1. As the situation in Europe spirals out of control, the elites resort to progressively more authoritarian measures to suppress the native population. Thus, they will turn a blind eye to gang rape, assault, theft, murder committed by the invaders, while persecuting men like Tommy Robinson or Count Dankula.

At present, the elites are keen on censorship. i am unsure if censorship really works against the Right; my own move to traditionalism began in 2004, when i moved to Leeds and was subject to overweening chavvery on a daily basis; it became clear to me that there was a spiritual malaise at work, and that giving these people even more money or preferential access to universities wouldn’t help. i read no blogs or newspapers or magazines at that point, didn’t watch TV, so censorship would have made absolutely no difference.

My growing sense of the spiritual malaise was at best given shape by Theodore Dalrymple and Roger Scruton, who i discovered in 2007. Even if they’d been shoahed i would have naturally entered my full fascist estate, it just would have taken a bit longer (and neither Dalrymple or Scruton are of the black-clad legion).

i think it is so with many on the Right; their attitudes develop primarily from their experience of, and reflection on, daily phenomena, e.g the malevolence of chavs, modern architecture and modern politicians, the spectacle of a Muslim-occupied town like Blackburn or Birmingham.

2. As Vox Day puts it, SJWs always project. The Left are mostly opportunists and conformists, and because they need to read the Guardian and Salon and watch CNN and The Young Turks to know what to think, they assume this is so for everyone; if Trump did as they had frenziedly predicted, and censored the whole media in his favour, they would sit on their artisan sofas, drinking their artisan mineral water and staring vacantly at The Big Bang Theory, having no idea what to think, what is presently the correct opinion. They would in fact starve to death and be eaten by their cats.

3. i once thought the Leftists would immediately switch loyalties if the Right became fashionable and authoritative; but i think the Right will always be inhospitable terrain for the blue-haired 400-pounders and the cat ladies and shrieking degenerates. The Left has a vision of a totalitarian regime ruling over a cowed, deracinated populace, and of course each Leftist dreams of becoming a grinning bureaucrat in such a regime, wielding despotic power in the name of Humanity and Love and Peace and Islam. It is a vision of simultaneous tyranny and collective self-abnegation; of dominance exercised by those who can always shirk responsibility for their deeds. They will have the Gulag and the secret police and everyone will be an informer; but it will all be for the greater glory of Humanity. And, after all, who wouldn’t like to arrest, torture, and execute anyone he pleases, and then feel he is a warrior for social justice and equality and, frankly, deserves a pat on the back and a nice medal and a Starbucks voucher.

4. Socialism, including the Nazi variety, appeals to the weak and the vengeful. The former know they cannot stand on their own feet, and so want to be supported by the State; the latter want power to destroy others, and the self-righteous thrill of believing themselves to be on the side of Humanity and Love and Peace and Islam.

5. The Germanic peoples are natural conformists, uneasy without ubiquitous regulation and a gigantic State. Most of my students blindly believe what they read in Der Spiegel or the Süddeutsche Zeitung, and the phrase “mainstream media” or “corporate media” is, for the Hun, a glowing commendation. A few months ago i had a blonde MILF student, a lawyer in her 40s, and we chatted about the invasion. She said she had been very enthusiastic about welcoming the “refugees” in 2015, but her husband (ex-Bundeswehr) took one look at the pictures of military-age young men from Iraq and Africa and told her it would end badly for everyone. She refused to believe him, for a while.

When i taught her she’d come to accept that virtually all the invaders are economic migrants who hate Europe and will be unable to do any work here. She was a very nice woman, and so i was a bit startled when she launched into a rant against Turks – she said that when Erdogan won his constitutional referendum the Turks in Munich were driving up and down honking their horns, flying the Turkish flag and cheering. “If they want a dictator they should go back to Turkey,” she said, “They should not be in Germany.”

i was struck by her vehemence, and while of course i agree, and would go further and summarily deport all non-Europeans regardless of their behaviour, her anger was very much at odds with her pleasant, upper-middle-class demeanour and nature. i was also curious to note that she still thinks Angela Merkel is doing a great job and that the invasion isn’t Angie’s fault, it’s the fault of Eastern Europe for not taking six gorillion military-age Third World men to rape their women and transform their cities into Mogadishu.

When the Germans realise that their State doesn’t care about them one bit, that Merkel, the CDU, CSU, SPD, not to mention the Greens and die Linke, want to replace the white Europeans with Somalians and Iraqis; and when the Germans realise their media are corrupt and mendacious, i foresee many instances of such hard, abrupt anger, and then as i am sitting on my balcony drinking gin and smoking and reading Ernst Jünger the Hun will come to me, and say, Elberry, we need a glorious Führer to lead us to conquest against our enemies; and i will say, Okay but i need a gin allowance; and they will say, But you will be the Führer so you can just command gin to be brought to you; and i will say, What kind of gin?; and they will say, Whatever you like; and i will say, Interessant. Sehr interessant.