1. Prince hadn’t done anything good in ages, Bowie was cool but there are many good pop/rock musicians. But to replace Geoffrey Hill?


the rest passagework,
settled beforehand, variable, to be lived through
as far as one can, with uncertain
tenure. Downstream from this Quaker outcrop
Stonyhurst’s ample terraces confer
with the violent, comely
nature of Loyola and English weather

2. i know almost none who can read poetry today, in Germany only two – both dandies from the fascist bohemian underground. i had a Physicist flatmate at university who asked me to recommend some good classical music. He only listened to drum and bass, rap, and heavy metal, so i lent him the most immediately accessible but good composition i know, Beethoven’s 9th Symphony; he returned it saying it wasn’t too bad, but he’d kept waiting for the drums. This struck me as symptomatic of modernity; the rhythm of our times has become that of the machine, and much of our culture is so: monotonous, fast, coarse, not merely graceless but actually wilfully brutal and ugly, repetitive, collectivist. Techno is the soundtrack to these days, a form of music which neither demands nor rewards attention, and serves to quieten what is left of mind, allowing for the desired torpor & absence of affect.

Poetry is now a vanishing possibility, for it requires undisturbed concentration and a different kind of time – more spacious and flexible, deeper (the difference between shallow and deep time gives some indication of the modern man’s limitations).

3. In years to come, perhaps our culture will be seen not as the Plastic or Oil or Silicon Age, but rather the Machine Age. Our devisings and tools determine our self-perception and our perception of the world. The machine, and the modern scientific method, require repeatability, uniformity, a fundamentally quantitative appreciation. And so it is, any qualitative reckoning is despised, and anything not subject to statistical analysis is, at best, a curiosity.

Socialism is one aspect of the Machine Age. Those who supported “Bremain” seem motivated by two considerations: 1) Economics; 2) Hatred of western civilisation. The EU was a left-wing totalitarian project, Supranational Socialism if you like, in this odd blend of cut-throat financial greed and Menstrual Marxism. The economic arguments don’t interest me, since i see little correlation between financial well-being and human decency – otherwise, people like George Soros, Hilary Clinton, Tony Blair, Donald Trump, would (presumably) be clearly superior to my stepfather, a retired bus driver from a small village outside Huddersfield. Having useful work is important for anyone not on the Left, but that has little connection to money: many of my students earn ten times my dire pittance and are miserable because their work is pointless bullshit.

4. When the economic arguments against independence are questioned, the Bremainers i know simply backstep to Menstrual Marxism, as if to say, “well yes, the money thing isn’t THAT important, what IS important is to have an all-powerful state which enforces the right views“. So one of the truly mangina Leftist Brits i know posted that Brexit would annihilate the UK’s economy, that the UK would be North Korea, totally isolated from the rest of the world, however he then shifted to posting articles saying that after Brexit it is VITAL that the UK fail financially, or it will encourage Nazi parties in Europe, like the actually lukewarm, centrist AfD (it is typical of the Left to redefine language so in Newspeak a moderate conservative party is “far right”, because who cares about truth if you’ve got a revolution to start).

The alliance of the Left and financial neo-liberals should not surprise. Both regard western civilisation as something between an inconvenience and an outrage. Both are true products of the Machine Age. The dream of the Left is of a vast, all-reaching bureaucracy, a managerial elite in which of course they will find a well-paid niche reading Twitter, having lengthy lunches at a nice little Michelin restaurant in Geneva or New York, and changing their Facebook profile pic to reflect the latest Muslim atrocity. For the Left, the State is vital – the bigger, more powerful, more tyrannically uncontestable, the better. Bureaucracy, layers and layers of bureaucracy, with forms and quotas and committees and commission and panels and memoranda and reports and procedures. Nothing to be unregulated, no aspect of human life to escape the all-seeing Eye. And, naturally, a cushy little job, heroically fighting injustice by calling for increasingly draconian Hate Speech laws against anyone who disagrees with them.

Aside from their cultural self-loathing, their self-interest, they seem motivated by a belief in bureaucracy, in regulation, in the domain of number and quantity. There is a panic at the very idea of something, somewhere, going on. The human mind must control all. Nothing must be allowed to just happen.

At the back of all this, i think there is the manic fearful urge to bring all of reality within the dome:

The domed city is not only a return to the sanctuary of cave and grotto and even the womb, but an image of “paradise” in technological disguise, for the very word “paradise” means “a walled enclosure”. The walled enclosure, like the contemporary gated community, is an ideal of wild and unpredictable Nature totally tamed, domesticated, and regulated, barricaded and isolated from real, living Nature by substitute technical processes — but completely insulated against “the law of the Earth” […]

The “wild and uncontrollable” aspects of the law of the earth are always necessarily implicated in the tamed and domesticated aspects. Technology, it should be clear, does not insulate or isolate the human from the law of the earth or the terrors of the wild, of time, decay and of darkness.  Both the wonder and the terror are mimicked and replicated in the technical process.

5. The Machine Age is so far advanced that panic sets in at the prospect of a life unregulated, any human enterprise not wholly approved and monitored by the all-seeing Eye. War, they tell us, will naturally follow from independence, war and collapse and catastrophe. Well, war etc. has also ensued in the states of the former USSR, and Yugoslavia, but would anyone seriously advise the only alternative is a sclerotic, corrupt, supranational tyranny?

But then, it would be no tyranny for the Menstrual Marxists – for them, all would be quite peachy, much as Margot Honecker thought all was rosy in the GDR. As unnatural creatures, they thrive only in the socialist “dome” where black is white, Islam is the religion of peace, paedophilia is normal, Bruce Jenner is a woman, and Stefonknee Wolscht is a 6-year-old girl.2598532.main_image

Such artificial regimes can only be maintained through vast force, as in the Soviet bloc, and the EU has been moving in this direction for a while now, with its curious plans for a “secret army” – which would seem superfluous, since NATO already protects against external threats; but then, i suppose it isn’t intended for use against external threats.

For me, the coming collapse (of the global economy) is not to be feared, since the present order is so rotten, and rotting, that it clearly could not continue. The God-Emperor Trump, a force of pure primitive redneck capitalism, will storm the Citadel of Stefonknee, with his 16 inch iron cock:


and behold, he will wed the Empress


and birth a race of proud blond warriors, though some may have strange hair.