1. July 16, 1945.

2. “This, of course, was The Atom Bomb, the most dangerous and destructive energy ever manipulated by man on earth. Physically, it means our world can be reduced to radioactive ruins in minutes, its millions of inhabitants incinerated in the hottest hell mankind has ever made for himself. Mentally and spiritually, its mere existence has altered us and therefore our Tradition forever on this poor planet. There is another and even more deadly danger the Bomb brought with it which seems to be unrealized except among occult individuals.

“In some way not yet realized, all our radioactive explosions, experiments, and contrivances have made it possible for an altogether alien influence of what could be called “anti-life” to be drawn to us. This cannot be classed as “Evil” in any ordinary sense at all, and yet its long-term effects on us could prove fatal in the worst sense imaginable. It is inimical to our inner evolution purely out of necessity to itself rather than animosity to us, and indeed has no “feelings” of any kind whatever as we would recognize the word. What has happened is that our mishandling of fissionable elements opened up entirely unauthorized and automatic paths between our states of existence and what might be termed conditions of “contra-cosmos.” 

(William Gordon Gray, An Outlook on Our Inner Western Way)

3. i feel something did alter in the West after 1945, not merely on a sociological level, but metaphysically. As above, so below, as they say – i don’t necessarily think the atomic bomb caused this shift, or vice versa; but say rather they went together; and perhaps the bomb didn’t so much open a portal to malign entities, as close a chink in human consciousness.

The post-war period seems to me divisible into 1945-1989, and 1989 to the present; this second stage is nihilistic, bestial, technocratic. i note, idly, that Twin Peaks first aired in 1990, and given Lynch’s occult inclinations i wonder if there is another shift occurring now:

4. i was today strolling at twilight around the nearby lake and passed a couple using their smartphones as flashlights in the rain, and averted my eyes to preserve my night vision. i find it emblematic of the modern Germans, that they do not trust their eyesight, smell, and hearing, but instead use a very short-lived technology to light up a very small section of their path.

i was walking the same route a few days ago, at late twilight, and sensed, then saw what turned out to be a hedgehog in my path, and slowed to allow it to scuttle into the bushes; i have bad eyesight but have walked in woods at night without problems, as could anyone, or at least anyone not ruined by cities and technology. i would recommend twilight walking, in unlit areas, for anyone interested in the occult: the senses come to life, even eyesight operates at an unusual pitch, and one starts to perceive differently, more acutely, and one’s rhythm is accommodated to the environs (so, for example, i didn’t stop or swerve because that would have merely alarmed the already alarmed hedgehog).

5. At a certain crossroads i invoked Wotan and the rain shuddered about me; there were old forms following through the trees, conscious again.

If 1945 and the bomb signaled the unnatural closing of a portal, i trust that our times will see a kind of anti-atomic-bomb, an integration of that which has been torn asunder and scattered. That which was real and passed into dream may be again, since to be human is to dwell upon dream; Proto-Indo-European had the optative, and so may it be.