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1. Just saw Thor: Ragnarok, i believe the third of a standalone trilogy. The first Thor film was okay, the second i quit about 10 minutes in, but the trailer for Ragnarok seemed so Flash Gordony i wondered if it might be watchable, and behold it is. Overall i thought it a good popcorn film, which sounds shit but relative to most such films it rather shines.

2. It really is extremely 80s, which is obviously a good thing. The plot, as far as i could judge, is: horned monster gets beaten by Thor, Thor’s sister Galadriel appears and kills people, Thor ends up with Loki in Flash Gordon, meets the Hulk, Jeff Goldblum plays a devious amusing Jewish overlord, Thor and the others beat down Galadriel and the film ends. The best bit by far is the Flash Gordon act – a full-on 80s deviation – which is happily a good hour of the film. Someone did a remake of the trailer using 80s images:

i’d read/seen reviews accusing it of needlessly inserting jokes into every single scene. It is indeed full of gags but i would say it is so full as to be a comedy with incidental superhero/mythic decor. It could have been much darker: they could have explored family animosity, Bruce Banner’s horror at finding he’s spent the last 2 years as a tiny voice at the back of the Hulk’s “mind”; the destruction of an entire world. But instead it’s a comedy. i think if you take it as a comedy it works very well – Chris Hemsworth is surprisingly good at comedy, rather like The Golden One. Here’s a sample – it’s even more amusing if you imagine Thor as The Golden One and Loki as Styxhexenhammer666:

i think this will be the future for good superhero films – to frame the story as something other than a superhero film, and use the genre conventions as background; as Nolan did with especially the last two Batman films (i would see them as Alt-Right philosophical drama/thrillers which just happen to feature superheroes/villains).

3. i had my cavils of course. The only Valkyrie character is black. About 10% of the extras in Asgard are black. Oi, blacks, get your own mythology, you weren’t 10% of the Scandinavian population until your politicians decided to make Sweden the second rape capital of the world and imported you en masse. And then there is Heimdallr. Snorri refers to him as hvíti áss, the white god (Gylfaginning 27). Here’s what he looks like in the films:

And when i think of Valkyries this is not what comes to mind:

But hey it’s 2018. i don’t find Heimdall too obnoxious but the “Valkyrie’s” female smugness grates – it’s the same all-knowing, women kick ass dude! smarmy superiority one finds in the women of Peaky Blinders, Game of Thrones, Mad Men, actually virtually every TV show or film that’s come out in the last two decades.

4. The film as a whole is an odd blend of sci-fi, superheroes, Political Correctness, and myth, so you have a negro Valkyrie “manning” a gun turret on a space ship. The PC stuff aside, i found it pleasingly bonkers. You have the giant Surtr destroying Asgard as a space ship departs:

the Hulk fighting Fenris, and Jeff Goldblum playing a kind of, well, uh, Hollywood executive.

i think it could even have been a very good film by utterly jettisoning the action superhero genre and going into totally insane 80s territory. They should have just forgotten the plot and ended the film abruptly with a 80s dance-off featuring John Travolta and Cyndi Lauper.

5. There was one surprisingly true mythic moment, where Thor is being pummeled to death by the Hulk and has a vision of Odin:

after which his powers as God of Thunder manifest

i imagine the scriptwriters are wholly ignorant of Odin’s nature and the initiation-through-near-death recorded in the Hávamál. i found it shocking; for a moment a real initiatory truth was revealed, amidst this jolly Hollywood fluff. Perhaps that is the nature of the archetype, that if one considers or depicts the old stories & gods, truth tends to spontaneously manifest. For this reason i’m not angry that they traduce the old stories; they may, in spite of themselves, lead a few to investigate the original account; to realise that Heimdallr was not black, that Valkyries were not smug negresses; but that Odin can speak to those who pass beyond ordinary mortality.


Can women sport a ‘stache? Since Progressive Science has shown there to be no differences between men and women, it is clear that women can also cultivate & flaunt a fascist moustache. As of yet, prominent Feminist thinkers like Anita Sarkeesian and Ana Kasparian have failed to present a cogent endetailitation of ontobiological deconstructive ‘stache possibilities and so the task falls to Elberry. After long & metafeminiacal “discourse” i have decided that women can indeed become fascists and can sport a Moseley or an Adolf.

Basically, you have to grow your hair long and wrap it around your face.

Another possibility for my ongoing moustache midlife crisis, the Sicario as sported by Jeffrey Donovan:

There’s something quite ‘stachy & fashy about the buttoned-down psychotic Patrick Kurp vibe, it’s to do with the glasses and the little blue elastic band, the way he reaches with his right hand to unlock the door

when he spots the bandidos mexicanos who want to cross the border as “undocumented Americans” because this film is from 2015 before Trump built the Wall, by god; it’s to do with his little headshake at 1.54 in the below video.

Apparently they’re making a sequel, a strange idea. The original was (as others have noted) what True Detective Season 2 should have been, a dark, sweltering, rapey, Special Forces beards, Mexican bloodbath. The sequel looks good from the trailer but i suspect will be a mediocre action film, or rather i fear: it’s from the same writer so that’s one ray of ‘stachy hope at least.

This ‘stache requires a wintry expression and sense of impending doom.

My notes on David Starkey’s Crown & Country: A History of England Through the Monarchy:

1. For most of the eighteenth century, the monarchy veered between deep unpopularity and a national joke. When George I became king in 1714 the English had, for the second time in thirty years, a foreign monarch. Indeed, George of Hanover was much more foreign than William of Orange. For William had an English mother, spoke fluent English and was married to an English princess. George, on the other hand, was resolutely, unremittingly German: he arrived with German ministers, German-speaking Turkish body-servants, and German mistresses. (Indeed, the mistresses had been a necessary part of his life since he condemned his wife to life imprisonment in a German castle following the discovery of her sensational affair with a Swedish count.)

i wasn’t even sure who George I was, indeed realised that i had little idea of the dates of most monarchs, apart from obviously William I (1066), the Tudors (we did them at school), and Richard II to Henry VI (via Shakespeare). One of my loathsome colleagues (young Australian bitch who needs a good slapping) said she studied the reign of Queen Anne at university and all i could think, wanly, was “oh yes, she touched Dr Johnson for some reason”. i understand much of my nation’s history through literature, since after all few monarchs or politicians have left a beneficent legacy that could compare with e.g. Chaucer (whose patron was John of Gaunt), Shakespeare (wrote Macbeth to please James I), Milton (made Latin Secretary upon Charles I’s beheading in 1649), Wordsworth (enthusiastic about French Revolution in his foolish youth), etc. etc. Everything in its right place – most writers would make appalling leaders, even worse than the Georges though probably not as appalling as the syphilitic psychopath Henry VIII; though i don’t know, Milton might have given old 6 Wives a run for his tyrannical money. Shakespeare probably would have just been a Henry VII – a competent, unflashy administrator, so significantly better than almost all monarchs, but most writers would have started slaughtering in order to create their own fantasy world in reality. i would be an excellent dictator because while i would, of course, exterminate several million people in Europe, and sterilise others, and deport a few more million, my people would love me and spontaneously erect statues to my majesty, not that i would insist on being termed “Your Majesty” of course.

2. It seems the Georges were not overly fond of each other:

[…] in the summer of 1727 George I died, fittingly en route to Hanover. At first, his son refused to believe the news, thinking that it was another trick played by his father to entrap him into incautious expressions of joy.

That’s just funny.

3. George and Caroline had an odd marital relationship: he had numerous affairs and snubbed her all the time in public, but she always bounced back and was able to control him. Nevertheless, when Caroline fell fatally ill in 1737, George was heartbroken and tearfully refused her deathbed injunction to marry again by exclaiming: ‘No! I’ll have mistresses!’

It makes the Windsors seem almost respectable. Incidentally i would have executed Diana for high treason, since she was adulterous, but it’s too late now. i guess Elizabeth II will die soon and be succeeded by Charles – a manifest nincompoop who adores Islam but at least favours tweed and country style as befits his station. i fear he will end up being executed or more likely he will convert to Islam and end up in a kebab shop in a nightgown, raping young white girls and driving a dodgy taxi.

Anyway i’ve already forgotten almost everything i learnt from Starkey’s book, my historical sense quickly returning to its long-established Black Adderishness, in which Dr Johnson was contemporary with Shelley and he hadn’t thought to include “sausage” in his dictionary (veracity uncertain).

1. My moustache is now close to apex ‘stache. Many have commented, admiringly, upon my distinguished upper lip. i have dubbed it the Sturmstache, or the Storm ‘stache. i look amusingly like Hitler, to the point where i sent a pic of myself to an old friend, her daughter found the pic, and:

[she] called out in dismay ‘why have you got a photo of hitler on your phone?’ She took some persuading it was you…

Now i’m not saying Hitler was a fine man or the world would now be a better place if the Nazis had won the war or anything like that, but this is clearly a Sturmstache of the first order.

2. i bumped into the Sour Elf in McLingua today, she is mostly teaching “refugees” and said she was thinking of quitting as she feels she is assisting, collaborating even, with all that stands against the Sturmstache. She is a civic nationalist who looked highly alarmed the last time i started talking about “ancestral lands” and “the white race” so i attempted a tactful Elberry approach: “Well, i suppose if they learn some German, they’re less likely to…i mean, obviously they will never integrate but if they can speak some German at least, they won’t just totally regard the white ra – uh, the, umm, us, as an alien people to despoil, i mean if they can talk to us a bit, then when the Bundeswehr is deployed and tells them, Hey you, get out or die, they might understand, i mean, uh, well basically: when the Race War begins they’ll know why it’s happening.”

3. i avoid corporate/State propaganda but occasionally see the headline of some vile rag like Der Spiegel and wonder if i’m mad, since said rag invariably rattles on about how wonderful the Invaders are, how almost all Germans are delighted to have an extra couple of million violent criminals and welfare parasites, and then i think of my groups and how almost no one i know is other than highly dubious about the Invasion, to the point where i’ve noticed more & more people talking openly about how the Turks largely fail to integrate even after two or three generations, as if the scepticism is spreading from this recent inflammation to the entire malign phenomenon. Now i’m not saying i particularly want to be gassed like a badger but i’ve noted that Germans tend to take things too far, it is part of their Faustian nature, to reach for infinitude; it is why they incessantly complain about everything and nothing is good enough for them (a JobCentre student recently asked me if there is a word for someone who looks for mistakes to criticise and is never happy; i said: “German?” much to everyone’s shock & then embarrassed mirth); it is why they doggedly continue wars till they are near-obliterated; it is why in the 2002 World Cup final against Brazil they didn’t give up despite being 2 goals down against one of the greatest football teams ever to be fielded, and indeed seemed to press on with greater Teutonic vigour the closer they came to defeat, hige sceal þē heardra, heorte þē cēnre, mōd sceal þē māre, þē ūre mægen lytlað, nearly scoring repeatedly in the last fifteen minutes, whereas the ever-reasonable and idle English tend to give up as soon as things turn against them and then trot apologetically about with “never mind, we can try again in 4 years” looks on their stupid chav faces; and with this tendency, i can believe that when the next financial crash wipes out the middle class the Hun will not merely say “oh well, let’s try to send some of the recent migrants back to Syria” but rather “we must purify the land with the Sturmstache.”

4. The few students i have who are not highly dubious about the Invasion are not Bavarian, typically from the Nord-Rhein Westphallic area, people who left e.g. Cologne looking for work and a safe white city in which to raise their one child and then immediately vote for the most anti-European Left-wing parties and openly badmouth the Bavarians, as if it’s just chance that Bavaria is prosperous and safe, and nothing to do with the Bavarians and their culture & genetics. The high-profile rape cases i’ve heard of have almost all been Leftists e.g. Maria Ladenburger (daughter of an EU lawyer who used her funeral to raise money for migrants), or Selin Gören, and i dare say most if not all of the 1200 women molested in Cologne in 2015 were happy clappy multiculturalists, and their mayor, Henriette Reker is pro-immigration and, well, looks like this:

Likewise, the 10-year-old boy raped by an Iraqi in Vienna: his mother was a real refugee (from the Balkans) and told him to be nice to “refugees”. Of course just being in a less-than-99%-white part of Western Europe these days means you’re liable to get raped, shanked, jizzed on, burnt alive, run over by a Truck of Peace, hacked to pieces by a Machete of Peace, as represented here. 

However, i think reality will catch up with us. The Leftists will be the first to receive Multicultural Cock, while men of the moustache, Soldaten des Sturmstaches, will retreat to the hills and arm themselves with gin and tobacco and bacon. My guess is that when the next financial crash occurs (probably before the next European election cycle in 2020/1, for purely esoteric reasons) Bavaria will secede from Germany and shitholes like Nordrhein-Westfalen will become akin to Mogadishu, the whites raped and slaughtered by ululating gangs of Peace, till finally what few beraped whites survive plead for Bavarian rescue, and behold a few Soldiers of the Sturmstasche will venture in to cleanse the land, by main moustache & might:



Until that day, keep your ‘stache stormy and your powder dry.

i’ve spent the last month or two playing World of Tanks almost every evening after work, with a hefty gin & tonic of course. Here’s a sample – not my gameplay (mine would probably be labelled “Worst Player Of ALL TIME!!!”):

i allow myself to spent probably about 10 hours a week playing, as i read between one and four hours a day on the road, and can only write anything readable when my moustache is in the mood, and by god i deserve some simple pleasures in my otherwise fascistic life, my struggle, my struggle to develop the Moseley ‘stache & the ethnostate. My observations on World of Tanks:

1. i failed to get a single kills for ages, till i finally began to work with the map instead of wildly roaring about blasting hopefully at red dots in the distance. i’m still shit but became less so when i got to know the lay of the land, as it were – it doesn’t really matter how powerful your tank, the crucial factor is the landscape, the cover, the lines of approach & fire, potential for close or far retreat, natural camouflage (bushes), buildings, destroyed buildings, destructible buildings, bridges, rivers, etc. Hopefully when the Race War comes, this will be decisive also – for the Left and the Invaders typically loathe the countryside and gather only in shopping centres, State/corporate propaganda headquarters, welfare agencies, and academia, and so when the city folk start to run out of food and the Hordes swarm out into the hills shrieking “you racist!” and waving machetes, they will (hopefully) be destroyed.

2. i mostly work alone but once ended up shadowing another tank and found it surprisingly much more effective to fight together. As when i used to play first-person shooters, a clan of mediocre players will generally defeat skilful atomized individuals. My temperament is to do everything alone but in such cases at least a minimal level of cooperation makes a significant difference.

3. i prefer to play as artillery or SPG, long-range, solitary. In the game, as soon as an enemy player is spotted by a team member a red dot shows up on everyone’s map and can be attacked even if out of sight, if your own gun is adequate (i.e. artillery). There is something intimate & cruelly pleasing about watching an enemy tank on the far side of a hill manoeuvering for its next shot, as you set yours up, knowing that even if he could see you he couldn’t so much as scratch your armour from that range. When i play as light or medium tank i tend to just charge in and get destroyed in the first couple of minutes; my instinct in such roles is to overwhelm with aggression and speed, which actually doesn’t really work but i persist nonetheless. i would go down as one of the worst players of all time because this game is best played defensively until you have the weight of numbers, and this is not my nature. When i see a target i tend to lock onto it and have even tried ramming a tank to death as it and two of its comrades shot at me.

4. If you spot a tank and it is later destroyed by a comrade, you get some points. Likewise if you die immediately but your team wins, you get points. A good system, as i sometimes do things which i know will lead to my death, which won’t get me any more kills, but will distract or delay the enemy, or highlight them for the artillery. i see my life so: the last 42 years have been largely pointless & grim & agonized, i’ve had less than 30 readers for the last decade, i’ve been rejected for every real job for which i’ve applied, my books have been rejected by every publisher, every so-called literary agent, i’m fokcen broke and probably always will be, when the Race War comes i will be killed by one side or the other, and yet i am glad that i have managed to “spot” for the artillery, that i saw the mass rape/crimewave back in September 2015, that i predicted it and told my giggling Fat Rabbit acquaintances how it would end, that i have nudged some civic nationalists further Right, that even when i die under the boot of some shaven-headed “neo-Nazi” or the Muslim knife, i at least provided some early warning to the normies.

5. The tank was (as far as i know) conceived as an offensive weapon, however in the game it makes more sense to find a sector and aggressively defend, waiting for opponents to nudge their way round a rock and into an armour-piercing round. It is possible to overwhelm defence by rapid movement but in my experience it begins as a chess game, with each side carefully getting into position and then inching forward, and only becomes offensive when one side has the upper hand.

6. Each side has about a dozen tanks. Usually one or two get wiped out in the first couple of minutes as they race into traps, and then it’s typically an even balance. And then, quite suddenly it’s two or three tanks against ten or more. What i’ve found is that once the balance tips against one side they are suddenly overwhelmed, e.g. two tanks against three or four will most likely get wiped out; and it’s so sudden because the more tanks are destroyed on the losing side, the greater the ratio is in their disfavour, until very quickly there are two tanks against sometimes a dozen. If one sees society as 99.99% normies who passively believe corporate/State media, and 0.01 as fringe elements who are dissatisfied & distrustful of the mainstream, and who wish to turn it to their will, then really a very small number of individuals decide the great affairs, and it will tend to be very sudden. Our times are peculiar for modern Europe in that almost all of our immigrant populations are Muslim and so will either strive to destroy European civilisation, or will strongly support those who do, or will at the least denounce moderate parties like AfD and UKIP as fascist, Nazis, etc etc. i think we are already at a turning point and there remains perhaps a generation left before we have a few of these:

hiding from millions of these:

the cities and towns burnt-out ruins without running water or electricity, typhus and cholera hopefully thinning out the urban population, and then the invaders will start slaughtering each other. Incapable of work, they will perish in the cities they have destroyed.

7. Given how soon i expect the Race War and destruction of the West, i see no reason not to spend my last days playing computer games, drinking gin, and listening to Millennial Woes.

1. i mostly read Graham Hancock’s Fingerprints of the Gods on my recent holiday. As i see it, the thesis of the book is: at some point before the ending of the last Ice Age (about 10,000 BC) an advanced civilisation existed; the Ice Age ended when the planet’s alignment altered, causing earth-crust displacement so for example Antarctica moved considerably “south”; the advanced civilisation was almost totally destroyed by catastrophic flooding, volcanic & seismic activity; survivors traveled the Earth, ending up in e.g. South America and Egypt and assumed the white man’s burden, teaching the primitive tribes agriculture and so on; the civilisers departed or ended up being killed (probably by those they tried to help) and the primitive tribes slowly developed with what bits & pieces of lore & technology they could grasp, living amidst monuments they could not understand.

2. i have no idea if any of this is true though some myths i once assumed to have been invented by crazy old grandmas in Times of Yore are actually at least partially historical. In both Egypt and South America it seems the natives merely squatted about the workings of their vanished benefactors, then claimed them as their own and built their rituals around that which they could not build nor understand.

i was struck by the image of huge Mayan temples, engineered to high precision, stuck atop mountains – vast projects even the God Emperor would find barely possible, in the 21st Century – and when the Dagoes arrived the piranhahitas were capering about in loinclothes, eating snakes and whooping on panpipes, drinking piss and sacrificing each other en masse, and behold the Dago thought, How did they build these pyramids? Let’s kill them all in the name of Christ.

The Egyptians had attained a higher level of civilisation, being blonde, but there is nonetheless a degradation in quality & knowledge as if they were left with e.g. the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx and fragments of knowledge, and developed their own civilisation based on what little they could master.

3. Modern Europe: where for example David Cameron could attend Eton and Oxford, and still didn’t know what Magna Carta means; or where Pakistanis call themselves “British Muslims”; or where first-year university English Literature students complain that Dickens and Conrad are unreadable hard; or where slightly less than half the voting electorate of the UK wanted to fully surrender their rights to a globalist superstate and accused e.g. pensioners who fought the Nazis of being Nazis for voting for national independence; or where a man like Count Dankula is likely to face imprisonment for making a joke, but the police & local councils turned a blind eye to Muslim rape gangs for the last twenty years. Meanwhile our loathsome Prime Minister lectures us about British values as if it is somehow her job to instruct the people as to their values and their identity. One could see Greece as the end towards which European nations are all heading – a barbarously-moustached, darkened people living in ruins they cannot understand, their corrupt democratic leaders talking grandly about values and tolerance and their great traditions as they offer their far-from-virginal behinds up to the aforementioned globalist superstate, and sell off everything they can to foreign investors.

4. Hancock focuses mainly on the Egyptians and piranhahitas. However, there were passages which might interest the runic scholar (i presume Hancock does not know of the parallels, since he did not mention them). For example, regarding Viracocha:

Viracocha himself, with his two assistants, journeyed north…He travelled up the cordillera, one assistant went along the coast, and the other up the edge of the eastern forests…The Creator proceeded to Urcos, near Cuzco, where he commanded the future population to emerge from a mountain. He visited Cuzco, and then continued north to  Ecuador. There, in the coastal province of Manta, he took leave of his people and, walking on the waves, disappeared across the ocean.

There was always this poignant moment of goodbye at the end of every folk memory featuring the remarkable stranger whose name meant ‘Foam of the Sea’:

Viracocha went on his way, calling forth the races of men…When he came to the district of Puerto Viejo he was joined by his followers whom he had sent on before, and when they had joined him he put to sea in their company and they say that he and his people went by water as easily as they had traversed the land.

Thus the god Yngvi:

Ing wæs ærest mid Eástdenum

gesewen secgum, oð he síððan eást

ofer wæg gewát. wæn æfter ran.

þus Heardingas þone hæle nemdon.

Ing was first amidst the East Danes

so seen, until he went eastward

over the sea. His wagon ran after.

Thus the Heardings named that hero.

4.2 And the Gateway of the Sun at Kalasasaya:

So Hancock:

It was a beautifully balanced piece of sculpture with three rows of eight figures, twenty-four in all, lined up on either side of the elevated central image.

4.3 And Hancock on another civilizer-figure:

There were other deities, among the Maya in particular, whose identities seemed to merge closely with those of Quetzalcoatl. One was Votan, a great civilizer, who was also described as pale-skinned, bearded and wearing a long robe.

All the legends stated unambiguously that  Quetzalcoatl/Kukulkan/Gucumatz/Votan/Itzamana had arrived in Central America from somewhere very far away (across ‘the Eastern Sea’) and that amid great sadness he had eventually sailed off again in the direction whence he had come.


oð he síððan eást

ofer wæg gewát

5. In my naive younger days i thought myths were all invented and arbitrary; later, i was drawn to thought of Jungian archetypes; now i tend to think that many (perhaps even most myths) are based on historical fact; but also that if children were raised by robots on Mars, utterly ignorant of their racial history, and that of the wider human race, they would archetypally arrive at stories that would hit many of the same historical notes as ours: of white men with beards who arrive with great knowledge, and depart whence they came, over the sea.

The historical and the archetypal are one. Our physical, historical, and mental/spiritual being is one.

“Yes,” said Gandalf; “for it will be better to ride back three together than one alone. Well, here at least, dear friends, on the shores of the Sea comes the end of our fellowship in Middle-earth. Go in peace! I will not say: do not weep; for not all tears are an evil.”

Then Frodo kissed Merry and Pippin, and last of all Sam, and went aboard; and the sails were drawn up, and the wind blew, and slowly the ship sailed away down the long grey firth; and the light of the glass of Galadriel that Frodo bore glimmered and was lost. And the ship went out into the High Sea and passed on into the West […]


Played World of Tanks, drove my tank off a cliff and into a lake, drowned, was rebuked by team mates, see dialogue:

As part of my odyssey of spiritual transformation & enlightenment i am giving serious thought to cultivating a Beowulf ‘stache a la Nick Nolte in Q & A. Like me, he was the first through the door, the window, the skylight! I mean, he knew there were animals out there! He knew there was a line the niggers, the spics, the junkies, the faggots had to cross to get into people’s throats. He was that line. I am that line. And the fucking judges and Jew lawyers, aldermen and guinea DAs are raking it in. We take a fucking hamburger and it’s goodbye badge, gun and pension. And all the time, it’s our lives that’s on the line. It’s our widows and our orphans! Now you’re a rogue cop, you mick bastard! You went from our side to their side!

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