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i’m experimenting with memes, posting them on my Elberried blog. So far it’s about twice a week, not sure if it will increase or decrease in frequency but they’re extremely easy to make and fun, and so it will doubtless continue.

i finally saw Rogue One, and was of course disappointed, as i am by everything in the modern world. However, it was passable entertainment and i can’t sleep, so here are my immediate reactions.

1. It has Mads Mikkelsen, which is obviously a good thing. It also, in the first 5 minutes, has the line: “You’re a hard man to find.” Presumably, the script will also feature: “drop the gun”, “let the girl go”, “we’ve got company” and “I have a bad feeling about this.”

2. Mikkelsen’s daughter grows up to be a Feminist called Jayna Oso. Inevitably, she is amazing at everything and can take down half a dozen Stormtroopers while the Rebel men stand there looking amazed, because they are stupid and useless and women kick ass and are like totally awesome.

3. Only fully-rounded and worthwhile character is a robot who has Tourette’s and seems to be modelled on Withnail.

4. Feminist runs around being petulant. She berates a real Rebel: “you might as well be a Stormtrooper!” – next she will call him a Nazi and a fascist and then put on a vagina hat and cry because Vader is President and her father is Hannibal Lector.

5. Some gooks appear. One is blind, another carries a huge-ass gun.

6. Forrest Whittaker appears, inexplicably.

7. i have no idea what is going on.

8. The Feminist is really getting on my nerves. She needs a good slap.

9. Darth Vader appears. His voice is highly unsatisfying. Also he doesn’t look as daunting as in the original trilogy.

10. Some good X-Wing pilots with 1940 RAF ‘staches. The battle scenes are all very well done, and the air combat has the “Spitfire vs Messerschmidt” magic of yore.

11. People are running around and saying things like “rebellions are built on hope” and everyone nods like that makes sense and is a sound basis for tactical operations. They should all die.

12. Peter Cushing appears. He looks kind of weird, like Hillary Clinton. Isn’t he dead? What year is it? Did i imagine the original Star Wars films, or did they really happen?

13. People shooting at other people. i’m only vaguely aware that the good guys are trying to get into a bad guy base to do something but i don’t know what. Am i supposed to know?

14. Soundtrack is like Peter Cushing’s face.

15. Vader slaughters a dozen Rebels with the Force and his glowing red phallus. Vader is Oh Dae-Su armed with a lightsaber instead of hammer, slaying his way down a corridor of scum – they should have just repeated this scene two hundred times, spliced in a few 1940s RAF ‘staches, kept the two gooks (who were rather good), had an enigmatic 2-seconds of Forrest Whittaker using his Frank Booth mask

and cut the rest of the film, i would have happily watched this for two hours, cheering “crush those Rebel scum, Lord Vader! For fascism! Hoorah! Hoorah! Hoorah!”

15. The plucky heroes succeed in whatever they were trying to do.

16. Everyone dies.

17. Carrie Fisher appears. Isn’t she dead? Maybe i’m dead and we are in the Congress with Robin Wright:


1. There has indeed been an awakening in the Force: i recently discovered how to consistently taste pipe tobacco; it sounds highly peculiar after 5 years of pipe-smoking, but for long i only tasted the baccy sporadically, the rest of the time merely savouring the warmth, texture, and nicotine. i have now discovered that by filling the old gob with smoke, holding, then exhaling through my nose, i can taste – well, most of the time, the smoke goblin having its own mercurial whims.

2. A few weeks ago i talked to a new colleague, a purple-haired young German teacher who i had often passed without a word, but the sense that we were mutually aware; this time she was wearing a sweatshirt with a so-called Satanic cross (actually a Leviathan Cross), and so i said, with my usual tact: “Are you a Satanist?” – and behold, much occult talk ensued.

She showed me her 80s denim jacket, emblazoned with what she called runes, but which were to me unknown and unrunic symbols; later, i realised they were alchemical symbols and started researching, feeling slightly abashed at my ignorance. i then decided to read more about the modern occult…

3. As ever, the frustrating sense that almost all occult works are nonsense, written by idiots and charlatans. i started reading a Franz Bardon book but gave up after 5 minutes; it seemed, more from the prose than the content, to be spurious; there was an offputting smell, reminiscent of modern academic prose; then i Googled his image:

There are men & women of real occult knowledge & capability, but all those i know in person tend to be reclusive. They naturally attract would-be disciples and stalkers, and repel them with a thorny eremitude. Invisibility is the condition and consequence of true power; the thorn and the rose.

i didn’t feel interested in wading through Bardon, because even in translation i felt he was a charlatan and poseur; of course, “theatricality & deception” have their place, for public effect, but stage magic and politics are not my cup of tea.

4. However, fruitless reading aside, my recent occult focus has naturally enough wrought changes in myself & my life – some odd synchronicities, for example earlier this week i saw three blind men on my travels, one in the morning (about 0845), another on the way home (about 1810) and yet another on the train at about 1830. The last time i saw a blind man was, i deem, months ago. There have also been repeated & odd crow/magpie sightings, birds of notorious repute. And yesterday, i told an old student that most of all i miss having a dog, and then an hour later was in McLingua and the first thing i saw, in the teacher room, was a rather dashing hound called Poldy – belonging to a gorgeous German teacher, who has been amusedly pleasant with me since i drunkedly told her (at a Xmas party): “Every time i see you, i admire your great beauty.” Poldy sniffed my knee and she said, “He likes you,” and i to her: “i smell like a dog, to dogs.”

5. It recently occurred to me, contemplating cause & effect, and the workings of fate, that the universe itself might be sentient. i had often wondered exactly how causality operates, how synchronicities across lives can mesh so exactly. Most in the West would now see the universe as essentially mechanistic (as is often the way, people see the world as akin to the last stage of technology). But when i consider how e.g. i came into contact with my eldest sister from my last life, i think there must be a kind of organic agency in the universe, arranging these rendezvous through a billion minute adjustments.

6. i’ve also been memorising poetry, after years. In my youth i memorised over a thousand lines of poetry (Eliot, Yeats, Stevens, Dante, Tennyson), and rather than rememorise these, i decided to let them decay and so memorised a new poem: Wallace Steven’s ‘The Snow Man’. At the same time, i’ve been copying, by hand, passages from Gordon Sander’s excellent The Hundred Day Winter War in a notebook for future use.

In both cases – memorising & copying – i found myself sensitized to meaning & language, thinking “why this and not this?”, e.g. why “the spruces” and not “the spruce” – because one tends to remember incorrectly, and must then attend; infelicities of prose are also more evident as one copies (especially by hand).

Thinking back 20 years (the spring is over), my mind really came alive when i started a practice of copying out passages i liked in notebooks now destroyed, and when i began to memorise poetry. The old schooling, as is often the case, served us well though we knew it not.

7. i feel rather excited by politics & this world, for the first time in, well, my life. Politics is always a sideshow, but it is a good indicator for deeper, more important changes. Since i became vaguely interested in society & whatnot, about 12 years ago, i felt alienated from this entire world, with academia corrupted & made a grotesque Leftist bureaucracy, and me seemingly unemployable in any except the dreariest of tasks.

And now, very quickly, this monstrous order is being undone – in part by our hubristic rulers, in part by rogues like Trump. Thus i felt with Dune’s Gurney Halleck, when – months after escaping the destruction of his armies, of his Duke, and, as he thinks, the Duke’s son & concubine, months of running smuggler operations in the desert in a life without loyalty or meaning – he is ambushed by the Fremen under the rule of the Duke’s son, Paul Atreides, alive after all:

‘Stilgar,’ Paul said, ‘this is Gurney Halleck of whom you’ve heard me speak. My father’s master-of-arms, one of the swordmasters who instructed me, an old friend. He can be trusted in any venture.’

‘I hear,’ Stilgar said. ‘You are his Duke.’

Paul stared at the dark visage above him, wondering at the reasons which had impelled Stilgar to say just that. His Duke. There had been a strange subtle intonation in Stilgar’s voice, as though he would rather have said something else. And that wasn’t like Stilgar, who was a leader of Fremen, a man who spoke his mind.

My Duke! Gurney thought. He looked anew at Paul. Yes, with Leto dead, the title fell on Paul’s shoulders.

The pattern of the Fremen war on Arrakis began to take on new shape in Gurney’s mind. My Duke! A place that had been dead within him began coming alive.

i had long supposed our world on an inexorable downward trajectory, but by inviting the entire 3rd World into Europe, the Merkel & her backers have merely initiated a cultural change – not into Bradfordisation as they hope, but into chaos, perhaps a race war, but in any case i feel our reality is suddenly altered, and new possibilities are upon us. Most of those with comfy secure jobs, emotionally invested in the collectivist order, are baffled and angry and will probably go mad and end up crawling about on the floor eating bugs and smearing themselves with dog poo, as they deserve. Those with a nose think Oho:

If you had told someone half a decade ago here in the United States ‘the next president is going to run on a populist platform from within the Republican Party, after constantly insulting his opponents, completely lambasting the very political process he’s taking part in’, do you think anyone would have believed you?
‘Oh and by the way, it’s going to be Donald Trump.’

Nobody would have believed you. They would have called you nuts, they would have dragged you off to the funny farm. The mere fact that they have to discuss these things bothers them.

8. It is not merely a political change; the collective imagination is changing, and not just because of the Merkelization of Europe – this change began in the metaphysical stratum; what we are seeing cannot be suppressed by the usual lying mainstream media, by accusing Trump and Nigel Farage and Le Pen of being Russian spies – because it begins in the cellarage of our culture & our imagination & thought. Already, i’ve noted more & more Germands & others, who 6 months ago said “Donald Trump is stupid and crazy” now saying he can’t be as evil as the media make him out to be. The next step is to think, If the media are deliberately smearing him, if the media are so determined to manipulate & deceive, then the media have a wicked agenda, and therefore whoever they hate is presumably one of the good guys. A comment i found on some joke page on Facebook:

me: i feel the need. the need for speed:
Lord: you can be my wingman anytime
Me: take me to bed or lose me forever
Lord: ok but i’ma kill goose real quick
me: wtf

That’s it exactly. The egg is cracking from within, the baby bird emerging, and the globalist goose is cooked.

1. My hideous Bildungsroman seems finally done, but i lack any will to self-publish it; however i’m relishing the sense that my recent purpose is complete and i could die now without regrets, or sense of failure. i’ve been making some small progress with origami:

2. Spurred by Bruce Charlton, i read L. Jagi Lamplighter’s The Unexpected Enlightenment of Rachel Griffin; it is very much a teenager’s book, and now on the second book i find myself a bit irritated by some of the emotional unreality, e.g. a magical combat with horrors, people burnt alive, and sundry deaths, and the teenage protagonists grinning and whooping and saying things like “Ace!”. i was unsure if it was just sloppy editing or if the author is sociopathic enough to envisage teenagers (or anyone) reacting to lethal violence and monsters from the deep with quips and grins.

The books are however fun, with an interesting gnostic concept – the protagonists all live in a Hogwarts-style school (called Roanoke, i guess a nod to Ursula le Guin’s Roke) and their historical/geographic reality is wholly different to ours, so there are characters from “Magical Australia” and a sinister Bavarian prince, who, alas, seems utterly unBavarian (but then Lamplighter is American); and “our” world is greatly influenced by theirs. In the first book, there are intrusions from a world beyond and enclosing both the mundane & the magical, with powers that are incomprehensible even to the Hogwarts-folk.

As is sometimes the case with Fantasy novels, this gets at something true: that there are hierarchies of existence & power, and the higher orders are typically invisible to those they influence or rule. Thus Frank Herbert:

‘There are people and things in our universe which I know only by their effects,’ Edric said, his fish mouth held in a thin line. ‘I know they have been here…there…somewhere. As water creatures stir up the currents in their passage, so the prescient stir up Time. I have seen where your husband has been; never have I seen him nor the people who truly share his aims and loyalties. This is the concealment which an adept gives to those who are his.” (Dune Messiah)

True power tends to conceal itself.

3. There are higher orders at work in our world now; they may be guessed at by “currents in their passage.” Inexplicable mass emotion, strange coincidences, prescience are signs of, as it were, a great creature moving invisibly through our depths.

Within our world, good and evil are not to be nakedly encountered. Even someone inhabited by malevolent non-human intelligences, like the Vulture, is (i guess) not wholly evil, or his earthly existence would become impossible, because the principle of evil is antithetical to the Being it infiltrates & variously corrupts: for neither do the spirits damned/Lose all their virtue.

Thus, one should not expect to see demons or angels in human guise as world leaders; the very nature of physical reality (highly condensed Being) would repel the former from prolonged earthly sojourn; and politics would prove impossible for the latter. The most one can see, i think, are human beings operating under varying influence; and the darker the influence, the more clearly unsettled & malign the individual, and her associates.

4. American politics has been of a demonic bent since George Bush Sr; and while Obama was (in my eyes) nowhere near as bad as Dubya, he was a willing part of this, as one sees in his massive expansion of the surveillance state, his (and Hillary’s) destruction of Libya, race-baiting and grinning benevolently on Black Lives Matter, not to mention racking up Dubya-style colossal debt – the latter however relatively insignificant, since money is just money.

Obama is a gifted actor; he could read a teleprompter and make it sound spontaneous and genuine, though his essential vacuity was alas clear when there were technical problems. Trump seems to relish spontaneity, and i’d rather hear him use the word “nice” for the umpteenth time than sit through Obama reciting a speech someone else wrote for him and then stutter like a retard when the teleprompter fails.

i would see Donald Trump as the entirely unexpected but only possible tool to break the malevolent spell of US politics – a really good human being would be useless; a bullheaded, arrogant & egotistic man, however, is fine. There is a kind of arrogance which perhaps acts as a spiritual shield, rendering the individual truly independent, because impervious to what he would deem trifles & indignities. i don’t think Trump could be bought exactly – because he would recoil from any sense of being owned.

The more i see of Trump, and the rabid attacks against him (stupid, crazy, evil, rich, eats steaks with ketchup, Hitler, racist, sexist, anti-Semite, homophobic, in the KKK, had sex with his daughter, a Russian spy, he wants war with Russia, a criminal who was rightly under surveillance, a lunatic who claims he was wiretapped, etc.) the more i feel he is absolutely not under the sway of the malevolence that owned the Bushes, the Clintons, and Obama. That doesn’t make him a good person; but a normal egotistic human being is, i would say, preferable to a human being in the thrall of demons.

5. If one were to see this in Fantasy terms, there are benign intelligences who see Trump as a valuable tool to break apart the carapace of evil. There is a kind of airy, light “shield” about him, of which i guess he is totally unaware, and within which his tremendous solidity of energy and purpose can operate. At first i thought it had absolutely no influence on him – the more benign intelligences are (as far as i can tell) averse to anything like possession or interference, unlike the malign. And then, a few weeks ago he made a typically off-the-cuff remark about “last night in Sweden”, cue the usual mainstream media headlines about how he’s insane and evil because nothing happened last night in Sweden; and then, a couple of days later, riots broke out in Stockholm. There is a constant level of “social unrest” in Sweden’s larger cities, with Muslims raping and assaulting more or less at will, the police and media hushing it up, but it’s hard to hush up large-scale riots.

Is Trump prescient? Is he, truly, the God Emperor????

One could probably say “look at what just happened in Sweden/Germany” every day, and be validated – in the last few days, a Yugoslav launched an axe attack in Düsseldorf, then hours later an unknown assailant attacked someone with a machete, same city, and today the police have closed a shopping centre in Essen citing “security concerns” – for those who don’t follow German news, this kind of thing was rather rare, before Angela Merkel invited the entire Third World to live off the German taxpayer.

However, the Trumpian coincidence is interesting, as i’ve found such odd moments mark changes in consciousness, somewhat akin to deja vu in the Matrix; i think there is a kind of vortex of spiritual energy around Trump, which will both excite hatred in those variously in the thrall of malevolent influence, and draw unexpected new allies and possibilities. Already, i think there are those in the Deep State who are either on Trump’s side, or wish to use him to attack their enemies. The truly demonic will most likely remain united in their animosity to Trump – or rather, to the “angelic” forces he inadvertently represents, and by which he is supported & protected; but the lesser devils will start to break ranks, to attack each other, and some who are not wholly lost will maybe help him under the table, as best they can.

In a storm, one may light a lamp with what lies to hand – an old match, a worn wick, wet with olive oil or even whisky, by god; the important thing is to have light.

i’ve been experimenting with memes – here are my first three creations:

feminist-blue-hair big-redeu-feministtumblr_om05ds3qps1w3ntumo1_540

There is much we can learn from our Muslim friends.

update: Varg just posted a video about his time in the Middle East, so i inserted the link, and here’s an embed:

1. i feel i’ve finally finished my 15-years-of-tedium Bildungsroman, The Better Maker. i’ve done 3 edits this month, and though there were still things to change in the last, and i even found two mistakes (which had passed unnoticed through a dozen or more edits), i feel it’s stabilised and become crystalline and itself. Not sure if i’ll bother self-publishing it, i might just print it out so i have a paper copy and then forget about it. While i think it’s good enough, i am under no illusions as to my worth, and so feel no need to push my writings at anyone. i’ve even enjoyed writing brief pieces for my Patreons, because of the limited audience. My ideal, i suppose, would be to write only for myself, but i am, in spite of everything, human and so require occasional interaction.

2. i’ve had bugger all work since November, but used the free time to write & edit; now i feel i must find other things to do with my time, or i’ll just drink and get fat and go to seed and then dress all in black and acquire a leather sofa on which to collapse, groaning about the Jews. There have been times where i did nothing with my free time, just drank and played computer games or watched youtube channels and grew vile & obese; after a month of writing, i’ve found myself in spirit leaner and focussed, and rather than relax i want to shift this focus elsewhere. It occurs to me that we need work and difficulty, and deadlines, external imperatives, in order to attain this mental and emotional clarity & will (c.f. Anatomy of Melancholy).

3. Varg Vikernes somewhere says that as a child he lived in the Middle East (i think his father was a diplomat or engineer) and saw the compound guards happily spend hours just lounging about doing nothing – this was their idea of Paradise, to do nothing.

Work seems somehow unnecessary for the emotional satisfaction of the sand peoples. This is, i suppose, one reason for the paucity of invention in hotter climates; and perhaps why their kind, even to the umpteenth generation, are overly represented in welfare-dependency (and crime) and do badly in school. Their ideal is to lounge around while the womenfolk labour; or even better, just collect generous government subsidies, while the Kuffar labour.

i’ve found the exceptions to be workaholics to shame even the Germans – my father, for example, though actually his whole family seem so; or my student Khan, who still wakes at 0200 to begin work in his company (which he owns) despite suffering from motor neurone disease. Curiously, although my father can barely speak English, and Khan still has a strong Punjabi accent, they both prefer Europe to their homelands, and are scathing of their folk.

4. Naudhiz is an overlooked rune. The need to work, not to perish, is essential to European soul. Perhaps it is otherwise elsewhere – i cannot say, since i have only met degenerate “European Muslims” or at least European Indians etc., who, like myself, are conflicted and must either choose a side fully (as i have; though it would be more accurate to say i was chosen by the old Northern gods) or lapse into squalor & violence & decadence.

If we assume that need is not an unfortunate feature of life before technology & socialism, but rather an essential and indeed needful component of the human psyche & human society, then we do wrong to avoid work and the strenuous and difficult:

cursed is the ground for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life. Thorns also and thistles shall it bring forth to thee; and thou shalt eat the herb of the field; in the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground.

the scholar may note additional runological features to this text.

5. In times of peace, the warrior makes war on himself (Nietzsche). i’ve found, oddly, that i can’t take much relaxation; after a while it becomes sloth and apathy and then i feel soft & base and hate my life. Thus i will try to blog at least once every 10 days, will probably continue to post shorter pieces (“aphorisms”) on my Patreon, as i’ve found i like it, and have also determined, provided i have enough free time:

5.1 To learn enough Old Norse to be able to read the Eddas and know why the English means what it means.

5.2 To learn enough origami to make hideous occult structures to perturb the herd.

5.3 To lose yet more of my blubber, and become hard & cruel & racist.

5.4 To go back to doing daily Tai Chi and/or Chi Kung (it requires little time but a certain amount of energy, which was mostly given over to editing in February).

5.5 To write an occult horror comedy screenplay.

That is all.

i’m in (hopefully) the last stages of my horrific Bildungsroman, and so probably won’t blog properly for a bit. However, i felt pangs of guilt for my Patreons, so will post short pieces on my page there – i thought about doing it here but for some reason i feel everything here has to be fully worked-out and edited and re-edited – perhaps because it’s totally public; whereas secrecy or restricted audience allows for different styles. The Patreon stuff is nothing special, so don’t bother subscribing just to read it – it’s really just anecdotes & observations, the kind of things i sometimes write on Facebook; but i’ll try and update it daily, or at least several times a week, as i am a good Capitalist in spite of myself, and actually i do appreciate the moneys my Patreons send – partly just the thought that someone (for whatever reason) enjoys my bohemian fascist ramblings enough to pay me, partly because i’ve been making about 1200 €/month before tax for the last 3 months, and need a bit more to survive.

Anyway, i’ll also try to blog here at least once a fortnight, but i hope daily Patreon posts will tender some semblance of compensation.

1. My terrible Bildungsroman, The Better Maker, seems finally ready. i wrote it from 2002 to 4, then spent the next 13 years editing. A version was self-published ten years ago, but it was an essentially juvenile work; i’m still not 100% sure about the latest, but i note that on each edit i alter less & less, and on the last only two minor points. i’ll see if i can self-publish it on Amazon in the next few days – after, of course, reading it again with inquisitorial intensity.

2. i’m unsure what, if anything, i will write after – i want to write a horror screenplay which popped into my head while watching one of Tarl Warwick’s videos, but the likelihood of highly limited audience saps my will. The only reason i pressed on with TBM was a self-imposed determination to self-publish it before i turn 41 (in a couple of weeks). i also want to write a novel which will be, simultaneously, an occult WW2 spy thriller and a post-apocalyptic dystopia, but again it’s hard to find the motivation when i reflect that probably no one will even want to read it, and those who do will probably give feedback on the lines of “you should make it into an action romance”.

3. What about Trump, eh? He has appointed some ex-Goldman Sachs viper called Munchkin as Treasury Secretary, and someone called Chaos as Transportation Secretary, highly amusing choices. Already he is being dismissed as “controlled opposition” by some; and yet the incensed “literally Hitler” hysteria continues – much of this is just purple-haired Starbucks revolutionaries; to quote Frank Herbert’s God Emperor of Dune:

All rebellions are ordinary and an ultimate bore. They are copied out of the same pattern, one much like another. The driving force is adrenalin addiction and the desire to gain personal power.

There is a certain natural momentum to such types; and yet the bought media continue to attack Trump as they would never have Obama or Clinton. Really, did anyone kick up a fuss about this:

– no, of course not, because the media didn’t tell them to. If you’re a fat, belly-patting Southron who has “manager” in your job title, then no doubt the state of the world seems highly satisfactory; if you have an ounce of intellectual honesty, then it is clear we are living in rather grim times, and that those who brought us here, including the media (who cheered the Iraq and Afghan wars, and the Obama/Clinton destruction of Libya, and attempted destruction of Syria) are flatulent demonic scum whose condemnation may be taken as a form of qualified praise.

4. In which case, is Trump the Messiah? All the right people hate him – those who destroyed Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, those who destroyed American blue collar labour; and yet, look at him – he’s a frigging New York liberal, a billionaire with deep ties to Goldman Sachs. So what exactly is going on; why are the bought media being directed to stir up such violent hatred against the man? It is now at the stage where i cannot believe he is “controlled opposition”, and i’d be surprised if some shrieking Leftist doesn’t take a shot at him soon, if you can find a Leftist who can handle a weapon.

My view is thus: it is a palace coup, one clique deposing another. Whatever Trump’s deep agenda, it must be profoundly displeasing to the true powers – even as i presume Goldman Sachs et al. will be enriched (as in the Dune cosmos, the Guild and CHOAM always come out ahead). He is not a Ron/Rand Paul-esque revolutionary, he is not exactly a libertarian; he is a Capitalist who i dare say will use the governmental powers created by Bush and Obama, but at heart i think he is someone who enjoys conflict and verbal punch-ups, and i have the feeling violence energises him; i think he could take a punch and it would just wake him up; and he expects the same of everyone:

Trump is often called thin-skinned, but as Tarl Warwick observed, he clearly isn’t, people have been calling him Hitler for a year and he just takes it. My reading of the God Emperor is: he likes conflict, competition, he requires opposition to feel fully alive, and is in a sense even grateful to his adversaries – i suspect that he doesn’t even bear Hillary Clinton or Ted Cruz or Bernie Sanders any ill will, and enjoys scoffing and taking and giving slights & insults. He is the opposite of the hysterical shrieking Feminists and SJW lunatics. One can project this mentality to form a draft of his political and financial worldview: one of intense dynamic movement; and small-scale and often merely theatrical violence, ultimately tending to a mutual profit.

Whether this oddly adversarial affability is an ideal quality in the POTUS is another question, my interest is – WHY are the bought media so determined to destroy Trump; one can walk the cat back to their masters, but when these masters seem to hold precisely the same financial interests as folk like Munchkin, the waters grow muddy.

My first reading, from the available information: Trump is opposed to a covert agenda, held by those with almost identical financial interests; and this agenda is the destruction of Western civilisation. He has attracted a clique, ranging from Mad Dog Mattis to Munchkin, who are either opposed to the destruction of the West, or were swayed by Trump, persuaded that their interests can be amply served without plunging the West into the hell of Islam.

5. Only time will tell. Politics is always something of a sideshow to metaphysics. i was moved, in this Joe Rogan talk:

where Rogan asks Jordan Peterson what viewers can do to support him, in his fight against the cancer of Political Correctness and Marxism; i expected Peterson to say something like “send me cash”, which is exactly what i would have said; instead, he encourages viewers to work on their selves, and become better human beings. He is absolutely correct, since such work has great influence upon the substratum of our consciousness & our world, and it is from this cellarage that our ghosts & visitations arise, beckoning.

One can criticise the German Resistance for their endless talking and debate; i think it was Von Moltke, awaiting execution, who decided that even a doomed resistance was of supreme value, as it would show the world that Germany was not an undivided lump of Nazis – he was wrong, of course, as the American globalist order worked hard to create (Missionaria Protectiva black arm of superstition) the myth of the universally evil Germans and the universally noble Jews, so even today one can dismiss anyone by likening him to Hitler or Nazis, and exalt anyone by comparing him to a WW2-era Jew.

And yet, i feel the Resistance, the integrity of men like Von Moltke, Adam von Trott zu Solz, had its effect – a necessarily obscure, oblique influence. A very small number of human beings are of significance in each generation. Trump is one such: it’s not a matter of spiritual quality, as he seems to me very ordinary in this respect; it is rather a certain force of will, without which very little is possible. None of his electoral rivals could come close to him in this regard, since machine politics has worked to exclude such individuals (as has our culture in general).

6. As each culture changes, enormous emotional energies tend to result. People want Messiahs, and Satans – or the modern Satan, which is Hitler (i have often been accused of being Hitler, for example by The Communist). This is an error: true power conceals itself, and so those actually in the thrall of demons become increasingly sociophobic and cagey; and likewise those on the other side avoid undue publicity. Such individuals rarely intervene in a direct political role – perhaps Stalin was one such, but he was famously reclusive and in the habit of killing anyone who got to know him too well.

i’m not a fan of Capitalism, or democracy for that matter, but they seem preferable to the alternative; at least, the volatile dynamism of Capitalism comes quite close to the constant transformation of form which is our metaphysical reality, and so is opposed to the static ideologies of socialism, whether Nazism or Marxism. In the West we have been cocooned in varieties of socialism for some time, and so lost a sense for the actual flux and violence of reality – but illusion can only be maintained for a while, before it implodes.

1. i’ve mostly lost interest in blogging, or even any written communication; actually, even spoken communication seems mostly pointless these days. However, i will at least provide some anecdotes and “thoughts” from my last few weeks.

2. i teach a local “evening school” class, subsidized by the government. Most of the students are 50-70-something Bavarian women, nice, conservative, jolly. There’s also a 50-something Pakistani called Khan, and a 40-something enormous fat German man who works in IT. The fat man is a typical Leftist: globalist, big government, more regulation, more State control, free speech leads to fascism, the white man is bad, Brexit etc. is “populism”, we need a small circle of wise Left-wing men to make decisions for all of Europe without democratic interference, etc. etc.

He is a certain type: fat, sedentary, high blood pressure, a bit infantile, ashamed of anything European. He has no children, says he will never have any, instead has a stuffed elephant toy he says he brings to work, and has named Elefanti. He occasionally goes red in the face and explodes in rage, as when we were discussing corruption and everyone except him was agreed that Germans are quite low on the corruption scale. His face went a hideous red and then he started shouting “I am sorry but this is ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT! Sorry! Germans are always saying they are good people and THEY ARE NOT, THEY ARE CORRUPT. Can any of you say you don’t try to cheat the Finanzamt? [tax office]”.

i would have suggested that actually most Germans, in my experience, scrupulously declare everything to the Finanzamt, and if they hide anything it is cash transactions which come to less than 100 € a year, e.g. selling old furniture; which is not to be compared to tax evasion in East and Southern Europe, where it is more of a national sport.

However, his enormous quivering bulk and red face, and throbbing eyeballs deterred everyone, and we just sat still and looked sorry and punished and wondered if he would have a stroke and fall off his chair, while he vibrated and screamed about how wicked Germans are.

i’ve met a few Leftists in Germany – luckily, most Germans seem naturally conservative, which is probably why it’s a more civilised country than the UK – and a surprising number of these Leftists are fat, sedentary, bespectacled, sit in front of computers all day, and tend to huff (from exertion) when they get angry. They are a curious sub-species of Leftist, i term them The Fat Rabbits – they are usually women or effeminate males: smug, well-paid, obese, with the complacency of those who have swum with the current for the last 2 or 3 generations. They can be, and often are, highly aggressive, but are also terrified of violence – whereas i am generally pleasant, have rarely struck anyone before they threw the first punch, but have been slapped, kicked, punched, thrown about without holding a grievance, and i seem to have a high pain tolerance, both emotionally &  physically (there is probably a correlation between tolerance for differing opinions, and one’s personal pain threshold). i’m thus far less likely to strike someone than a Leftist, but also far more likely to be able to take a punch.

3. At the last class, Khan mentioned going on the Hajj to Mecca, and how a week there was more than enough for him. As the others left, i said “i think you’re the first Hajji i’ve met,” – the word the Marines use to denote all Iraqis in the superb Generation Kill (which features the God Emperor’s chosen, General Mattis). We had a brief chat about Islam, and Germany – he said he can’t understand the Fat Rabbits, that for him Germany is a good country because of German culture, and why would they want to destroy it by importing millions of 3rd World Muslims.

It was an odd moment, as Khan is Muslim enough to go on the Hajj, and fast in Ramadan, but also recognises the vast superiority of traditional European culture over that of the Muslim nations. i like him very much and am saddened that he recently developed motor neurone disease (like Biff, a local hardman i shared the Critical Care Ward with in Manchester, on my last English asthma attack in 2009); i’ve been doing periodic rune work on his behalf, no idea if it has made any difference but it doesn’t cost me anything more than time and energy, and is amusingly multiculti, an Anglo-Indian using Viking sorcery for a Pakistani Muslim who loves Germany.

4. My Albanian neighbours have a little girl, aged about 18 months now i think. i’ve helped the Albanian woman carry the pram up and down stairs a few times, just because i happened to be there. She gets on my nerves by going onto her balcony and screaming for hours in Albanian; however, in person she’s likeable enough. Her man looks like an extra from Taken and i think is probably a drug dealer, pimp, or minor enforcer for the criminal underground here in Munich (he radiates wariness and potential for selective violence). i once saw him on the street with his little girl, teaching her to walk, and it was highly amusing, and a little touching; especially given the general rage & sentimental over-indulgence English chavs tend to direct to their spawn.

The child wakes every night, crying, and if i’m in a light enough sleep it wakes me too. They often seem to ignore it for about ten minutes, maybe hoping it will go back to sleep of its own accord. Last night, i was lying on my deteriorating sofa (my “bed” for the last 5 years) listening to the wailing, and reflected that in seemingly every culture, babies cry when they are dissatisfied, in pain, or bored, or want something, and that this must be biologically innate (though the parents’ response is, i suppose, at least partly culturally-conditioned).

5. The loud expression of pain & distress to achieve even our smallest desires is a biological, not a cultural, determination. That means ostentatious self-pity, and declared grievance are likely to remain central to human society. The so-called British stiff upper lip was, i deem, one response to this. In most cultures, the adults are (to some degree) self-controlled, having learn to suborn their transient wants & aversions to their community or their own long-term plans, and so children grow to emulate adults, putting aside immediate self-pity as they leave their infantile stage.

In our culture, expressive self-pity is tolerated and even encouraged. i found and still find it curious that many of the objections to the God Emperor follow this pattern: “I’m scared! I feel TRIGGERED!!! OMG! I don’t know what to do!!! Trump threatens me! Every time I see him I feel afraid! I’m CRYING!!!” – followed by the usual Leftist violence and gloating.

For me, hysterical expressions of fear are a sign of weakness, and emotional instability, and hence cognitive dysfunction. For the new generation, to scream and wail and thrash about is, in itself, an argument.

6. My own screaming and wailing and thrashing about is here, on my blog, or in my journals; but even so i find a certain strength develops from the conscious decision not to express woe and fear; that once one realises it is possible to act well in spite of one’s difficulties and apprehensions, a reserve of spiritual power becomes manifest, and may be accessed and drawn upon.

7. i’ve been re-reading Frank Herbert’s weird Dune books, the only sci-fi i’ve really enjoyed. It is set in a universe largely without computers, where the human is more central than in 2017, and so in atmosphere is more of a Fantasy novel, or Alan Furst spy thriller (Furst remarked that he sets his novels in the past because modern espionage would mostly be to do with technological surveillance). A passage i recall from my first reading, more than 20 years ago:

The Fremen were supreme in that quality the ancients called “spannungsbogen” – which is the self-imposed delay between desire for a thing and the act of reaching out to grasp that thing.

In my teens, i didn’t realise spannungsbogen was German. The books i find interesting in part because they recognise the essential human traits of discontent, ambition, violence, loyalty, struggle. Strength comes from resistance. Spiritual strength is developed only from self-control and self-denial – denial of the lower man, of fear and self-pity and self-indulgence. The Fat Rabbits are exemplars of self-indulgence of body and mind, and in a universe of predation and force they are not apt for long-term survival.


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