1. Episode 5 of Twin Peaks. It continues to be very good, though there was one awkward scene, between Colonel Davis, a negro Pentagon official, and his white subordinate regarding a set of Major Briggs’ fingerprints – as with the scene between Gordon Cole and Denise Bryson it felt either deliberately offkilter or just badly-written and performed. Since both scenes involve US agencies, it is possible Lynch is striving for a 2001-awkwardness, to suggest something inherently artificial about such bureaucracies & those therein.

i was again struck by the range of tones, which include: a casino boss being brutally beaten while prostitutes look bored in the background; Dougie (Retard Coop) wandering about looking for coffee;

a classic Lynchian villain choking a girl in public; and Evil Coop causing his prison’s electrical system to go haywire.

2. Retard Coop is akin to the Fool from Tarot, and i would say also The Sun – a reborn innocent who is heedless and yet guided on the right path. In this he reminds me a great deal of my collaborator The Viking, who wanders through life stroking his beard and talking about gay manga CS Lewis in a slightly retarded manner, oblivious to all about him and yet has ended up where he should be all the same. Just as one could see progression from the Fool to the Magician, so i think Retard Coop is slowly rebuilding his old mastery and memory. Covfefe is one key, and here someone says “insurance agent” and he blinks and repeats “agent”: in the original series, a great part of his identity came from his being “Special Agent Dale Cooper, FBI”.

3. i had fantasized about 2012-era Rust Cohle appearing (as a joke of course – i wouldn’t expect a corny crossover like Batman v Superman) and two things in this episode caught at my attention:

i) A new villain who looks vaguely Cohleish:

All he needs is a Big Hug mug. Some girls flirt with him and he grabs one and hisses at her like Frank Booth.

and later, Evil Coop is given a phone call and, knowing full well it is tapped and he is on video, stares at the camera and says something like: “Who should I call? Should I call Mister Strawberry? I don’t think he will answer” then a reaction shot from one of the cops (or the warder), looking alarmed. i felt that “Mister Strawberry” has a paedophile ring to it, and since Lynch’s works often involve sexual abuse and exploitation, i wondered if Evil Coop has been involved in such circles, and the warder also.

4. Lynch is an interesting director, in that his work is technically interesting, “progressive” if you like, but his morality is very old school: good and evil. He often has monsters like Frank Booth and Bob; but he also has good cops, and i think in Twin Peaks the FBI are the good guys.

i don’t know anyone from the American Intelligence apparatus but the general feeling i get from films etc., is that the FBI are basically cops and the CIA etc. are into brainwashing, assassination, “regime change”, mass surveillance, propaganda. The people i know from European agencies (whether agents or officers) have all been nice to me, and i’ve felt they were decent people – actually, two were almost Cooper-like.

i was teaching a group today and we got onto the subject of voting and one asked if i’d voted for the UK elections; i said no, i’ve only voted once in my life (for Brexit) and the whole group convulsed in amazed distress and mirth, a burly Pollack engineer exclaiming “You vote Brexit! You must to go! Go now!” pointing at the door and cackling good-naturedly. A German woman was unfavourably astonished and as is the case with all brainwashed morons said “And what if you cannot work here now?” and i said, politely, “I’ll have to get a work visa, like my American colleagues, and if Germany say no English citizens can work in Germany, then i’ll go back to England.”

She asked what i have against the EU. For most Germans, the EU is basically the Fourth Reich, an expression of their dominance over the whole of Europe, and so they react unfavourably to any criticism of their little project.

i felt that the whole rancid course of the EU’s corruption and evil would be long in the telling, so instead said, smiling like Bob before he murders Maddy Ferguson: “You’re German so you like big government and authority. i’m English. i tend to anarchy. i distrust bureaucracy and top-down structures. i think to concentrate enormous power in the hands of a small number of politicians, who most people don’t know, and who are not in any way transparent, will result in Soviet-style totalitarianism.”

Actually, i was thinking: “You’re modern.”

5. Coming home, surrounded by gibbering Merkel sand rapists on the s-bahn, i thought over power again. True power, internal power, is not to do with trappings of status, political agency, physical strength: it is a connection with primal forces and patterns. True power is to do with emotional intensity in depth and consistency, allied with a certain perceptual clarity. It can, i think, be attained by anyone who is sufficiently ruthless, and consistent, although that immediately limits it to perhaps one in ten thousand.

Power is a matter of honesty and determination. It manifests in simplicity and focus, and equanimity. Fear becomes an affair of the body only, and even there decreasingly so.

Worldly power – Saruman power, Blair power – seems to hollow the individual out, eating away his substance and humanity. He becomes grandiose and caricatural and unironic. This kind of power is solely to do with the ability to make others do what one wants.

True power is attained by a relentless self-examination and self-extinction. Finally, the man of power is beholden to greater powers and has the detachment and poise of a tightrope-walker for whom gravity is optional. He walks the line, but for his own reasons.

The worldly power, Blair power, Clinton power, is a weak and ludicrous thing. Yes, these people could have me killed; or rather, they could try. Their power is only to do with making other people do what they want, and so attains its maximal expression in destruction and mutilation, as one sees now in the modern world.

Paedophilia and assorted sexual abuse is often associated with this great worldly power. i note that Ted Heath, the so-called Tory Prime Minister who lied Britain into the 4th Reich, was apparently a paedophile. Paedophilia is an expression of dominance on the part of the impotent and trivial. The more men need to express their imagined power, the more they are in fact worms and wretches of no account.

The abuse of children becomes a means of forming bonds between those of a certain social status. Of course, not all politicians and corporate media figures are paedophiles, though they seem disproportionately represented in this vice. However, i think there are many “spaghetti monsters” in, for example, the BBC, Washington Post, New York Times, Guardian, CNN, the Tory Party, the Labour Party, the Democrat Party, the Republican Party, and probably the CIA and so on.

6. David Lynch is able to create very tangible villains, who nonetheless seem haloed by metaphysical evil, by malign forces which exist beyond human society and the “constructs” much beloved of Feminists and other post-modern trash. i would guess that child abuse opens a door between worlds and something like demonic possession is then possible – as Lynch suggested in the original Twin Peaks, where Leland Palmer seems to have been abused by an earlier host of Bob.

i imagine such abuse also cracks the psyche of the abuser yet further, enabling compromise. Hence, Ted Heath. Beyond the financial machinations of the globalists, the European Union is in a sense a pet project of what one could call demons – or, if you prefer, malign non-physical intelligences.

Trump for me is a closed book – i feel he is intelligent but also a bit odd and primitive, and quite ordinary. He isn’t, i think, part of the great evil that has spread its wings over the American government. He may do bad things, e.g. sell weapons to the Saudis, or grovel at Israel, but i don’t think he’s evil.

Hillary Clinton seems to me not exactly human anymore. i think she has been consumed by the forces she serves, and her body is little more than a husk with an operating intelligence keeping the show on the road. i would imagine that many of those in her immediate circle are contaminated. For example, the basement occultist John Podesta, his brother Tony Podesta; and JP is now working for the Washington Post, owned by Jeff Bezos of Amazon.

Rust: We didn’t get them all.

Marty: Yeah and we ain’t gonna get them all. That ain’t the kind of world it is.

As i said before, the more the corporate media attack Trump, the more you can assume he is doing good, or at least not purposely doing evil. The only brief reprieve he enjoyed was after launching a missile strike on Assad; but when it became clear he wasn’t going to reduce Syria to the same chaos as Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, the incensed Left-wing rage resumed.

They have underestimated Trump, his support, and the covfefe.