1. Despite the grim situation in Western Europe i feel all it as it should be; much as i am not unduly depressed to find myself broke, since i did not aggressively seek out classes, and until recently bought fine whiskies and waistcoats as i felt moved – and so having no ‘gro in my bank is merely what i should expect. My work in July should be ample (crash courses) and i used the free time to write and think, so it’s all good.

2. i was teaching two software developers at a finance company and we fell to talking of abstruse matters such as C++ and C sharp, some kind of programming language for modern machines, apparently. By their account, one of these automatically allocates memory, the other not. i suppose, for computers, unused memory capacity is a good thing; by contrast, human beings and cultures are determined by their stored memories, by fullness rather than vacancy. In computer terms our processing power is the greater, the more we use our memory, the fuller our databanks.

3. Human memory is typically narrative. i think one function of dreams is to “process” recent memory, to weave it into a story. i do have a few snapshot memories where i have almost no idea of context, and typically these are perplexing. Memory is almost always narrative, within a framework of association. This established structure makes sense of experience. The greater the memory, the greater the possibilities of narrative subtlety and range.

Most people today actively defend themselves against extended memory. They know little of their ancestors and despise those who think it important. Nationalism no longer means much in Western Europe; these nations been flooded with immigrants for whom the history of e.g. England or Germany or France is totally irrelevant. 2nd and 3rd-generation immigrants typically know little of their own family history back in the desert, and just as typically despise European tradition – and they are legally citizens of European nations. This would go some way to explaining why 1st-gen immigrants aren’t as criminal as their children – those who grew up in e.g. Pakistan at least have some ancestral connection; their displaced children have none; and as they inevitably dilute and disrupt the native culture, in the end nobody has anything.

4. Discussing software – about which i am happy to understand nothing – one of the students said they use programs full of barely-comprehensible code, and occasionally find a “command line” with the notation do not delete, written by someone who has long since left the company; and while the line has seemingly no function, when it is altered the whole system goes drastically awry. It struck me as akin to civilisation, which is built on inscrutable enactments and beliefs; take them away and a land can go, in two or three generations, from this:

to this:

5. This transformation has naturally been in the interests of our elites, who would rather wield tyrannical power over a “Scouring of the Shire”-style land of cowed, bullied natives and widespread crime and terrorism than be public servants to a largely free land:

‘It would be a grievous blow to the world, if the Dark Power overcame the Shire; if all your kind, jolly, stupid Bolgers, Hornblowers, Boffins, Bracegirdles, and the rest, not to mention the ridiculous Bagginses, became enslaved.’

Frodo shuddered. ‘But… why should he want such slaves?’

‘To tell you the truth,’ replied Gandalf, ‘I believe that hitherto – hitherto, mark you – he has entirely overlooked the existence of hobbits. You should be thankful. But your safety has passed. He does not need you — he has many more useful servants — but he won’t forget you again. And hobbits as miserable slaves would please him far more than hobbits happy and free. 

– hobbits and tattooed ginger Scots; speaking of whom, the case of Count Dankula deserves some attention. In short, a ginger Scot made an amusing video about his pug raising its right paw (my Russian hippy flatmate taught his dog this trick in Kassel), and is now facing prison time; here is a sober video on the topic:

This is the modern State: suppressing the native European population and smiling benignly upon Muslim rape gangs. Should you feel moved to send some cash this poor Scot’s way, click here. 

6. i am not political; there is no political solution. The modern man – debased, trivial, and childish as he is – must recover his ancestral memory. The usual aides-mémoire (ancient religious rite, landscape, traditional occupations) have mostly been destroyed through Protestantism, Vatican II, overpopulation, and the Industrial Revolution and urbanisation; and so the remembering will either be exceptionally traumatic, involving the destruction of cities and modern economy, genocide, and a return to hunter/gatherer and subsistence farming; or it will be merely very traumatic, involving a radical refiguring of Western consciousness within our existing way of life.

i am not trying to turn the clock back to a better time. i am, rather, trying to preserve seeds for an unimaginable future.