1. Spring is here, so i’m spending what free time i have on my balcony, reading. When my Albanian neighbours come onto their balcony to scream & bellow in their heathen tongue, i put my headphones on and listen to John Coltrane at high volume. i was reading Von Moltke’s letters to his wife over the weekend, and came across this, written in Berlin on 29th October 1939:

Mein Armer, die Zeiten sind schlecht und es ist keine Aussicht darauf, daß sie besser werden. Mit dem Kopf kann ich keinen Grund finden, warum sich irgendetwas bessern sollte in vielen Jahren. Und leider kann ich reichlich Gründe finden, warum die Zeiten noch wesentlich schlechter werden. 

My poor dear, these are dark times and seem likely to remain so. I can’t think of any reason to suppose things should get better in the future. It seems alas likely that our times will grow darker yet.

(my loose translation)

Here’s Von Moltke at the Volksgericht:

2. The German Resistance to the Nazis was an odd hotchpotch of Commies, socialists, genuine Jew-hating fascists who wanted a stop to a doomed war, and old school conservatives like Von Moltke – the latter generally very Christian, Von Moltke i believe Protestant, Von Stauffenberg very much a Catholic badass:


Even those of a socialist leaning, like Adam von Trott zu Solz, would have been appalled at the hordes of military-age migrant Sand Peoples swarming into Europe to rape with impunity while today’s Left grin about “diversity” and talk openly, with glee, of a white-free Germany – Weißrein or Weißfrei, i suppose.

It is said, that when Von Stauffenberg was lined up to be shot in a Bendlerstraße courtyard, his last words were: “Es lebe unser heiliges Deutschland!” (long live our sacred Germany); other reports have it: “Es lebe das geheime Deutschland!” (long live the secret Germany).

3. One can see the human being as a psycho-physical complex – we are mostly aware of the interplay between mind & body, how thoughts & emotions interact with each other, and with the body, and vice versa; but the mind is subject to the influence of a swirling mass of rarefied & occult forces, which range from non-physical intelligences (e.g. the spirits of dead people) through to simple & usually temporary constructs, vast collective shapes (e.g. nations, religions), and gods.

The “vast collective shapes” seem to develop naturally when societies are large enough. Looking at the phenomenon of Islam in its first centuries, or the Mongol Horde that saved Europe from Islam, or Christian fervour, i think it would be unwise not to acknowledge there are forces capable of more or less spontaneously arising in a few charismatic individuals, and spreading to millions.

The Left speak much the same language of collectivist zeal as 7th C Muslims – convert or die! – in a milder form at present, but as one sees from the Leftist violence that disrupted most Trump rallies, they are fond of the tactics of which they accuse their adversaries.

4. Looking at the Left, i note a great many who would have become 17th Century Ranters, witchburners, shrieking Medieval hystericals like the frightful Margery Kempe: among the Leftists i know there are at least two with the Borderline Personality Disorder, a Narcissist, two manic-depressives, and a surprising number of women who seem to have been sexually abused in their childhood.

Now i’m not one to cast stones at Insanity Glasshouses, but by contrast i feel suddenly rather balanced and down-to-earth. My non-idyllic childhood holds almost no interest for me, and i think my trajectory has been towards normality (this Elberry life is the first i know of where most people i meet think i’m nice – odd, given how many overlaps there are between this life and my alarming others).

5. The Left has become a new mould into which the vast collective forces are pouring, and it seems there are deeper patterns to such things, for in many ways Leftism seems like a perverted Christianity:

5.1 Original Sin – if you’re born white or male you are racist scum, even if you’re not. And not being racist is a form of racism now. All you can do is give all your money to the Church (the Left) and grovel for forgiveness, but no amount of groveling will ever suffice, because of your Original Sin.

5.2 Peace & love & happiness for all – but by reducing everyone to the same level, the lowest level (“socialism”), oh, except for blacks and Muslims and gays and transgenders, and paedophiles – they should be more equal than everyone else.

5.3 Confession – you must admit to your privilege, as publicly as possible.

5.4 Crusades – destroy anyone who disagrees with you.

5.5 Satan – the Devil exists and is at work.

6. Sacred and/or secret Germany: the nation exists as an idea; a force existing outside of our physical reality. It continues to influence those who live in this terrain; it is, in a sense, our terroir and particular sun, an accustomed angle of planetary light.

The nation has an instinctive life to it, a sense of what fits & what does not; and perhaps the gods are as Forestals to the old woods, embodied guardians of a broader, unconscious life.

7. Bavaria is in some way protected from the obliteration wreaked upon most of Western Europe; i think it has some kind of warding spirit about it, embodied in the language and, amusingly enough, in little things like the Tracht, the semi-traditional/semi-invented costume of Lederhosen & Dirndl – the customs & traditions act as an anchor for the warding influence, which is why every cultural overlord will aim to destroy or compromise:

i) The genetic base of the population;

ii) The language;

iii) The traditions and customs.

It may be relevant that the Welsh of all people voted mostly against the EU, and they keep their language alive as the Irish & Scots do not (and modern UK English has become a hideous chavsprache, under the shadow of American).

8. There were many objections to the EU; for me it was always just a bad smell, a reek even: the EU was an attempt to obliterate the nation-forms, and those who see it as nothing but a legal entity lack a sense of the metaphysical framework of our social consciousness – and so either wouldn’t notice how it eroded tradition, custom, sovereignty; or wouldn’t care; or would positively welcome such destruction.

9. Germany is, in a sense, damned. The Germans are natural Besserwissers, know-it-alls who think their way is best and everyone should be like them. Many of my students have angrily snapped at me: “you Engländers are thinking you are special and you hating Europa!” as if wanting to preserve national sovereignty is a hate crime – typical behaviour from such folk.

The German nation idea is naturally domineering and imperialistic – very like the Ancient Romans and probably the Victorian & Edwardian English. The EU was an attempt to impose German hegemony on the world, starting with the old foes: France, England, the Mediterranean, and Eastern Europe; but in the process, it was necessary to destroy German culture, to exterminate the white population and impose Islam on Germany. That is typically German – clever, ruthless, brutal, and yet ultimately suicidal.

i have occasionally wondered that the Merkel and others are fully in bed with the globalists, hate their own people, and yet everything they do seems designed to push the electorate into the arms of the anti-globalists. i don’t think they are playing a long game; i think they are in a sense deeply stupid and deluded: they believe they can indefinitely cow entire nations with censorship and the police state, and swing elections with propaganda. Well, it worked for the USSR – but only up to a point; and bear in mind Russia in 1917 was a nation accustomed to rulers and despots, with little free speech – even compared to the UK, where you can expect a visit from the constabulary for making a joke. And we saw, with the US elections, just how wrong their polling can be.

Many people say we are in Late Roman Empire phase, and the Hun are about to cross the frozen Rhine the Muslims are going to cross the Mediterranean en masse. In a sense this is so.

i see no hope in a political sense – elections etc. are all very well but if about half the electorate actively hate their own country and their race and culture (as seems the case, judging from the Hillary/EU supporters), combined with the entire 3rd World swarming into Europe, waving scimitars and screaming while the champagne socialists retreat into the gated communities/100% white rural villages and utter platitudes about diversity, it all looks pretty bleak.

And yet, there is hope. We are not merely repeating the Weimar Republic. There is a metaphysical transformation underway. It is beginning to manifest in certain individuals, who are all pointing in a similar direction from their own unique standpoints; i could name Bruce Charlton, David Warren, Tarl Warwick, Varg Vikernes.

There are materialist liberal democrats who think we can just turn the clock back to the mid-90s, but this is mistaken. The old order, being utterly materialistic, could not long continue – the inevitable energies of spirit would have destroyed it, one way or the other. Only through spirit, can the material world exist; and one might take comfort from this, that for all the malign force at work in the established order of international finance and socialism, there is an opposing force – were there not, this whole planet would have destroyed itself long ago.