1. i was reading Paradise Lost over lunch, Book 3, and was once more astounded by the petulant, rambling schoolmaster persona of Milton’s God, especially in contrast to Satan. So Shelley:

Nothing can exceed the energy and magnificence of the character of Satan as expressed in Paradise Lost. It is a mistake to suppose that he could ever have been intended for the popular personification of evil. Implacable hate, patient cunning, and a sleepless refinement of device to inflict the extremest anguish on an enemy, these things are evil; and, although venial in a slave, are not to be forgiven in a tyrant; although redeemed by much that ennobles his defeat in one subdued, are marked by all that dishonors his conquest in the victor. Milton’s Devil as a moral being is as far superior to his God, as one who perseveres in some purpose which he has conceived to be excellent in spite of adversity and torture is to one who in the cold security of undoubted triumph inflicts the most horrible revenge upon his enemy, not from any mistaken notion of inducing him to repent of a perseverance in enmity, but with the alleged design of exasperating him to deserve new torments. 

A curious thing – literary Satans have far more reach than literary Gods. One aspect of my projected & doomed Satan PhD was to have been the means by which Satan implies God – if one takes Satan as the symmetrical opposite of the Almighty (so Dante), then one could judge much of a culture’s conception of God by looking at its Devils.

2. Men may and usually do deny the gods and the spirit. But they rarely deny evil. Even the most rabidly materialist post-modern Leftists retain the category “evil” – they call it Nazi, Hitler, fascist, nationalist, white, male, heterosexual, but essentially it’s the old “evil” reheated with a sprinkling of Hitler. In our fallen wreck of a world, evil is, as Schopenhauer noted of Dante, rather more in evidence; and so it is not surprising that the spiritual category “evil” (that something is ontologically wrong, irrespective of societal verdict) retains its hold even where most people today have absolutely no concept of spiritual “good”.

3. Evil exists in antagonistic relation to good. It seeks to destroy good wherever it may, so as Bruce Charlton noted one can take some hope in the globalists’ insistent assault on England:

[…] the past nine months have been valuable in revealing the main reason why the rest of the EU wanted Britain to remain.

It is what the Eurocrats call ‘the free movement of people’ but which in practice means that the UK is valued primarily as the major dumping-group for people that the rest of the EU does not want

That the EU does not want these people is clear from their behaviour towards them. 


We need to ask why it is so very important to the EU rulers that Britain specifically should get more unwanted people sent to us (passing through Europe, in preference to the rest of Europe) than anywhere else, year after year, decade after decade…

It must surely mean that the destruction of the British nation is a major priority for the global elites?

Evil, i suppose by definition, cannot leave the good alone.

4. i have instituted a fine Elberry tradition of drinking gin and playing Dune 2 on a Friday evening. Dune 2 is the shizznit, exactly the kind of game i like – repetitive with enough variation to keep me at it, and since it’s from 1992 it’s naturally superior to all modern games. i’m playing as House Ordos now; their special weapon is the so-called Deviator, which fires rockets & subverts enemy units, temporarily changing their allegiance to House Ordos. i find them highly useful both in defence and offence – you can subvert a heavy unit, e.g. the massive Harkonnen Devastator, and then turn it on its erstwhile comrades, or command it to self-destruct next to its own base. As i was drunkedly playing last Friday, it occurred to me that this is one of the principle initial methods of evil – to mimic the good (the Left’s talk of love and humanity and justice) in order to take over the centres of power, and then turn them to the service of hatred, division, and insanity.

It is an initial method because after a while they can drop the mask and say, openly, “we want to kill all white people“. It is, in a sense, admirably precise – the Left do not merely acquire a useful weapon, e.g. by turning the police into “paramilitary social workers” in Peter Hitchens’ phrase; they simultaneously weaken their adversary.

If you want to locate evil as a social/political formation, look to what was once good, or at least vaguely in the service thereof, and there they are, squatting like toads. Don’t think of evil as some horned beast sitting in a dark cave in the middle of nowhere, plotting; evil is precisely where good once flourished, where peace, order, knowledge, wisdom were once; and thus it will always be. And the more evil infiltrates and corrupts the institutions of our culture & civilisation, the more the agents of evil trumpet forth the virtues they have in fact destroyed: come to our university and get a first class degree! we have a proud history of education! the police are here to protect you! our schools are the best in the world! the NHS is a classic British institution! – and so on.

5. However, evil also provokes good. The response can be symmetrical, as with the glorious Alt-Knight Stickman, but it is characteristic of the good to respond at asymmetrical depth. The globalists’ plan to annihilate European culture by inviting seemingly every able-bodied Muslim male into Europe to rape and kill and live off welfare, has by its very ghastliness provoked a shift in European consciousness.

On the sociological level, nationalism. Threaten a thing too obviously, and it tends to be re-evaluated and potentially treasured. But also there seems a metaphysical shift, which i’ve felt in myself from around the end of 2015; and i’ve noticed, in my life, the lives of some i know, and even in “world events”, magical occurrences. In my life, i now undergo daily synchronicities, e.g. writing this post referencing Varg’s time in Iraq, having no idea which video it was, and then finding he’d just made a video expanding on precisely this topic. Such synchronicities, in my experience, are akin to the deja vu glitch of the Matrix – a reordering of our visible realm; uncounted minute adjustments.

6. i feel increasingly sure that Donald Trump is part of this – more as a catalyst, a rogue force smashing through an evil structure than as a good or enlightened person; my own theory, as i wrote earlier, is that he sees himself as American, and his own sense of self is so vivid and massive that he feels personally slighted that Americans seem much fallen from the prosperity & John Wayniness of their golden years. But i think he was, in a sense, chosen for this; he has the right kind of obtuse, indomitable energy, an odd naivety and childishness, and seems, in his human failings, human and without the taint of evil so grossly evident in Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Both good and evil evince levels of engagement and manifestation. i would disagree with those who think every crooked politician, every globalist, is some kind of fully-paid-up Satanist who wants to destroy man’s connection to the gods (which would incidentally also destroy human civilisation, and more importantly all human cultures).

At the lowest level, there are those who simply loathe Western civilisation – the average Leftist, who would like to live in Venezuela, at least until she does: these people are spiritually off-balance, and probably have some kind of mental problem, but then most people seem nuts to me, whether on the Right or Left. Above this, there are the globalists who want to destroy nations, and subjugate Europeans to the Sand Peoples – i presume their motive is mostly financial, and political: deals with the Saudis et al., and the will to rule over a vast, broken empire bereft of tradition and sovereignty. The ideal of the EU is the Soviet Union – the lesser kingdoms kneeling before the might of a small circle of unaccountable, and usually unremarkable bureaucrats.

And above this, there are people like the Vulture. At that level, i suppose very few are fully or even partly initiated. They seem promised a kind of immortality by their inhabiting demons – and indeed, they often live a very long life, and are hailed as philanthropists. Very few enter this circle because very few human beings are naturally malign enough to take it. Even those of the elite into paedophilia and all kinds of ghastliness may recoil somewhat from that final dark.

Their ultimate goal is to sever all connection between man and the gods, which would not create a planet of happy smiling Richard Dawkins materialists festooned with Apple products, but rather the Planet of the Ultrachavs – chavs so far developed in scorbutic bestiality as to make even the vilest of our chavs blush for shame and say, “egh yer wha’, fockin hell that’s fockin focked, innit, knowharrimean?”

A Mark Zuckerberg would probably faint at the truth, so his kind are instead told they need to destroy nationalism, race, the family, all traditional European cultures, all religion save Islam, to create a harmonious world where everyone is mixed race and everyone is happy and is on Facebook. Although holding hands with the old evil that has always attempted the destruction of our world, people like Zuckerberg are merely stupid and wicked.

7. Most of those on the Left aren’t evil, i suppose; they are merely useful tools for evil in its various hierarchies of purpose. Thus a German friend of mine, let’s call her Rosemarie: has 3 children, one grandchild, a good job in a big German engineering company; her long-term partner is CEO of another company, they live in a large, soulless house in a nice suburb of Munich, with three Porsches and a BMW; she has a revolting pug called George Clooney, a wheezing ratlike abomination which tends to nervously vomit and shiver with fright; she coos and coddles this beast; she likes modern U2 and Coldplay and the most bland, over-produced music; she only reads Romance novels with a happy ending; she says the spoken German of Franz-Josef Strauss is “scary” and sounds like Hitler; she likes Gregor Gysi:

she goes “ooohhh!!!” over babies and kittens and puppies; when the Merkel invited the entire 3rd World to live off German welfare, Rosemarie immediately posted “Refugees Welcome!!!” on her Facebook page, but when i asked if one of my dandy friends could crash in her guest room for a few nights (he was sleeping in his car) she said no, strangers aren’t allowed in her house; after the Cologne sex attacks she asked where she can buy pepper spray and said she was now scared to work in the evening, in case someone attacked her in the car park; she never takes public transport because “there are too many dirty people there”; she has the typical materialist attitude that any recognition of death or suffering is morbid; while her life hasn’t been entirely easy, she’s never had to worry about money, and has high status in her social circles. She loves Mark Zuckerberg and forced me to read his “open letter” to his baby daughter, a nauseating piece of progressive gibberish full of the usual platitudes, pretty much what one would expect from a billionaire who attacks Trump for seeking to enforce America’s immigration laws, and then builds a giant wall around his Hawaii mansion.

People like Rosemarie are the mass infantry of the evil in our world – paint something pink and slap a happy smile on it, and they’ll enthusiastically support it, and call you a Nazi if you have your doubts. But they too will wake up.