1. i am often struck by the stupidity, incompetence, and gutless simpering of Western politicians. In a country the size of the UK (65 million) those closest to power are people like Tony Blair, David Cameron, Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn, and Diane Abbot. Putting aside their dream of Great Britain (especially England) as a police state with a Sunni mosque on every corner, they all seem extraordinarily ignorant and dim. i’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer myself but by god i could shank me some prisonyard greasers and so one must wonder, Why are most politicians so bad?

In part i think power has shifted from those nominally in charge to those who run the background processes – the so-called Deep State, which by now includes the corporate media; and so the average journalist or Intelligent officer or public sector bureaucrat is probably more intelligent and informed than e.g. a Theresa May or Tony Blair – though probably more consumed by the governing evil.

2. As an institution is corrupted, the good people leave or are broken. The corrupt rise to the top and hire their spiritual kind, and the process accelerates until the place becomes a direct inversion of its original model. i saw this most clearly at university, and i was lucky enough to go to one of the overlooked niches of traditionalism, where the weak corrupting elements merely enraged & prepared me for the broader evil at work in the West.

3. The early European Christians built their churches on sacred pagan sites, i guess in order to both destroy a place of forbidden worship, and to hopefully siphon off adherents. However, there is something oddly plastic & adaptive about Christianity, perhaps because of its strange birth as some kind of Jewish mystery cult influenced by Greek thought. There is also the fact that Christ and the evangelists were obviously intelligent, and St John a literary/philosophical genius; and then St Paul a differently talented thinker and writer. The concentration of genius in a small area, among a small group, in the turbulent mix of Jewish Messianic/mystical thought (which, especially under Roman occupation, was naturally symbolic, allusive, cryptic) and Greek philosophy makes Christianity a naturally rather bizarre, tentacular and morphic religion, rather like Cthulhu. i am most struck by the ironies of Christ; he seems to regard human beings with a kind of affection, occasional anger, and an overwhelming ironic distance; thus:

Jesus saith unto her, Go, call thy husband, and come hither.

The woman answered and said, I have no husband. Jesus said unto her, Thou hast well said, I have no husband: for thou hast had five husbands; and he whom thou now hast is not thy husband: in that saidst thou truly.

The woman saith unto him, Sir, I perceive that thou art a prophet.

(John 4, 16-19)

Imagine a god who, wandering through some hideous hot sand land meets this loose woman and indulges in such wry observations. The ironic note – which i think was probably characteristic of the historical Christ – coexists easily with a total sincerity and passion (in our age, by contrast, what is called irony is usually sarcasm and allied to callow insincerity and timeserving Pharisaic shows).

i dare say Christ’s “soul” was naturally so but Jewish mysticism would have suited this temperament, and so Christianity began as an inherently ironic, serious, cryptic attitude – there is truth, but it is presented in parables subject to various interpretation (c.f. Dan Otto Via), in symbols which are not straightforward allegory, in often contradictory sayings – one of the problems the modern scientific-minded man has had with Christianity, science being a religion of black and white, right or wrong.

Mysticism and political resistance movements tend to obfuscation, metaphor, Aesopian code; mysticism because the vision lies beyond simple articulation; resistance because of the police state and its various punishments. If you imagine Christianity as an inherently mystical religion, conceived & raised in oppression, then its adaptive plasticity is inevitable. Not all religions can adapt, or can even understand the concept of metaphor and symbol. Thus Islam can adapt very little to Europe; Europe will merely become a tribal, 7th Century society with a lot of rape and a bit of modern technology thrown in (AK47s and grenades).

4. In building churches on pagan sites, i think Christianity was also covertly influenced by its predecessor and adversary. A place can retain a potential atmosphere & spirit especially if a lot of people were intensely occupied towards a single coherent goal. Thus even if the great universities are totally transformed into Social Justice Warrior academies, there will be a kind of subterranean unease and resistance, and they could very quickly revert to their former purpose. i wonder if this is true also of institutions: that is, i wonder if for example traditional Intelligence services still have an inherent form (protecting Western civilisation through guile), and a destructive friction will emerge between the form and the current content.

5. The West is set on its own suicide and as we see in America, even a radical opponent of the entrenched demonic agents will run constantly up against obstruction after obstruction. It doesn’t matter what the citizens of the country want – the elites, and their demonic masters, rule now. If there is to be a change, it must begin on a spiritual level – the old virtues of the West must reassert themselves, like a pagan temple in the usurping structure; so Durham Cathedral’s paleolithic decor:

6. i have a student who works for the Beast in Munich. To my surprise, he likes Wagner and is a fellow pipe-smoker. This time last year i taught the political editor of one of Germany’s biggest newspapers, who was going to America to liaise with the New York Times and Washington Post about election coverage. He had never heard of the “Alt-Right” or even Breitbart or Steve Bannon. i guess he does now. He didn’t strike me as evil, though he worked for an arm of the Beast. Probably he thought that Muslims are wonderful chaps, isn’t curry splendid, and we need to get rid of the white race, there is no race, and if you don’t want Sharia Law you’re a racist – the usual fashionable beliefs. But i didn’t feel he was evil – merely ignorant and foolish.

My hope is that those i know in the European “deep state” are not isolated cases, but that there are indeed many more or less decent people in the demonic apparatus, and they may begin to turn against their masters, covertly or openly. The truth is that while the globalist agenda is evil, and those at the top are either possessed by demons or strongly influenced thereby, there are not enough truly evil individuals to run even one arm of the Deep State, let alone the entirety. i don’t think anyone could meet Hillary Clinton or George Soros and go away feeling “this is a good person!”, and imagine if everyone in CNN radiated this bone-deep malevolence and corruption – they wouldn’t even need to blackmail humorists to reveal their true nature.

The evil at the heart of reality is inimical to reality. It is parasitic. It takes over good structures – the universities, the Intelligence services, the Church – because it cannot create; it can only corrupt. If corruption were unopposed the natural tendency of things would have long ago led to non-existence; looking at the West today the situation looks grim and there is no rational cause for hope. The Muslims will take over Europe and in a few decades the white race will be exterminated or kept in rape camps to serve as catamites, whores, and torture victims for our new masters.

Obviously, that will come to pass without some radical and unforeseen change. And i think this change will come. i don’t believe it will come through voting and political rallies and democracy, or even by old-school fascism. The consciousness of man must change, and then new societal forms will emerge.

7. If this comes to pass, the fairly ordinary functionaries within the Beast will begin to turn against their masters. In the CIA or CNN or even the European Commission a mild-mannered middle-aged bureaucrat called Bob or Dick or Steve will one day get a bolshie email from a female manager, he will try to write an appropriately groveling apology then suddenly snap and reach into his backpack and take out not an AR15 but an old pipe he found in a flea market for a dollar, which unbeknownst to him was actually Stalin’s

stalin smokes

and he will pack it with some baccy he found abandoned in a bus station, which unbeknownst to him was cultivated by Pope Honorious III, and in his innocence he will light up at his desk, triggering the smoke detectors, his sour-faced female colleagues will shriek and writhe before the majesty of a middle-aged man smoking a pipe at work, he will merely lean back in his chair, savouring the smoke while they hiss “sexist! misogynist! Climate Change denier! Holocaust denier! racist! homophobic! Islamophobic! smoker! man! white!”, security will be called but at precisely this moment Donald Trump will appear, majestically, having wandered randomly about America looking for steak, witness the altercation, and try to write a tweet but accidentally end up commanding all sound systems in a 10 km radius to play The Ride of Valkyries; all the Men in the vicinity, struck by:

1. The spectacle of a man smoking a pipe;

2. Donald Trump unexpectedly and inexplicably appearing at their workplace;

3. Wagner

will roar like ten thousand lions, and cast their female colleagues out of the windows, convert the building into a White Straight Male Domain and it will basically be like that Animal House film

with toga-clad men, men by god, dancing about drinking gin and toasting Nigel Farage and Jacob Rees-Mogg, eating steak with ketchup, terrorising neighbouring buildings and issuing memes, until finally Jean-Claude Juncker, George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Obama, Tony Blair, and assorted shitheads turn up with the secret EU Army to kill everyone but the first thing they see is this:

and they spontaneously turn to ash and are blown away like the worthless trash they always were, and everyone is happy.