1. Firstly, my thanks to those who cast their soiled pennies into my pit of woe, it is shockingly pleasant to be appreciated in more than a “oh yes, that funny little Nazi Indian, I thought all the dark people are Muslims, because it’s so enlightened, the religion of peace you know, they have falafel and this nice thing where the women are so liberated, they don’t have to pander to the male gaze because they’re in burqas, and there’s this nice little Ethiopian restaurant my Polish nanny recommends, yes, Elberry, he can be quite amusing, he doesn’t want to be on the Left because he hates Pakis, he’s a racist, that must be his white side because Indians can’t be racist” way. From teaching alone i am now averaging slightly less than i need to survive, even without taxes, so any coin is indeed welcome – i’m also suddenly going through a sartorial midlife crisis and buying shoes and watch straps, so need everything you can throw my sordid way. By the way, just a reminder – if you want to make a one-off donation, remember to cancel it after the first payment goes out. i’m not sure if i can return your donation and Paypal/Patreon will doubtless take a hefty cut for each transaction.

i have blogged for 11 years now, amusingly enough at the counsel of a pretty gay who’s probably been AIDSed to death by now, a colleague at a shitty bank in Leeds who said: “you should like do a blog or something, because you’re well sarcastic.”

He also thought, approvingly, that Tony Blair was “gay”.

2. i’m off to Finland next week, to consult with the Man in Black. He has a cosy little place in the wilderness, it looks like this:

Impressive Satan Castle high above the glorious Baskoy Gorge



He looks like this:

gira 2 gira

Finland seems one of those 1st world countries where it is still possible to live more or less in the old ways, insulated from modernity; no doubt the reason the Man in Black and our eldest sister (from my last life) chose to be born in the north, about 80 miles apart as it happens. Finland, at least in the north, seems to have been spared much of the worst ruination.

3. When i contemplate the progressive destruction of European culture, the ruin of the universities, the ascent of unmedicated feminists and bearded Jihaddists, i take some comfort in more cosmic workings. The Left can exterminate all religions save Islam, they can destroy a thousand years of culture, but they cannot influence the non-physical reality. One need only contemplate the absurdity of the materialist atheist Chinese government attempting to regulate the Dalai Lama’s reincarnation. Indeed, even within this world the Left cannot truly do away with gender, they can only punish those who speak the truth, for example referring to a man in a dress as “he”. Eppur si muove.

In the non-physical reality, there are malignant intelligences, but also benign; whereas in this world political power tends to fall to the malign and the mediocre, there, as far as i can tell, there are no politics. It seems that the destruction of the West is not driven by clueless idiocy or greed, but there is actually a kind of non-physical malevolence at work, motivating (i suppose) firstly the greedy and deracinated, who in turn fund Left-wing activists (Black Lives Matter, etc.), the self-righteous and moronic hordes.

i’m not exactly optimistic – one need only look at Iran to see how Islam can take over a nation; or consider the enormous suffering inflicted by the Communists on anyone unfortunate enough to fall within their domain, for a good 70 years. It could well be that we will have Sharia law stretching from Galway to Vienna – so far, the Slavic lands look able to defend themselves, and i’m pretty sure Putin wouldn’t allow Russia to fall to the Beard.

4.  For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. 

So it would seem.