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1. In Dune, the Bene Gesserit order plant seeds of mythology across the universe through the so-called Missionaria Protectiva, “the black arm of superstition”. These mythic shapes can then be exploited by the Sisterhood for political gain, or for survival in distress.

There is an approximately gnostic view of things widespread in our culture; one could delineate it thus: there is something wrong with the world; we are often alienated from either our true selves and/or from true knowledge of the world; there is a group of enemies behind this unhappy state; there is some way to arrive at power or knowledge. The Matrix, Christianity; Buddhism to some degree.

i don’t see this in Norse paganism, but then all we really have are tales and occasional maxims (the frost giants aren’t really evil, indeed there seems no notion of evil as such); and i don’t know enough about Islam or Judaism to say.

i realise increasingly how little my own “paganism” would make sense to one of the real pagans back in the day, being as it is of a somewhat Christian tinge – that particular strange blend (as i see it) of Greek philosophy and Judaism. The old pagans i guess were really more like Varg Vikernes, who seems to me really unadulterated by either Greek abstraction or Judaic tendencies; in a sense, he could seem to be not really all that “religious”, because we now see religion in inherently Christian terms.

2. Personally, i feel that the gnostic myth i describe above is actually true; that there are malevolent non-physical forces who wish to destroy any human capacity for spiritual enlightenment, and for goodness, and decency, and that there are earthly groups who more or less embody this malevolence.

And i think a sizeable minority of people share this basic supposition, because it is true, whether they are shrieking Feminists, or Alex Jones, or me.

Right now, many politicians are instinctively tapping into this passionate suspicion/paranoia. i doubt they even realise what they are doing; the Left (currently very odd bedfellows such as cultural Marxists, old-school Communists, and financial neo-cons/neo-liberals like the Clintons – mostly scum) have been engaged in a deliberate conspiracy against the West for over a century, and they have been winning for exactly that long; and so perhaps they naturally dream of an all-powerful Putin putting the puppet Trump on the throne, because conspiracy is what they do, and as Vox Day would say, Social Justice Warriors always project.

As the mainstream media and the political/financial elites go for Trump and anyone not fully indoctrinated into the Left, they appeal to the general gnostic paranoia – vague but vehement accusations of “fake news” and of backstage political machinations and hacking: almost the mirror image of the Clinton campaign, they only needed to accuse Trump of assassinating anyone who gets in his way, and of being surrounded by paedophiles and seedy occultists to complete the projection.

But by attacking Trump so vehemently, they also reinforce the suspicions of people such as myself. It doesn’t take much to see the lies of the media – you don’t even need to study the world as it is, the representation contains so many internal contradictions that sooner or later a reader should realise something is amiss. You would need to maintain “Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia” levels of self-deception not to notice. Saddam had WMDs, let’s destroy Iraq. Oh, he doesn’t have any. Syria has WMDs, that’s why we didn’t find them in Iraq – Saddam sold them to Assad. And so on. It could make for an eternal justification, in the year 2217 the Americans would be bombing South Korea to shit because “that’s why we didn’t find Saddam’s WMDs in Syria, because Assad sold them to Iran, and we didn’t find them in Iran after we bombed it to shit, because they had already sold them to Finland, and after bombing Finland we couldn’t find them because those tricky Finns had sold them to Varg Vikernes, what are you, a racist???” etc etc.

And so, for those on the Right the more the mainstream media attack Trump, the more credibility he gains – this preposterously-haired figure has in the last year gone from being an amusing celebrity businessman to something of a bizarre hero, because of those who attack him. For if you suppose the mainstream media to be owned by those who are either demonic or aligned with demonic intent (viz., to destroy all that is good in our civilisation and, more importantly, in our culture and genetic stock), then however bewildering the “wilderness of mirrors” (an Eliot line often quoted by James Jesus Angleton) you can penetrate the lies and insinuations and half-truths and caveats by simply observing who the mainstream media hate, who they wish to destroy.

3. Here’s a good video on Obama and Trump by Razörfist:

As far as i can observe, the main reason people hate Trump isn’t because he’s done anything worse than Obama or Hillary – though that may be because making sexist remarks in private or failing to share his tax records doesn’t seem to me comparable to ordering drone strikes on civilians, supporting Black Lives Matter, or using the IRS to attack political opposition, or destroying Libya and thus opening Europe to mass invasion, but hey, i didn’t get a degree in Gender Studies so what do i know. To me, it seems that people hate Trump because he doesn’t simper and cry and demonstrate manipulative servility by using all the approved Politically Correct terms. When you compare him with Lyndon Johnson – who apparently liked to slap his huge Texan schlong down on the table to intimidate dissenters; or Nixon – who called Bohemian Grove “the most faggy goddamned thing you could ever imagine”, Trump seems indeed really rather restrained.

Since i don’t actually care, and so haven’t spent hours researching the matter, it’s possible that Trump has done things worse than Obama and Hillary, but if so i wonder why all i hear is vague talk of him being “divisive” and “racist” and “sexist” and “Hitler” – most of these terms have also been applied to me, so i just shrug and think, Ja, und?

4. Trump and Varg Vikernes share a quality – neither seem to have the usual pre-emptive cringe of the modern man; they lack what one could call “the foreign installation” of self-censoring fear and the desire to conform. In the past, such men were more common, now very hard to find in the public sphere. Hence, a certain shock when confronted with a Trump – who seems to speak more or less extempore – after the crocodile tears of Obama, the truly hollow man.

5. i find that almost all my students fear and hate Trump, and when i ask for specific complaints, all they can say is “he is showing so ugly aus or? He is sounding angry. Obama war attraktiv and he speak so good or?”. Well, well.

Trump strikes me as a showman but not an actor; his show is his self, his brand is Trump. Personally, i don’t like the brand or the self; but i like the sense that the man on stage is always Donald Trump, that if he is playing a part, it is the part of Donald Trump and no one else.

By contrast, Obama is a consummate actor, a hypocrite whose only redeeming qualities are charisma and sloth. But then, i find it hard to feel much about Obama – there is even something half-likeable about this utterly empty and glib actor, compared to Hillary.

6. Many years ago, i read Hunter S Thompson’s gonzo interview with Bill Clinton. At the time i dismissed this, thinking “typical HST” – Thompson presented him with a saxophone reed, and:

Clinton stared balefully at the reed for what seemed like a very long time, like a Chimp peering into his first Mirror … There was a sense of puzzlement on his face as he silently pondered the thing.

It was an awkward moment, Bubba. Very awkward. Nobody knew how to handle it. He seemed unhappy, almost angry as he fondled the reed distractedly, saying nothing … Then he rolled his eyes back in his head and uttered a wild quavering cry that made my blood run cold.

The others tried to pretend that it wasn’t happening. We were, after all, in the South—and in some tangled way we were also the governor’s guests. Or maybe he was ours. Who knows? But there was no doubt at all that somebody was drifting over the line into unacceptable rudeness, and I didn’t think it was me. Greider was sobbing quietly, and P.J. sagged limply in his chair. Jann began jabbering frantically about “the Generation Gap.” A pall of helpless craziness came over the table, a sense of unknowable Doom . . .

Then the governor dropped the Reed on the table like it was just another half-eaten Potato scrap, brushing it blankly aside and suddenly smiling warmly at all of us, as if he had just emerged from a Pod and was happy to be among friends. “No more music,” he said firmly. “Let’s have some food, I’m hungry.” Then he grasped the wicker basket of French Fries with both hands and buried his face in it, making soft snorting sounds as he rooted around in the basket trying vainly to finish it off.

As ever with Thompson it’s difficult to judge because he felt no obligation to factual reporting, and weird things genuinely happened around him so often that sometimes his wilder rantings turn out to be, well, factual reporting. Thompson clearly was disturbed by Bill Clinton, and i suspect what actually happened is this: Clinton imitated a saxophone but it came off as a demonic howl, he was amused by the horror on everyone’s faces, and decided to demonstrate his dominance by eating like a pig. And that there was something so weird about the whole performance that Thompson decided to write it up as an episode of demonic possession.

7. One should not expect too much of Trump – he is surprising even to me; and yet he is exactly the Messiah one should expect: calculating, brusque, unspiritual, egotistical, intelligent, ordinary.

From my first real encounter with the demonic influence – in 1998 when i read my first Literary Theory nonsense (so ludicrous i initially thought it a hoax), through to my growing conservatism as i observed chav and Muslim at first hand in Leeds in 2004, i felt my vision clouded by the prevailing miasma of ignorance and delusion. When i attempted to pierce the fog of our times, i saw only the past, as it were a faint light from before my birth.

This fog parted in autumn 2015, when the globalists openly strove to destroy Europe by importing millions of Muslim rapists. Their own impatience (or perhaps calculated gamble, knowing the economic collapse was due) served for clarity. i became aware of Trump in 2016, and felt very quickly, – This is the chap.

Probably no one else could have achieved this. The few decent politicians in America lack Trump’s money and cunning and swagger; or had too much to gain or lose.

The powers that be have long been of demonic purpose and intent. The George Soroses, the Clintons, the socialists and shrieking menstrual Feminists and scimitar-waving Muslims, have been gloating over the wreckage of the West, delighted by every rape, every sexual assault, every murder, every incidence of chavvery and knavedom and horror. As they have allied themselves with demons, so they will be consumed.

They have enacted the ritual of desecration, and will be destroyed thereby.



1. i foolishly abstained from gin on Wednesday – actually from all booze – but gin, i now realise, was the only thing keeping me robust amidst coughing sneezing Germands, for i have been ill since Thursday, mostly just sleeping and thinking. i had several fiction ideas in this time, but didn’t bother writing them down, because i’ve now grown so dispirited about my oddly sporadic stop-start imagination – i have notebooks full of what i think are good premises for tales, which i am unable to develop; that is, when i try they quickly become formulaic, merely repeating tropes from extant works. It could be that my imagination only works in spotlit moments, and utterly fails when i try to join the dots. It’s not that the results, if i wasted hundreds of hours writing them up, would be terrible; rather, mediocre, passable:

i hope my projected next novel – which i haven’t even begun – will be its own beast, but am not optimistic. In one sense, i am a product of my age: an exhausted civilisation (the culture being by now long extinct) which can only mimic or denigrate the achievements of the past.

2. The decline of our arts is, for me, clearest in cinema, and the Star Wars franchise in particular. The Viking saw Rogue One recently, and wrote glowingly of the visuals, the special effects, but had nothing good to say of the characters and dialogue. The vile prequels are notoriously dreadful in every single aspect, to the point where they seem to have been written and directed by a 5-year-old. The Force Awakens is okay, a passable film indeed, with good special effects and visuals, not really much good about the dialogue or characters – and i dare say the sequel will be more of the same.

It’s by now to be expected, that big budget films like Rogue One will have great special effects and a lousy script. Avatar, for example, cost 237 million dollars, and was for me deeply tedious: again, it seemed that a 5-year-old child had written the script, for example the precious mineral the bad guys could only obtain on this furry blue planet was called Unobtainium.

Is it really so hard to get a decent writer, with the money Hollywood can throw around? Seemingly so. Or perhaps the studios and directors think the writing is irrelevant, that all you need to do is throw a lot of exploding robots and jiggling tits on the screen, and it’s a film.

3. The Force Awakens looked great, physical and kinetic:

force-awakens-26 force-awakens-29


– but for me, the only interesting character was Han Solo, the others being too much the standard Hollywood tropes: the tough Feminist girl who can do everything men can do but better, with perfect skin and lips despite living in a desert; the wise-cracking negro who bumbles comically about; the angsty emo etc. i didn’t really care that the heroes were all Diversity Quota Selections, nor did i care that Daisy Ridley’s character proved able to beat enemies down (she seems to have grown up alone on a desert planet, so would either be raped & murdered by Sand Peoples or learn to fight), or could use the Force so easily (for me, it seemed that the psychic altercation with Kylo Ren provoked her own innate talents, that the hostile symmetry of his powers inadvertently awoke her own). But i found the characters fairly dull; vaguely likeable, and forgettable.

Some of the dialogue was good; there were some good moments. The whole was however riddled with major plot holes, some so glaring i wondered if an explanatory bridge had been edited out. i wasn’t too bothered that it was a pastiche of the first Star Wars film, since that could be done with wit and depth (it wasn’t); but i found the plot holes gratingly frequent & coarse – best expressed in this review:

3. i’m willing to ignore the odd plot hole, but The Force Awakens was more hole than plot, to the point of meaninglessness. Meaningful character, motive, causality, were clearly of no importance to JJ Abrams. That absence of meaning is now the norm in modern cinema (as indeed, in our dead-end civilisation) – we are presented with things which make no sense, with flat, lazy characterisation, with characters who do things for seemingly no reason but to advance to the next special effect. Typically, modern films are full of meaningless spectacle. All the money and creativity goes into marketing and special effects; there are truly skilled cinematographers and technicians creating stunning moments – but moments without meaning.

This is, i would guess, why modern films can be so easily made into trailers – for a trailer is usually nothing more than a meaningless spectacle. Even modern fan-tributes of older films – up to the 80s or thereabouts – are usually lacklustre compared to trailers for worthless dazzle like The Matrix 2 or Man of Steel. There seems, indeed, often an inverse correlation between spectacle and meaning, so for example Butch Cassidy & the Sunshine Kid, or Jaws largely eschew the former. There are, of course, good films where spectacle is at the service of meaning: The Empire Strikes Back, From Russia with Love, Lethal Weapon, and some modern films like Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, and Inception.

i find it telling that even Nolan – who creates interesting characters, with good dialogue, seems content with glaring plot holes, e.g. the Joker apparently planned to get caught when nothing in the film supports this rather extravagant explanation. That even an artist like Nolan wouldn’t, i suppose, see anything wrong with these plot holes is suggestive of the widespread rot, the insensitivity to meaning. When i say “meaning” i’m not talking about any kind of religious or spiritual factor – just some basic continuity from moment to moment, the kind of continuity we find in our waking reality and not in our dreams. i find this indifference to meaning also in politics, which has descended to Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia levels of nonsense: so Trump (i think guessing from his own polls that he would win the Rust Belt) says that if he loses the election it will be because it’s rigged; Obama tells him to “stop whining”; the so-called Intelligence communities say it’s impossible to rig the US elections; Trump wins; the Democrats and so-called Intelligence communities claim the election was rigged, and if you deny it then you’re deplorable because the elections have always been riggable, and we have always been at war with Russia. The evidence? Well, it’s complicated, you wouldn’t understand it, like you wouldn’t understand where Saddam hid his WMDs, or why we had to destroy Libya, or why the billions of dollars spent on the so-called Intelligence communities seem billions largely wasted. But trust us, there’s evidence.


The collapse of meaning, into spectacle, into politicians crying on camera, merely moderate political parties labelled “far Right”, Islam as “the religion of peace”, is so far advanced that i’m not sure it can be reversed; most likely not.

1. i’ve been splurging on genre fiction of late, having lost most interest in Serious Literature: i’m making my way through Daniel Silva’s Zionist spy thrillers, CS Lewis’s Cosmic Trilogy, and just finished Frank Herbert’s Dune. Silva’s Gabriel Allon series is quite good, well-written, just rather formulaic (every woman he meets falls in love with him; Allon is routinely captured, tortured, then escapes; at the end of each book he tracks down and kills the bad guy); if i were to criticise, i would say the Weltanschauung is uninteresting, conventional, unchallenging: he suggests at corruption in high places, never presses further; there is always a happy ending, the Powers That Be are always benign, the Chosen People always superior to the bigoted greedy Europeans. It’s a peculiar reading experience because, for me, the best spy thrillers share a gnostic intimation that the Powers That Be are, in fact, demonic; or, at best, merely aumildary, limited in their knowing and will; and because i’m not one of the Chosen People, and so don’t respond positively to the repeated motif of greedy evil Europeans and beautiful talented superhuman virtuous selfless Jews who are infinitely entitled against the rest of the world, because of the Holocaust etc.

i don’t have a problem with Silva, who i presume is a Jew, regarding his own genetic group as superior to all others, it’s just that for one thing it’s lazily swimming with the mainstream (i dare say he had absolutely no difficulty getting published), for another it’s at times rather too black and white for my tastes. A Huddersfield Supremacy series would be even more questionable but would at least have the virtue of swimming against the current.

2. i’m on book 3 of Lewis’ trilogy, very much enjoying it. Normally i am bored by sci-fi, and normally loathe CS Lewis. However, Out of the Silent Planet, Perelandra, and That Hideous Strength lack the belly-patting “are we all sitting comfortably?” smugness of the Narnia books or most of his Christianity for Dummies “theology”. In the first two books, the hero (a philologist called Elwin Ransom) accidentally and then deliberately voyages to Mars and Venus. In Out of the Silent Planet, Rommel meets a kind of non-physical intelligence, called Eldila, on Mars benign, on our Earth more properly demonic. Perelandra is even more interesting, a retelling of Paradise Lost if you like, with some interesting allusions to Dante (especially the Terrestrial Paradise of Purgatorio); there are some monumental and surreal landscapes and seascapes, and one of the greatest Satans i’ve come across in literature – actually, the most convincingly evil, with a persuasive and recognisable “voice”. At times, Perelandra reads like part of the Cthulhu mythos, a work of cosmic horror, albeit one written by Saint Augustine with Erwin Rommel as the main character. Here’s a picture of a young Lewis, smoking crack, by God:


A highly disturbing but good book; i found touches of the same Satanic voice in much of the news in 2016: the globalists’ latest initiative to teach pre-school children about pornography, and encourage little boys to volunteer for chemical castration, the smiling dismissal of Muslim gang rape as a minor intercultural misunderstanding, the haughty condemnation of the native European population for failing to commit cultural & genetic suicide. Every time Obama or Angela Merkel open their mouths, hark, that Satanic note.

3. Our time is only comprehensible under the aspect of spiritual warfare. There are non-physical sentient forces, Eldila if you like, and they can “possess” a physically-alive human being, though in my experience the benign Eldila do not possess; they rather present images, words, ideas, at certain points, in such a way that the man may dismiss them if he will.

Possession – which i guess would always be malign – happens from time to time. As far as i judge, child abuse, extreme trauma, drugs, insanity, can open a crack in the psyche, through which malign forces may periodically enter. This is, i would surmise, one reason why so-called black magic, the elite, and child sexual abuse often go together – the demonic forces desire new hosts, and use those corrupted by worldly power to perpetuate their ends. Hence, one should not be overly surprised that the intended POTUS, Frau Clinton, surrounded herself with a mixture of incompetents, paedophiles, and those into rather shabby low-grade magic. For me, it’s clear that the very rich & powerful are likely to be tempted, since their position puts them above the law, and they are liable to feel unsatisfied by ordinary human pleasures, since many suppose fame/power/wealth must bring about extraordinary pleasures.

4. i recently had an experience which suggests one of the principle vectors of Europe’s sufferings is attended by powerful non-physical forces. Let’s call him The Vulture. In his case, i suspect he was sexually abused as a child in the late 30s or early 40s, caught up in the maelstrom of evil sloshing around Europe at the time, and at some point gave himself to not merely the earthly agents of that evil, but to the evil itself. Certain malevolent forces took up permanent residence in his psyche, and directed him to immense worldly success, and to others of his kind. The Vulture now has a peculiar deadness to him, as if something vital died off long ago in his spirit; Dante would have rightly judged him as fit for Ptolomea; and indeed, it seems The Vulture’s initiation involved treachery to his own kind. One could see him as a link between the evil of old, and the evil of today – he speaks a different language now, and is hideously aged, but i think the same essential malevolent spirit is in him, a spirit of ruin and betrayal and pain.

5. The third volume in Lewis’ trilogy is interesting – i’m only about a third through, but so far it appears that the cosmic evil is taking earthly form in post-war England through a vast, progressive bureaucracy that has more or less taken over the State, and under exceedingly vague talk of science and humanity and progress is at work to first suborn and then annihilate the human race and all its beauties and nobility. The setting may as well be my Alma Mater, as Lewis even notes in his introduction.

It seems typical of the demonic, that when it would operate on a broad scale it attempts to co-opt idealism and so will robe itself in talk of Progress and Humanity and so on; while those who are truly good, or at least fighting the good fight, generally eschew such grand terms. It has long puzzled me, why this should be; perhaps it is because the true virtues, to use Wittgenstein’s terms, can be shown but not said; you can embody and enact them in your daily life, but any talk is necessarily second-rate, of facile & dubious value – this is why, i deem, Shakespeare gave the line “to thine own self be true” to Polonius of all people.

6. Discussing Trump with The Wolf, he said “but it is still not clear what he really wants“. i myself find Trump a puzzle: he is sometimes bizarre and mildly repulsive with his huge Cro-Magnon skull and orange hair, sometimes highly amusing and likeable with messages like this:


If i were in his shoes, that is exactly the kind of message i would have issued. The media’s continued, hysterical attacks on Trump confirm my initial sense that he is not part of the globalist plan. i feel sorry for anyone whose news comes mostly from CNN, the New York Times, Washington Post, overheard conversations in Starbucks and the university canteen etc. – for one thing, a rudimentary Google would reveal that most of the attacks on Trump are somewhere between outright falsehoods and gross distortions, e.g. “Trump says all Mexicans are rapists”, in reality Trump points out that a lot of those who enter the US illegally are “not the best” of Mexico, and some are rapists (and many merely come through Mexico from shitholes like Colombia and Honduras); or another classic “Trump says women are pigs”, in reality Trump said Rosie O’Donnell is a pig; and so on. Or a recent CNN classic: 

During the campaign, he repeatedly downplayed violent outbursts his supporters displayed at times toward protesters and insisted that paid activists were instead responsible for inciting violence at his rallies.

“You people were vicious, violent, screaming, ‘Where’s the wall? We want the wall!’ Screaming, ‘Prison! Prison! Lock her up!’ I mean you are going crazy. I mean, you were nasty and mean and vicious and you wanted to win, right?” Trump said Friday. “But now, you’re mellow and you’re cool and you’re not nearly as vicious or violent, right? Because we won, right?”

This clumsily-written “story” was run in the usual places, to the effect that Trump apparently admitted his fans are wild crazed animals. They even presented a carefully-edited video which anyone with an ounce of irony would realise was Trump saying “this is how the media see you” not “this is how you are”. The full speech, incidentally, is here. But then how many of the New York and California hipsters would bother with the truth, when they know it in their hearts and their feeeeelings? Even after DNC leaks showed Hillary’s staff organising violence at Trump rallies, the media still push the “Trump fans are all psychopathic KKK straight white men who rape women because they are fascists literally like Hitler only worse!” line.

That the bought media and the elites so unrelentingly hate Trump is, in a sense, reassuring. One can judge somewhat of the elite’s views & intent from the mainstream press; that Trump is not part of their plan, that Hillary was more or less guaranteed the presidency by the elites, that (cold or hot) war with Russia was planned for the near future. At present it looks like Obama is either hoping to start a war with Russia in the next 3 weeks, or to at least sour relations for Trump – but Putin for all his faults is no dummy, and is probably smiling coldly to himself as he eats caviar off some 17-year-old girl’s buttocks, waiting for Obama to fuck off to his mansions and the 100,000 dollar/hour speech circuit.

i expected that Trump would become at least half-bought, and the media attacks would subside, that only the fringe of hipsters and lesbians would continue to shriek Hitler, but it seems he is still his own man, whatever that is; and while i don’t expect him to achieve all that much, he seems to be deranging & disordering the fabrication of the elites:

As they walk, Ariadne notices more and more of the projections staring at her.

ARIADNE Why are they all looking at me?

COBB Because my subconscious feels that someone else is creating the world. The more you change things, the quicker the projections start to converge on you.

ARIADNE Converge?

COBB They sense the foreign nature of the dreamer, and they attack like white blood cells fighting an infection.

ARIADNE They’re going to attack us?

COBB No. Just you.

7. And so onto Dune. In an earlier age it would have been an esoteric fragment recovered from a cave somewhere in the Middle East; in ours, it has become a sci-fi classic, not to mention a strangely compelling and highly flawed David Lynch film with Sting prancing around in leather pants and Patrick Stewart snarling murderously.

Unlike other space battle/lasers/alien works, it places the human at the centre. Due to a refusal to use computers – Thou shalt not make a machine in the likeness of a human mind – the human has become central (whereas in our world, the human is as it were shunted to one side, in favour of the machine). In our world, there is simultaneously much study, and much gross misunderstanding, of the human; our attempts to form human nature are risibly deluded, or rather demonic – to create the perfect consumer, a nervous credulous gobbler-up of whatever lies are served up by the elites. Real strength is violently discouraged, and education has produced two generations of ignorant, weak-willed neurotics. 

In Dune, the Bene Gesserit order breed certain bloodlines, to produce a human being capable of extraordinary feats. In a certain sense, i agree – genetics does influence character, though in a highly complex engagement with environment; however i agree rather in the sense that people can at the lowest be just animals with the ability to produce words and operate machines:

“A duke’s son must know about poisons,” she said. “It’s the way of our times, eh? Musky, to be poisoned in your drink. Aumas, to be poisoned in your food. The quick ones and the slow ones and the ones in between. Here’s a new one for you: the gom jabbar. It kills only animals.”

Pride overcame Paul’s fear. “You dare suggest a duke’s son is an animal?” he demanded.

“Let us say I suggest you may be human,” she said.

– and in the sense that the human may be trained, encouraged, educated (led out of the animal mind). Not that real education is easy, or even possible for most; to quote Paul Atreides: There should be a science of discontent. People need hard times to develop psychic muscles.

In our time, most people strike me as “animals” in the Dune sense; those who are at least potentially human have typically swum against the current. In one sense, our world is very dark indeed, in another this very obscuration and sickness can act as a catalyst for those who could be fully human. i feel that the last two or maybe even three generations are mostly damned, and as (Exodus) the Chosen People wandered for 40 years in the desert, before entering the Promised Land to slaughter the inhabitants, so most of those now alive and in adulthood are unredeemable, and no matter what happens they will not open their eyes. One could take Nordal Hauken as emblematic of these generations; they will i think perish in the desert of their own sickness, refusing to see because they are, spiritually speaking, insane.

If to be a human being is to exist somewhere in the very broad spectrum between the animals and something like an angel, then most today have chosen the ecstasy of the beast, to abdicate their potential and become, well, trendies:


And remember, whatever else you have taken from this: “it’s a new thing, not just being in a narcoleptic state, or being cowardly, or having a pot belly, I mean the average trendy resembles a paedophile, it’s like the style. Chicken-necked weakness is like a god now, being totally passive and being a huge jellyfish slacker who looks like a fried egg on a chair.”

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