i’m in (hopefully) the last stages of my horrific Bildungsroman, and so probably won’t blog properly for a bit. However, i felt pangs of guilt for my Patreons, so will post short pieces on my page there – i thought about doing it here but for some reason i feel everything here has to be fully worked-out and edited and re-edited – perhaps because it’s totally public; whereas secrecy or restricted audience allows for different styles. The Patreon stuff is nothing special, so don’t bother subscribing just to read it – it’s really just anecdotes & observations, the kind of things i sometimes write on Facebook; but i’ll try and update it daily, or at least several times a week, as i am a good Capitalist in spite of myself, and actually i do appreciate the moneys my Patreons send – partly just the thought that someone (for whatever reason) enjoys my bohemian fascist ramblings enough to pay me, partly because i’ve been making about 1200 €/month before tax for the last 3 months, and need a bit more to survive.

Anyway, i’ll also try to blog here at least once a fortnight, but i hope daily Patreon posts will tender some semblance of compensation.