Once upon a time there was an Elberry. He had a blog called The Lumber Room, which he wrote at a series of tedious office jobs between 2005 and 2009. One day he felt sick of it and deleted the whole thing. He resolved to never blog again and so about 5 minutes later started a new one.

Elberry is 42, English, and wears tweed a lot. He lives in Germany and teaches English to various Bosche.

He has written a novel and some other stuff. He probably won’t publish the novel but he has Lulued a volume of essays and short stories.

There is a second blog for “satire”, here.

He also has a Tumblr blog just for images and videos and quotations, here.

Elberry discourages comments but can be emailed: walter_aske at yahoo.co.uk

and you can and indeed should send him all your money via Patreon