1. i was originally scheduled to teach at a company in Unterföhring today, however they cancelled the last two weeks: like most of my company groups, at least half the students were at Lake Garda eating Schnitzel and drinking imported German beer and complaining about the Italians.

i awoke late, from sloth. i had left my balcony door open and so dreamt of the birdcall outside: two magpies have taken up residence in this area for the last couple of years, and over time i’ve grown accustomed and sensitized to the varieties of birdcall, so sometimes i read on my balcony (Richard Mabey’s colossal Flora Britannica, Gerald Durrell’s My Family & Other Animals, William Anderson’s The Face of Glory at present) and am distracted by an alteration in the birdsong, as something like consternation spreads through the trees. They are aware of me, and i think aware even of my awareness of them. In the last year or so, i’ve noted a blackbird and another (dark or black, with upright tail – don’t know what it is) which will let me get very close before they hop away, or very occasionally they more or less ignore my near passage.

2. i dragged myself from my ruined sofa-bed (after 6 years, it’s in bad shape), checked my emails and found several from Deutsche Bahn: the Unterföhring station closed because a “37-year-old German” had tried to push a policewoman in front of a train, then grabbed her gun and shot her in the head.

i had to teach later in another location and on the s-bahn the conductor warned us that Unterföhring was still closed “due to a police action”. A woman probably in her late 60s/early 70s made eye contact with me and said (in German): “Terrible, isn’t it?” (Wahnsinn, oder? is more like insane, isn’t it, expressing bemused disgust; i guess the nearest English would be “fucking mental, innit” but even educated non-sweary Germans say Wahnsinn oder all the time). i told her (in German) i’d had an appointment there but didn’t go, and we discussed the Situation. i told her i was half-Indian but she mishead it as half-Italian and said: “Italy has its own problems with this now”. We talked about England, the two latest Jihadcidents in Manchester and London and she said something like “England has so many foreigners now” and then said things are changing even in Munich (a paradise when i arrived in 2011), and it’s harder to feel trust for people; and i to her: “the greater the diversity the less the trust.”

3. It is hard to placidly continue daily life while your world is being deliberately destroyed, in my case by our political elites, by personages such as Angela Merkel, Jean-Claude Juncker, Macron, Theresa May, all puppets of the same globalist financial elite, who in turn are mere puppets of demonic forces. The only good thing about all this is that i’ve already outlived my expectations, i haven’t saved anything, and so if i die in the great Race War, it’s all good. Previous cultural traumas – for example the First World War – resulted only in economic devastation and the loss of a generation of young men; the Second World War resulted in both, and the additional destruction of a great deal of good old architecture; this latest assault on Europe will result in the destruction of the white race between Galway and Berlin – either that or they will have to turn their backs on 70 years of kumbaya diversity and weakness, and embrace their capacity for violence once more.

4. The demonic agenda is both extremely determined and tactically incoherent. The primal malevolence recognised that Western Europe had become a relatively safe, decent zone of human existence, and so naturally it bent its will against us. Years ago i thought it strange how deliberately our governments seemed to be destroying everything good about our culture; in the last couple of years it has become clear to me, that they hate everything noble in humanity and have been assaulting this nobility on a broad front for about a century now. The demonic force’s ultimate goal is total non-existence; the ultimate goal of the globalists is, i would guess that foretold by Orwell in 1984:

If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face — forever.

The Soviet Union came close to this ultimate utopia. i don’t think the globalist agenda will really be achievable because if it isn’t uniformly imposed the exceptions will flourish and the workers’ paradise will eventually collapse under its own determined nihilism, not to mention its economic insanity. And war is extremely expensive.

5. One can trace our current malaise back – as depicted in this Murdoch Murdoch video from about 8 minutes:

Most of the demonic agenda was a natural progression, step by step. But there were occasional blockages, points of resistance, where they had to use a bit more force to as it were topple a fort. Two notable cases: Vatican 2 in the early 60s, where the old Mass was destroyed in favour of banjo and kumbaya secularity; and the deposition of Pope Benedict XVI in favour of the usurper Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

As a “Germanic pagan”, i recognise the old Catholic Church’s sacred power. They assumed some of the old pagan ways and i would guess much of the original Catholic rite arose from Gnostic/pagan groups within early Christianity. Although monotheism is not my horn of mead, i can recognise that the old Catholic Church was in essence a Gnostic pagan religion, and so had its own merits. Protestantism is not so much a reformation of Christianity as a denial of Christianity; Protestantism is the direct negation of Christianity, because it keeps some of the trappings but utterly voids the real content. Protestants like Milton and Kierkegaard seem to me to exist in a state of constant and barely-coherent volatility, because they seek the old God without the means. Even my old cohort the Viking, as left-brain a Nordic autist as one could hope to meet, raised a brutal Calvinist to believe one should dress in grey-beige sackcloth and subsist on mashed potato, despising ornament, love, emotion, art, waistcoats as wiles of the Devil, one day sat down to mathematically prove the existence of Calvin and to his consternation fell into Gödel’s outhouse and was flushed out into the radiant glory of Henry Adams’ Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres, and realising the error of his hideous Protestant vice, abjured pornography and degeneracy and married a sturdy Catholic girl and has now devoted the remainder of his days to penance and acts of salutary violence and Catholic hedonism – no longer content to gorge himself on stale mashed potato and peas like a Protestant, clad in grey and torn rags, he now dresses like Hannibal


and repasts gloriously on oyster, caviar (“north of the Caspian”), human brain, and grilled lobster macarelle, washed down with the finest of champagnes. He wears a cilice and has trained his local choir to sing Templar Chant. He no longer eats mashed potato.

6. Significantly, upon his conversion, God told him to relocate to Slovakia and he is now spreading hedonism and virtue in Eastern Europe, seeking out and destroying mashed potato and Protestantism in equal measure. i would say the globalists are tactically incoherent because they have stepped up the destruction of the West while Eastern Europe is still robustly white. They are now, it seems, realising the error of their ways and trying to sue the last bastions of Europe for not admitting six gorillion military-age Muslim migrants poor orphan children from Africa and the Middle East Syria. But after 2 years of social disintegration and terrorism, the politicians in Pollackia would be slitting their throats to accept Muslims now. The culture in Eastern Europe has not been destroyed yet – and the example of the West will probably serve as a salutary example of what follows from multiculturalism.

It seems that material prosperity has destroyed the West’s sense of self-preservation; as Bane says: “Peace has cost you your strength. Victory has defeated you.”

The squatting slavs have known no mashed potato. They have lived on rat for a century. Tell them they should welcome six gorillion military-age Muslim males from Afghanistan and Somalia, and they will say:

7. To quote Morrissey: “The entire military-financial-media complex is on your side, while Odin and Christ are on mine.”