i was planning to meet a friend in the Olympia Einkaufszentrum (ghastly shopping mall) on Monday. Someone just shot the place up. This is just to say that i’m not only not dead, i wasn’t anywhere near it, i’ve been in Chateau Elberry a good 20 km outside Munich the whole afternoon. i realise that just because i live in the neighbourhood doesn’t mean i’m likely to be dead but i also realise one’s natural response to hearing of the enrichments of multiculturalism and the religion of peace is to wonder if anyone you know in the area is dead.

i dare say the attacker wasn’t white, and quite possibly shouted something, something like, well, you can judge, but it begins with an “A”, and he’s probably from a country receiving rather more sun than Germany, and i wouldn’t be too shocked to hear he’s a devotee of the religion of peace. Of course i could be wrong, but i am sure that:

1. The media and government will say we need strict gun laws, even though the attacker probably obtained an illegal firearm.

2. The media and government will say it has nothing to do with Islam, even if the attacker is called Mohammed Al-Jihad and declares his allegiance to Islam.

3. The media and government will blame it on:

i) Britain voting to leave the EU

ii) Donald Trump

iii) Putin

iv) The white man

4. The media and government will say they fear for the safety of Muslims. If they can find a story about a Muslim being insulted or attacked, they will run this so it eclipses the deaths of several white people, and then call for repressive measures against any party remotely to the so-called “right”.

5. It will happen again, and again, and again.