1. Taught a Bundeswehr class on Monday, mostly ordinary-looking chaps (some rather muscled and bearded) and 2 women, at the end of their service; as i was fussing with my paperwork they were discussing the Olympia Einkaufszentrum shootings, saying if they were still active they could be called up for emergency operations.

Without hearing their tales, one could form a pretty accurate idea of their Bundeswehr duties, e.g. a Platoon Leader who has his own pond and hut in some rural Bavarian paradise, where he goes “to drink and think” – looked like a character from Das Boot, brawny and bearded and with that peculiar calm & friendliness of big men who look after others; a Signals Engineer with the demeanour of a software programmer; a rather lovely & slender redhead babe who is a Sergeant Major & paratrooper to boot – i asked her – Are you a Fallschirmjäger or a Fallschirmjägerin (-in being the Feminine ending in the Bosche); she looked puzzled, then said, decisively – Fallschirmjäger. i thought paras tended to be giants but she said you need to be pretty light to take the fall, however some of her comrades were too fat, and out of shape – it seems the Bund has in general low standards of fitness.

– If I were your Feldmarschall, or Reichsmarschall even, i began, gesturing grandiosely, – This would not be acceptable. Imagine if you jump from 400 meters, a Schnitzel Planet comrade breaks his leg and then lies there whining, uhhh, help mir bitte, I have eaten zu viele Schnitzel weil ich ein disgusting fat Schnitzel beast am. You are in hostile territory, with Muslims closing in, bearded and shrieking for rape. What would you do?

– We would take him with us, she said, bravely.

– I would leave him, i told her, stabbing an inky finger at her interesting chest. – Leave him to his fate. He ate a man’s Schnitzel, now he must pay a man’s price. Let the Muslim use him for their pleasure.

2. This world is burning down. The Wolf noted that i seemed to like Donald Trump, and Jeremy Corbyn. My political opinions are close to worthless but i see neither Trump nor Corbyn as fully part of the machine. The machine – a grotesque blend of Cultural Marxism and financial neo-liberalism – has had its day, and Trump and Corbyn are symptoms of “reactionary” revolt. i favour neither. Socialism is an abominable error at best, a vile evil at worst; capitalism has never really existed in a pure form, and never could, since companies will naturally seek to influence government; and in complex, large societies some government is necessary. In any case, to elevate capitalism to an ideal is bizarre.

For the last decade or so i have felt that the underlying assumptions & metaphysics of the modern West are mistaken, and highly displeasing unto my nostrils. Capitalism at least allows more freedom than socialism – the latter necessitates the all-seeing Eye, Political Correctness, and political police, commissars, the gulag, all the apparatus of the EU, as the USSR before it. If you are happy to entrust bureaucracies with absolute power, then the EU, as National Socialist Germany or the USSR, will most likely be in order and profoundly to be desired. If you have any intimation of the essential human frailty, and the “Satanic” tendency of bureaucracies (in the Blakean sense), then socialism is very much the highway of good intentions; although in my experience most socialists are clinically insane or borderline/narcissistic power freak feminists who want control over all others, and the self-righteous bliss of feeling they are in the right, the white knights charging the evil-doers as they live in luxury and do nothing of any conceivable use to anyone.

Socialism is only possible in a machine age, where human beings are mere ants, to be suborned to the greater good of the future Marxist Utopia, which of course is only possible through vast oceans of blood, and actually may require several generations to be persecuted, tortured, executed; mass starvation, poverty, Political Correctness, as we saw in the USSR for 70 years, or China, or North Korean, or Cuba, or Venezuela. Human devisings always fall short of reality; because human beings were created, and so their understanding is less than the reality they did not create.

Capitalism strikes me as simply amusing, as if one said everyone should able to wear whatever shoes he desires, and then called this Shoeism and tried to craft a ruling ideology therefrom. This is nothing to set against the Rape Horde religion of peace.

3. On Tuesday/Dienstag, i got the Bundies to give presentations. Some refused, or rather looked highly unwilling, and i said, sighing magnanimously. – If you don’t want to, i won’t force you. But it will be good practice. Your choice.

7 out of 10 chose to give presentations; i was pleased that the weakest student volunteered first, and gave a presentation about testing stress tolerances in metals – rather bizarrely, i seemed to be the only person to understand it, even though he gave it half in German and the language was very simple, but then i have spent 7 years teaching engineers. An artillery spotter (another profession for which i have some affinity) gave a presentation about Lego, quite fascinating as i’d known virtually nothing on the topic beforehand.

The sexy Fallschirmjäger gave a presentation about Dunkin Donuts, and concluded that it was Dienstag Dunkin, all donuts 1 Euro a piece.

Rubbing my manly chin, – Outstanding, Sergeant. Perhaps we should all go out to buy donuts now.

– Can we? they pleaded, looking at me with their big puppy dog German eyes.

– We can do what we damn well please, i said. – i mean, as long as my boss doesn’t notice. Let’s use the back door.

So we walked to the Hauptbahnhof in formation, then stormed to the Dunkin Donuts stand to get 6 donuts for 6 Euros. i hadn’t realised just how military the Bundies were till i saw them walking, savagely bearded, frankly fucking huge, blue-eyed, and vaguely alarming killers. The Dunkin Donuts cashiers, bearded hipsters in glasses, paled in comparison to the bearded Bund. We then returned to eat our donuts in McLingua in White Man Triumph:

bundeswehr donuts july 2016 censored

Today i did a bit of grammar, deploying my other motif (Schnitzel):

bundeswehr july 2016

4. i find Bundies akin to the quite lovely therapists i wrote reports for in Manchester – even the Speech Therapists had had many patients die on them (strokes), and so although i dare say they were Left-of-elberry, they had a more realistic sense of mortality and humanity than a SJW Guardianista; there is nothing like prolonged exposure to suffering and death to burn away Left-wing ideas & retardedness in general. Indeed, when conversation in Manchester turned to chavs and the G, the therapists were all pretty traditionalist, favouring stable families, education, empowered police, and minimal bureaucracy.

i would be interested to know how many GPs are right-wing, since my father (retired GP) is Leftist in many ways (i.e. he wanted to help “the poor”, perhaps because in India there really are poor people), but a proper Elberryist in everything that counts: education, the family, custom, religion, decency. Don’t bother trying to harass him, my SJW readers – i can imagine the following conversation:

German Feminazi: Ja hallo, this is Dr Elberry, or?

Elberry Pere: Yeeeessss…who is this?

German Feminazi: I am die Hedwig! I am an angry German woman! I am very intelligent! I am having a PhD! I have read Derrida!

Elberry Pere: Egh well listen, the Germans, egh, well, are you listening, egh?

German Feminazi: Ja.

Elberry Pere: Egh, well, listen, the Germans are SO STUPID. Listen, egh? I am a BROWN MAN, egh?

German Feminazi: Ja! Das ist very good! White people are all racists! They must all die! We need more Muslims like you!

Elberry Pere: Egh well, the MUSLIM are, egh, let me tell, you, I worked in Bradford, in Huddersfield, in Leeds, in Wakefield, in Nottingham, in Saint Helens, in the Wirrel, in South Shields, in Rotherham, in Sheffield, egh, and DO YOU KNOW WHAT I THINK OF THE MUSLIMS?

German Feminazi: Ja! It is the religion of peace, or?

Elberry Pere: Well, you must be VERY STUPID! The Muslim are THE WORST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD.

German Feminazi: Das ist hate speech, or? I will call the EU police and you will go to prison for 3 years because we are having free speech, or? You will to die in prison, why the EU will not tolerate hate speech, or?

Elberry Pere: Egh. Well. You are a woman. Listen, egh, you attack me, egh? And SOMETHING BAD WILL HAPPEN TO YOU, egh? You think you say bad thing and say this brown man is Nazi, and you call the police, egh? Well, listen, egh? I will CURSE YOU. Egh? You are laughing, egh?

German Feminazi: Ja. I am an atheist because I am smart. I have read the post-structuralists! I have been at university for Women’s Studies! I am working at Social Media, or? I believe nothing! I am very smart! I am having the latest iphone!

Elberry Pere [hideous laughter]: Egh, heh heh heh, well listen woman, I have Chemistry PhD, I have Medical Degree, I saved HUNDREDS OF LIVES. And I WILL CURSE YOU. And, egh, listen woman, it DOES NOT MATTER if you believe, YOU WILL DIE.

German Feminazi: I am very clever! I have readed Foucault for twenty years! I am smart enough to get the post-structuralists! I am a power Frau!

Elberry Pere [hideous laughter that just goes on and on].

5. Evil is perhaps a constant; or if it fluctuates, it does so within a certain range. One sees how those with no material disadvantages often create their own problems, as if suffering & malevolence will out; however, i feel that with constant vigilance and a good heart, one can at least safeguard the culture of a people – in such cases, an external enemy usually destroys all. Right now, Europe has enjoyed relative peace and goodness for 70 years, and now it is over – the Leftist elite have imported millions of Stone Age rapists to destroy Europe. In these dark days, it is hard not to consider so-called conspiracy theories. i feel that there is definitely an earthly group who will the evil, who hate the good, and as is the way of most evil-doers, they invert language (hence, it’s not racist to say all white people are evil; it’s not sexist to say all men are bastards) to present themselves as the knights in shining armour. Perhaps some of them know what they are about (e.g. George Soros), and so i would say they do not merely practice evil, but are evil. The rest are fools, self-righteous loud morons with a worthless education in Leftist cant – ask them about Parmenides, Dante, Abelard, Shakespeare, Milton, Goethe, Browning, Yeats, Geoffrey Hill – and either blank incomprehension or cant will ensue; e.g. the Communist who said airily of Wittgenstein “yaaas, well, the great flaw in poor old Wittgenstein is that he didn’t speak any non-European languages” – which doesn’t make any sense to begin with, it’s the kind of thing a University of Huddersfield undergraduate would say, after sitting through an hour’s lecture on Wittgenstein, bored stupid & tweeting angrily about how Donald Trump is LITERALLY HITLER – specific languages are totally irrelevant to the Tractatus, and the PI demonstrates a method, a habit of mind, which would work in Ancient Sumerian, Chinese, English; and also i wouldn’t consider Russian a European language (typically, the Communist didn’t even know Wittgenstein had learnt Russian); it was the kind of thing bloated academics say when they don’t want to admit they haven’t actually read an author, but want to pontificate & display their own colossal intelligence by casting stones at mere imbeciles like the Gawain Poet, Schopenhauer, Milton, Wallace Stevens. “Oh Schopenhauer? Yes, well his great flaw was he failed to understand Marxist dialectic!” – meaning “I am far more intelligent, far wiser, than poor old Schopenhauer, who I haven’t read, because I don’t read anything!” – although these sinecured Left-wing fools have not written anything of any value, and never will. Give them a book to read and after 5 pages it will be discarded with a loud “Absolute balderdash! What was he going on about! Nonsense!” much as the Communist stormed out of Inception after 10 minutes, red-faced & bellowing, “Stupid bullshit!”. And these are the elite. These are the people with cushy jobs in the UN, the EU, these are the Wise Ones who decide your fates.

6. Beyond the idiots, and the evil, there are non-physical intelligences – demons, if you like – i think some are actually human beings outside of time, and some may be more like Jungian archetypes of malevolence. There has been a weird shift in our total reality over the last few years, with the non-physical and physical moving into a different relation – or sentience & non-sentience. Europe is one of the battlegrounds of this change – and what were once called demons or devils are now more openly at work; the fabric between worlds is more of an open-weave now. As is typically the case, the gods (or angels) communicate subtly – they seem to prefer freedom, to allow their earthly communicants (e.g. me or the Man in Black) to make up our own minds, to worry through our own doubts & difficulties; whereas the devils possess.

i cannot speak of the gods in others. For the devils, i think they enter the vulnerable, and work with what is in their heads – mostly Islam, often enabled by drugs (it would be interesting to read the toxicology on the Paris concert attackers). Both Islam and the drugs would be smiled upon by the Left, and the results – mass murder, rape, torture – are of course savoured and relished by the Left, who will the downfall of the West, and see every dead or raped or mutilated or tortured white person as another € in their account of righteousness.

7. There seems a symmetry between my elberry life & the last: in which case, this year we will have a colossal financial collapse – worse than 2008 – and the old order will disintegrate, and Europe will become rather violent and in due time (a decade, at most), we will have significant war. And yet, i note the metaphysical changes over the last decade seem profounder than in my Austrian life, so that even animals are beginning to transform & become sentient (but not as we are). What we call electromagnetic energy is changing in some way, which i take as harbinger of wilder and deeper changes yet; and i see Corbyn, Sanders, and Trump as sign and emissary of sudden collapse – not, i think, collapse into 1930s Communism (as Sanders & Corbyn would like), or Thatcherite neo-liberalism – hopefully, a transformation beyond politics and demagoguery.

That is most likely overly optimistic: i note that those who can read the past often make foolhardy predictions of the future, and i myself am cagey of foretell and prognostication. i can, however, say for sure – that what we called gods (Wodan, for example) are of the land and the people who were gentled, formed, birthed, by the land; and the gods will resist those who seek to destroy European culture. Christ was one thing – unwelcome, neutering, but ultimately amenable to a kind of European form. Islam is and always will be a Stone Age desert cult.

The earthly powers, the devils, are of course immensely rich and powerful – a black Marxoid American President, the entire EU and UN elite – but Wodan is a god.

As i understand it, the gods do not will political groups; they do not soil themselves with “activists” and Facebook groups and lobbies and institutions – they are silent and occult, and transform by personal contact; for example, in the last week i have more or less accidentally witnessed the transformation of two people i know – nothing to do with politics at all, purely their own psychological/spiritual problems. The true gods work by person to person interaction, in privacy, in intimacy. It is the devils who amplify speech until it loses meaning; it is the devils who create political and cultural movements, it is the devils who love bureaucracies, totalitarian systems, the EU, the UN; it is the devils who require ideology, usually of the Left, since the so-called Right is often what is left when you subtract ideology and politics.

In future, we can expect the Muslims – often weakened by marijuana – to be possessed by devils, to kill and kill and kill again; but every time a Muslim rapes and/or kills a European, one should think – There are gods also.

And do not look for political messiahs, for ideologies, groups. Look, rather, for person-to-person interactions, and listen in your own great quietness. If you must speak or write, let it be as one would write to oneself, in total privacy, in a secret alphabet.