1. Feel weary & fascistic as usual in summer. i wanted to visit the Man in Black to watch the World Cup on his Finnish Black Sun Sofa but realised it would wipe out everything i saved in the last 6 months. Oh well, i thought, at least i am saving some money, or rather chipping away at my huge credit card debt (mostly incurred in the 6 months of unemployment in Kiel), then the Finanzamt demanded everything i have and now i’m back to stage one again. This is despite having a nearly-full schedule, having no pension, no real health insurance, rarely taking holidays, and being relatively careful with what money i have – no matter how much i work, how little i spend, i always end up either having to use my credit card for the last week of each month, or with a buffer of 100-200 Euros – typically, the random factor is my tax, for example i paid the Finanzamt their pound of Fleisch in May then thought the next bill would come in August but instead i got another bill earlier this week; it doesn’t make any sense but there it is, it seems that George Soros is sitting in his chair, laughing as he watches my pitiful finances, and when i have a good month and can have a buffer of e.g. 500 Euros in the bank he presses a button and the Finanzamt send me a letter demanding 500 Euros.

2. As happens once or twice a year, typically in summer, i’m thinking about leaving Germany and trying to get a better-paid TEFL job, which means Japan, South Korea, or the Middle East. i am giving semi-serious consideration to the M.E. just for the humour value – having to live in a compound wouldn’t make that much difference to me, as long as i have books and gin and tobacco, and i could do it for a few years i suppose; the only problem would be the doxing threat – if (or rather when) i am doxed, it would put an end to my blogging, at least on anything personal, and i would probably delete most or even all of this blog (though since most of my colleagues are close to illiterate and most of my students can’t read anything in English it wouldn’t be too bad); however, i doubt the Polizei would visit me since almost no one reads my blog and Germany is in most ways a freer society than the UK (i taught at one large company where i heard one of the Board members singing in German, and my student said “he makes this always, they are songs from the old times” and me: “like, uh, Nazi songs?” and he nodded with a shrug); but i dare say it could lead to my disappearance in e.g. Saudi Arabia; and given my habit of making enemies (feminists, self-proclaimed anarchists, UN apparatchiks, champagne socialists, Southron dabbler apple polishers, Antifa, schizophrenics, Muslims, people who like Berlin, vegans, Californians, women) i imagine there’s someone out there who would delight to imagine me locked up in a Saudi prison for 50 years.

3. If they let me keep blogging, however, it might actually be worth it; it would make a great blogging series: elberry moves to Saudi Arabia; elberry teaches Jihaddists; elberry doxed; elberry arrested; elberry resumes blogging from within his prison cell, which he shares with a 300 lb rapist called Mohammed; elberry’s new blogging focus switches from Germanity and teaching and Trump to how not to get raped by Mohammed; elberry becomes a boss in prison; elberry leads the revolution to overthrow the entire Middle East with his army of rapists.