure”. The walled enclosure, like the contemporary gated community, is an ideal of wild and unpredictable Nature totally tamed, domesticated, and regulated, barricaded and isolated from real, living Nature by substitute technical processes — but completely insulated against “the law of the Earth” […]

The “wild and uncontrollable” aspects of the law of the earth are always necessarily implicated in the tamed and domesticated aspects. Technology, it should be clear, does not insulate or isolate the human from the law of the earth or the terrors of the wild, of time, decay and of darkness.  Both the wonder and the terror are mimicked and replicated in the technical process.

5. The Machine Age is so far advanced that panic sets in at the prospect of a life unregulated, any human enterprise not wholly approved and monitored by the all-seeing Eye. War, they tell us, will naturally follow from independence, war and collapse and catastrophe. Well, war etc. has also ensued in the states of the former USSR, and Yugoslavia, but would anyone seriously advise the only alternative is a sclerotic, corrupt, supranational tyranny?

But then, it would be no tyranny for the Menstrual Marxists – for them, all would be quite peachy, much as Margot Honecker thought all was rosy in the GDR. As unnatural creatures, they thrive only in the socialist “dome” where black is white, Islam is the religion of peace, paedophilia is normal, Bruce Jenner is a woman, and Stefonknee Wolscht is a 6-year-old girl.2598532.main_image

Such artificial regimes can only be maintained through vast force, as in the Soviet bloc, and the EU has been moving in this direction for a while now, with its curious plans for a “secret army” – which would seem superfluous, since NATO already protects against external threats; but then, i suppose it isn’t intended for use against external threats.

For me, the coming collapse (of the global economy) is not to be feared, since the present order is so rotten, and rotting, that it clearly could not continue. The God-Emperor Trump, a force of pure primitive redneck capitalism, will storm the Citadel of Stefonknee, with his 16 inch iron cock:


and behold, he will wed the Empress


and birth a race of proud blond warriors, though some may have strange hair.

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