1. My hideous Bildungsroman seems finally done, but i lack any will to self-publish it; however i’m relishing the sense that my recent purpose is complete and i could die now without regrets, or sense of failure. i’ve been making some small progress with origami:

2. Spurred by Bruce Charlton, i read L. Jagi Lamplighter’s The Unexpected Enlightenment of Rachel Griffin; it is very much a teenager’s book, and now on the second book i find myself a bit irritated by some of the emotional unreality, e.g. a magical combat with horrors, people burnt alive, and sundry deaths, and the teenage protagonists grinning and whooping and saying things like “Ace!”. i was unsure if it was just sloppy editing or if the author is sociopathic enough to envisage teenagers (or anyone) reacting to lethal violence and monsters from the deep with quips and grins.

The books are however fun, with an interesting gnostic concept – the protagonists all live in a Hogwarts-style school (called Roanoke, i guess a nod to Ursula le Guin’s Roke) and their historical/geographic reality is wholly different to ours, so there are characters from “Magical Australia” and a sinister Bavarian prince, who, alas, seems utterly unBavarian (but then Lamplighter is American); and “our” world is greatly influenced by theirs. In the first book, there are intrusions from a world beyond and enclosing both the mundane & the magical, with powers that are incomprehensible even to the Hogwarts-folk.

As is sometimes the case with Fantasy novels, this gets at something true: that there are hierarchies of existence & power, and the higher orders are typically invisible to those they influence or rule. Thus Frank Herbert:

‘There are people and things in our universe which I know only by their effects,’ Edric said, his fish mouth held in a thin line. ‘I know they have been here…there…somewhere. As water creatures stir up the currents in their passage, so the prescient stir up Time. I have seen where your husband has been; never have I seen him nor the people who truly share his aims and loyalties. This is the concealment which an adept gives to those who are his.” (Dune Messiah)

True power tends to conceal itself.

3. There are higher orders at work in our world now; they may be guessed at by “currents in their passage.” Inexplicable mass emotion, strange coincidences, prescience are signs of, as it were, a great creature moving invisibly through our depths.

Within our world, good and evil are not to be nakedly encountered. Even someone inhabited by malevolent non-human intelligences, like the Vulture, is (i guess) not wholly evil, or his earthly existence would become impossible, because the principle of evil is antithetical to the Being it infiltrates & variously corrupts: for neither do the spirits damned/Lose all their virtue.

Thus, one should not expect to see demons or angels in human guise as world leaders; the very nature of physical reality (highly condensed Being) would repel the former from prolonged earthly sojourn; and politics would prove impossible for the latter. The most one can see, i think, are human beings operating under varying influence; and the darker the influence, the more clearly unsettled & malign the individual, and her associates.

4. American politics has been of a demonic bent since George Bush Sr; and while Obama was (in my eyes) nowhere near as bad as Dubya, he was a willing part of this, as one sees in his massive expansion of the surveillance state, his (and Hillary’s) destruction of Libya, race-baiting and grinning benevolently on Black Lives Matter, not to mention racking up Dubya-style colossal debt – the latter however relatively insignificant, since money is just money.

Obama is a gifted actor; he could read a teleprompter and make it sound spontaneous and genuine, though his essential vacuity was alas clear when there were technical problems. Trump seems to relish spontaneity, and i’d rather hear him use the word “nice” for the umpteenth time than sit through Obama reciting a speech someone else wrote for him and then stutter like a retard when the teleprompter fails.

i would see Donald Trump as the entirely unexpected but only possible tool to break the malevolent spell of US politics – a really good human being would be useless; a bullheaded, arrogant & egotistic man, however, is fine. There is a kind of arrogance which perhaps acts as a spiritual shield, rendering the individual truly independent, because impervious to what he would deem trifles & indignities. i don’t think Trump could be bought exactly – because he would recoil from any sense of being owned.

The more i see of Trump, and the rabid attacks against him (stupid, crazy, evil, rich, eats steaks with ketchup, Hitler, racist, sexist, anti-Semite, homophobic, in the KKK, had sex with his daughter, a Russian spy, he wants war with Russia, a criminal who was rightly under surveillance, a lunatic who claims he was wiretapped, etc.) the more i feel he is absolutely not under the sway of the malevolence that owned the Bushes, the Clintons, and Obama. That doesn’t make him a good person; but a normal egotistic human being is, i would say, preferable to a human being in the thrall of demons.

5. If one were to see this in Fantasy terms, there are benign intelligences who see Trump as a valuable tool to break apart the carapace of evil. There is a kind of airy, light “shield” about him, of which i guess he is totally unaware, and within which his tremendous solidity of energy and purpose can operate. At first i thought it had absolutely no influence on him – the more benign intelligences are (as far as i can tell) averse to anything like possession or interference, unlike the malign. And then, a few weeks ago he made a typically off-the-cuff remark about “last night in Sweden”, cue the usual mainstream media headlines about how he’s insane and evil because nothing happened last night in Sweden; and then, a couple of days later, riots broke out in Stockholm. There is a constant level of “social unrest” in Sweden’s larger cities, with Muslims raping and assaulting more or less at will, the police and media hushing it up, but it’s hard to hush up large-scale riots.

Is Trump prescient? Is he, truly, the God Emperor????

One could probably say “look at what just happened in Sweden/Germany” every day, and be validated – in the last few days, a Yugoslav launched an axe attack in Düsseldorf, then hours later an unknown assailant attacked someone with a machete, same city, and today the police have closed a shopping centre in Essen citing “security concerns” – for those who don’t follow German news, this kind of thing was rather rare, before Angela Merkel invited the entire Third World to live off the German taxpayer.

However, the Trumpian coincidence is interesting, as i’ve found such odd moments mark changes in consciousness, somewhat akin to deja vu in the Matrix; i think there is a kind of vortex of spiritual energy around Trump, which will both excite hatred in those variously in the thrall of malevolent influence, and draw unexpected new allies and possibilities. Already, i think there are those in the Deep State who are either on Trump’s side, or wish to use him to attack their enemies. The truly demonic will most likely remain united in their animosity to Trump – or rather, to the “angelic” forces he inadvertently represents, and by which he is supported & protected; but the lesser devils will start to break ranks, to attack each other, and some who are not wholly lost will maybe help him under the table, as best they can.

In a storm, one may light a lamp with what lies to hand – an old match, a worn wick, wet with olive oil or even whisky, by god; the important thing is to have light.