1. A wise man once said “your future dream has sure been seen through”. The song came out when i was a wee little chubby-cheeked babby, already dreaming grand dreams of the coming Race War in my cradle. i never understood how foreigners could admire England in its present form – the countryside largely gone, the economy bifurcated into managerial spiv positions and McJobs, the people grown feckless and violent, accustomed to unemployment as a way of life, and millions of Muslims swarming over hill & dale raping white girls while the police smile and tut about diversity.

2. i wondered if it was just because i’m half-Indian and speak posh, and am a fascist, so don’t fit in anywhere, but i met even white Leftists who said there was something menacing about every English town on a Friday night, something depressing and lost about England in general. i always felt it was naff & shite to be English, at least in the miserable late 20th Century; and the only people who seemed proud of their country were either old or hooligans, or old hooligans even. Contrast with Germany where, at least in Kassel and Munich, people seem generally quite happy to be German or Bavarian, and in the latter case are often unabashedly proud of their land and heritage.

There’s almost no street crime in Bavaria, and what there is seems to do with immigrants (Turks, Russians, English teachers etc.) In England i actually preferred Muslim to chav areas, because there seemed some kind of order, albeit un-European, in the former; in the latter, you might as well be in Mordor among the orcpits, eating rotten hobbitflesh and smearing yourself with troll semen.

3. Aged now 41 i feel vaguely aware of my impending senility & death, and nodded sadly as i read Flann O’Brien’s The Hard Life:

– Well, may the sweet Almighty God look down on us with compassion! Do you realize that at your age Mose Art had written four symphonies and any God’s amount of lovely songs? Pagan Neeny had given a recital on the fiddle before the King of Prussia and John the Baptist was stranded in the desert with damn the thing to eat only locusts and wild honey. Have you no shame man?

– Well, I’m young yet.

– Is that a fact now? You are like the rest of them, you are counting from the wrong end.

i’ve thus began writing two new works: the first is a horror comedy, the latter a series of thoughts & observations i’ve titled Racist Remarks, since at present it’s mostly about race. There are also some thoughts about the occult, and i think if there is to be any unifying thread it will be merely the time of its generation; that is, fairly short passages that are on my mind and which i either don’t want to blog, or can’t. If it gets up to about 30 – 40 thousand words i may self-publish it, under some innocuous title; i thought about posting the remarks on my Patreon page but there’s something to be said for working on something over a few months, on a Cold War-era typewriter in my case, and then publishing it as a complete work.

i anticipate rave reviews.

4. i came upon this meme upon my travels:

It’s a good point, as i dare say many Irish Catholics supported the IRA, as many Muslims do the Jihaddists. My thoughts:

i) This is precisely why it is imprudent to have people of differing group-identity living in the same area (and hence, why empire tends to lead to long-term problems). Whenever people with different ethnicity, religion, or politics live in the same area they will eventually come to blows. Leaving aside the hordes of Islam already entrenched on welfare in multicultural hellholes like Bradford & Birmingham, to wilfully introduce even more Muslims to Europe is to intensify the likelihood of terrorism and race war.

ii) The IRA (and offshoots) habitually advised the police of bombs, with usually just enough time to clear the area, so the only damage was to property. Muslims wish to kill as many non-Muslims as possible.

iii) The IRA had a specific and realisable political goal. They mostly targeted military & police, and destroyed property. Their goal was to pressure the British Government for a specific end. i think many people could sympathise with the goal, just not the means.

Muslims want to destroy Western civilisation & culture, and to either murder every single non-Muslim or to force us to convert to their religion in its most extreme form.

iv) The Irish are genetically similar to the English, Muslims are not. Thus, the grandchildren of boyos could be almost indistinguishable from the English in IQ, appearance, broad character tendencies; but millenia of inbreeding in a torrid climate mean Muslims, to the umpteenth generation, will…well, be different.

v) The IRA & their sympathisers had much the same culture as the English. Thus, they did not by their very existence work to destroy English culture. The Irish have been part of British culture (in literature, in the military, in the labour force) for centuries. Muslims are a late arrival and are over-represented in crime and umemployment statistics.

i leave it to the reader to dwell on the significant contributions of our Muslim friends to English civilisation and culture.

5. Having said all that, it would be interesting to consider Sharia England – there would of course be mass rapes, mass murders, and the destruction of all that could remind of Christianity. In the end the entire country would resemble Bradford, of course, and then Mogadishu. But perhaps in a few centuries, after plague and warfare have destroyed most of the population, there would be something English about – no actually, forget it, it’s doomed.