1. i’ve been following this Youtube exchange between Varg Vikernes and Styxhexenhammer666:

i) Varg attacks Stefan Molyneux (an Anarcho-Capitalist)

ii) Styxhexenhammer666 responds

iii) Varg attacks all Capitalists

i of course favour Capitalism, since it is more or less uninterested in what one individual thinks or feels, as long as most people buy stuff, and it’s usually possible to find overlooked little nooks and crags of freedom; as opposed to Communism or Socialism, both of which are naturally totalitarian, because they are ideological and wish to control everything and everybody.

As a permanently broke, traditionalist loser, i have excited, at best, contempt and derision from materialists, but hatred and abuse from the Left. i have no doubt that some of the Lefties i know would have me killed if they had the power, and the rest would i think go in for some kind of reprisal – forced labour in a re-education camp, for example. But very very few on the Left would, i wager, say, “Well I think you’re evil and wrong but you have the right to have your vile opinions and to spew them out on your stupid little blog that no one reads.” No no, wrong opinions must be silenced, or Adolf Hitler will jump out of your Schnitzel, brandishing a dead Jew baby and cackling “Trump!”

2. Castro is finally dead. And now the question – will all those colourful streets and 50s cars give way to tasteless modernity, everyone equipped with the latest dishwasher and Ford (both guaranteed to last no longer than the warranty before becoming irreparably defective). It seems clear that, human nature being what it is, with the free market all beauty and individualism will disappear and the entire world will look like Bradford (a right proper shithole), a dirty anodyne town of chain stores and chav scum and Muslims. At best, a few pockets of beauty will survive, as carefully-managed tourist resorts.

In addition, i agree with Varg, that Capitalism will inevitably become Crony Capitalism. And i think this will be so whether there is government or not. If there is, companies will bribe politicians to pass regulations driving all competition out of the market. If we have a state of total anarchy, then companies will simply use criminal means to destroy competition, as do drug dealers, and i don’t think social disapproval and the free market will make any difference here. The ideal, i suppose, is a limited government of moral but not ideological men, incorruptible. But that’s asking rather a lot. The first principle of any political/social system should be: human beings are weak and easily corrupted, and bureaucracy will almost always accomplish the opposite of its stated purpose.

3. But i think Andrew Breitbart was correct, politics is downstream from culture. i remember, rather appalled by some mid-90s TV show of gloating vulgarity, wondering if it would be better to have 50s-style censorship; but on reflection such ghastly shows would have been an enormous failure in the 50s, or even i think up to the late 80s, because most people would have found them unwatchably disgusting; likewise, it wouldn’t have been necessary to ban gangster rap in the 50s – no one would have liked it.

Culture changes of itself; one could say it is the stratum just above the spirit-level (gods & what not), and to us it seems that our culture is suddenly different, for no clear reason, and politics can then be traced back to this first visible factor. We live now in a culture of shameless self-promotion and feckless adolescence, which has given us a series of neo-con and neo-liberal politicians, despising the West, out only for a quick buck and a bit of podium-strutting and sententious posturing.

4. As i have felt the last year or so, things are changing in the cellarage, and our culture will begin to change, seemingly of itself. As seems the way of things, key figures (artists, politicians, business leaders) will appear and galvanise those around them, in a chain of effect beginning in the metaphysical substratum. Trumposaurus Rex is the most obvious of these – he’s the first major politician in my adult memory to have an unvarnished character & ironic intelligence, and balls like King Kong. Not an untarnished character, of course, but he lacks the absolute modern hypocrisy exemplified by Obama and Tony Blair. He is an actor but in a different, i think deeper way – he has an ironic depth, as if he from time to time drops asides, reflecting on what he is saying. Consider Styxhexenhammer666’s analysis of this one Trump Tweet:

“his critics appear not to understand sarcasm. They don’t understand irony. They don’t understand hypocrisy either.”

i’ve observed this penchant for ironic play throughout Trump’s appearances and comments, ranging from cruel sarcasm through to almost theatrical asides & body language. All modern politicians are necessarily actors – some terrible, like Angela Merkel, some highly accomplished like Obama. Trump is in his way as great an actor as Obama, but there is something different, something deeper going on – i would say that Obama has no scruples at all about “crying” on TV and then going to his office to order more drone strikes on civilians, and sitting back smiling as Black Lives Matter try to initiate a full-on race war; for him, this isn’t an act, because he has no integrity at all. By contrast, i think Trump enjoys acting, and this is part of his enormous & frankly Godlike on-screen presence – that he relishes being a showman – and watching him “perform” i get the feeling his mind is simultaneously running on several different tracks, that while it is an act, he knows it is an act in the moment.

In a sense he is dishonest – he’s probably told all kinds of lies by now, on & off camera – and certainly his electoral persona was a mask he donned for the occasion; but it strikes me as more of an ironic doubling, lacking the total & inhuman dishonesty of, for example, Tony Blair. i think one can assume, with Trump, that everything is an act, and that everything is also, somehow, real. But time will tell.

Trump is part of the new order of things, because of his ironic depth; looking at TV interviews with him from the 80s, he is guarded, reticent, and i think this is his natural stance – watchful, quiet, “inclosing reserve”, and through his reality TV years he developed layer upon layer of ironic doubling and mirroring. His greatest achievement was to make Leftists think he’s dumb and crazy – what they don’t understand is that after eight years of Obama’s slick, meaningless statements, this seems down to earth and authentic to anyone who can compare the media narrative with day to day reality.

“Crazy Trump” is interesting – i don’t see him as unpredictable or volatile at all, he seems to me rather a highly balanced and calculating individual – but i think he alarms many people because they feel, but don’t understand, that ironic doubling. They would rather have a straightforward through & through hypocrite scumbag like Obama or Tony Blair, who can say anything without attaching the slightest meaning thereto, than someone like Trump, whose persona as it were angles variously out from his reality in ironic refraction, so you’re never quite sure where he stands, because his self is not modern, and hence not two-dimensionally transparent and sanitised. It alarms people, to be confronted with a politician with a sense of irony, and seemingly no major scandals, and no need for money, my God what will he do, he’s unpredictable, he’s not in the pocket of Goldman Sachs, he’s not PC, he’s literally Hitler, it’s fascism all over again, Castro would make a better President, and he’s dead, hell even Hitler would be better than Trump, Trump is literally Hitler, etc.

5. The mistake people make – in their lives and in history – is to assume that the past will repeat itself identically. Hitler made the same mistake, thinking that just as Frederick the Great’s armies were saved by the last minute death of the Empress Elizabeth, so the Allies would inevitably turn on each other, and Nazi Germany would be saved. Our current transition will no doubt savour of certain moments in the past, but just as i’ve learnt that my own life – while echoing my last at certain moments – has its own shape, so too this new world.

The only thing i am fairly sure of, is that the modern Left is on its way out at last.

6. For the last few weeks, i’ve been teaching at a public sector institution i shall call the Amt, the German headquarters based partly in Munich. It’s a university/school type building, thick walls, quiet corridors, an unmistakable sense of the public sector. The students, to my surprise, are lovely, not at all the lazy entitled Beamte class i expected. i rather enjoy teaching there, in part because of my sehr cool visitor’s ID and the atmosphere – after 7 years of teaching in German businesses, it’s an oasis of gin in a desert of scowling Teutons.

The principle of the institution is operative throughout, so e.g. in BMW i was always aware of the pressure to make money, because it’s a business. In the Amt, the background & originating principle is public service. i realise, working there, how much i miss this atmosphere – which i last felt in my first 6 months at my last office job (in a hospital).

This is of value for me, and so i wouldn’t side with the anarchists. The great achievement of the Left has been to infest and eat out the public services, corrupting them into vast self-interested bureaucracies, with a socialist (i.e. anti-West) agenda.

i think of a Charles McCarry character, who says the CIA will be doomed when they go from operating out of gentlemen’s clubs and living rooms, to having a headquarters. Perhaps it is so. If i would point to anything in the coming order, i would suggest a return to the gifted amateur, the informal, the human. It will be dizzying and strange to many, just as any real individual will strike fear & uncertainty into the hearts of the lesser man. i taught probably one of Germany’s most influential journalists a couple of months ago, turned out he’d never even heard of Breitbart or the Alt-Right, was sure Trump would lose. Likewise, i won 5 Euros betting The Wolf on the God Emperor’s Ascent – he was rather shocked, because while he knows far more about politics than me, he is of the generation to trust the mainstream media, and so he is out of step with the coming Order (i’ve decided it merits a capital o).

It will seem like anarchy and dissolution to those of the old world. But while i’m sure the multicultural degradation introduced by the Merkel and her ilk will have a grim legacy, trust in the old gods if you will, or in what Kafka calls das Unzerstörbare, the indestructible; i’m with the high command.

my latest Elberried post

1. and the rest were blinded.

i haven’t paid any attention to an election before in my life, probably not in my existence. i gave up faith in politicians when Nu Labour won in 97 and showed themselves a thousand times worse than the corrupt, grey Tories.

When i began reading “literature” aged 20, i was only interested in fiction, poetry, philosophy – the inner structure of the human mind; and felt history, politics, facts, were secondary at best. The bare bones & logic of things were enough, more than enough. In my job, i have come to find interest in “business”, and i became interested in history a few years ago, when i began reading WW2 era histories for my next novel. i now see the entirety of human endeavour as fractal, and so politics and war reflect on, are reflected by, philosophy and poetry.

2. Ten years ago i felt disconsolately out of step with this world, born a generation too late. i am now anticipating a wave of nationalist, conservative movements in Europe, and a profound metapolitical shift. i suppose the last would have been in 1989, though i was too young to notice; before that, it was 1945 – at that time, the metaphysical nature of our world changed, and for those who grew up before the First World War, it was like waking up on a different planet. It is difficult to convey just how unsettling it was, as if you had gone through a portal to an alternate reality: because the world of your making no longer existed. Entire cities were gone, as was the culture of Wilhelmine Germany and Imperial Austria.

Even long-term memory became difficult – this could be why, as WG Sebald wrote, many survivors of the Allies’ bombing raids, e .g. in Dresden, seemed to remember nothing when interviewed after the war. The unsettling sense of being in a different reality could be partly evaded by heading into the most backward rural areas, but even so, it was strange to remember the life before 1945 as if, perhaps, it had never happened, or was a distant faded photograph, in someone else’s album. Unsurprising, then, that some more or less accepted death, having outlived their world.

3. i see this happening now with certain Americans. Toddball, for example, a Bernie bro who gets his political opinions from overheard conversations, Facebook comment threads, youtube comedy clips, etc. He’s not exactly stupid, just ignorant, uneducated, uninterested in reading or sustained thought, so all his opinions are highly superficial and derived, second-hand, from mainstream media; e.g. he thought North Carolina was blocking the so-called bathroom bill because “them dumb-ass rednecks think trannies gonna molest their children”; whereas they were justifiably worried that perverts & paedos – who far outnumber trannies – would “identify” as women in order to go into the girls’ facilities).

He was naturally confident Hillary would win, while i was widely regarded as nuts for predicting a Trump victory. On the Glorious Morning (Wednesday 9 Nov) he smashed the McLingua kettle in the grotty Arbeitsamt (Job Centre) building, and threw it over my head at the wall of the teacher room, this being, i suppose, his idea of political commentary. i’m the only teacher who uses the kettle, the others all drinking coffee or beer at work.

He then wrote on FB: “Anyone who thinks what happened today is a good thing, UNFRIEND ME NOW” – so i did.

i found this quite amusing, and typically Left-wing. Perhaps it’s different in America, but all my life i have fought what Tolkien calls the long defeat, and so learnt to shift my attention to the metapolitical, hoping to preserve something of this culture before it is utterly destroyed. i haven’t been made angry by politics and the actions of the powers that be in a long time – not even hearing that the Iraqi who raped a 10-year-old boy was freed (or rather, had his conviction overturned) because, the good judges surmise, he probably didn’t know the boy wasn’t giving consent to a sexual assault. i merely thought, – Well, that’s what i would expect.

Toddball is a petty criminal, a thief, drug dealer, who naturally wants a Government who will tax anyone richer than him, and make sure he can get lots of free things, while working for cash in hand which he doesn’t declare. His father, a retired teacher, apparently taught English Literature at school on texts he couldn’t be bothered reading, and made sure he was popular by giving everyone high grades – a strategy Toddball has followed in McLingua. That is his background: a low-level corruption, crime, and a generous public sector salary. Naturally, he regards Donald Trump as the Antichrist.

4. For Toddball, as for all of those in mainstream media, the ongoing metapolitical shift is terrifying and strange; it has begun on a metaphysical level, and so will not be denied even by the usual vote rigging and corruption and violence. His anger is of course normal for the Left; he and a New York Left-wing FB friend of mine were both gloating about violence at a Trump rally a few months ago, where George Soros’ paid minions turned up to shut down a political gathering; they meanwhile accused Trump of being a fascist who will shut down free speech and freedom of assembly. Most amusing.

In part it is a reality shock, for they have long been on the winning side – more globalisation, more homogeneity, destruction of native cultures, more crime, and – the ultimate goal of the Left – the annihilation of Western civilisation (the general goal of both Bush and Obama). They are unaccustomed to losing, and take it badly.

The worse the crimes of the Left, the high treason of Angela Merkel, the greater the swing to the Right. We will see on 4 December, when Austria have their little elections, and the Italians. i will make sure to have a lot of gin to hand, to celebrate or console myself – the former, i think.

5. i have given much thought to Trump. i have consulted the gods (who predicted Clinton would burn herself in rage, and Trump would hold the reins) on his nature. i see him as a dreamer, odd though it may sound. We will have to see, but for now i think the crazed reaction of the mainstream media

and the political elite, not to mention George Soros, tell you what you need – he is genuinely feared & hated by the powers that be; and with cause. i would tentatively say he is a patriot because he is an egomaniac – he is American, hence sees America as a great country, and hence is unhappy to see it despised over the world, its blue collar jobs gone to China, its elite casting aspersions and curses on the people who made the country that made Donald Trump.

i think he is the figure who will begin the next metapolitical shift. i think he has the intelligence, the cunning, the strength of will and egotism, and i think he can’t be bought off, and he has been planning this a long time.

For those who say he’s crazy and stupid, look at his interviews from the 1970s/80s – a totally different persona. Look at his victory speech – as soon as he won, he dropped the madman ruse, because he no longer needed it to drive a hammer edge through the media. He is a master manipulator of image. And, i suspect, there is no real dirt on him – if there was, i am sure the Clintons would have dug it up by now. His vices are ordinary.

i don’t think he is a “good” man, but good men tend to live quiet retiring lives despairing of the world, walking around their flats in torn Adidas trousers, drinking beer and moaning. i think he is a surprisingly ordinary man, in terms of his interests, his pleasures; he enjoys & needs attention, and applause; and he doesn’t just want to get elected – he wants to be remembered as one of the great presidents, for a long time to come.

6. As for the future, i have long foreseen an awakening of the West, of tradition. But, as the progressives say, you can’t turn the clock back. i think there will be, simultaneous with the Ascension of the God Emperor, a new interest in European tradition, in the nation, in the identity of a people. If nothing else, the refugees military age Muslim men from Syria Afghanistan, Pakistan, North Africa, Somalia, etc., will force the question.

i disagree with the Liberal Right who say we just need to return to secular democracy with free speech, and if we can talk about everything openly everything will be fine. The problem is we had this, and it failed – it failed because the Left don’t care about free speech and democracy, they see it as a convenient weakness to exploit, to achieve their totalitarian utopia where the white race and Western civilisation have been exterminated.

i disagree with the radical traditionalists who want a return to the Middle Ages – and for me, “the Middle Ages” would be in many ways preferable to the present. i disagree because you can, of course, reintroduce strains of culture from the past, but only in a symbiosis with the present.

Unless guided by the gods, this new metapolitical world will be, i guess, bloody and appalling, even if it eventually saves Europe from turning into Somalia. But i feel sure the gods are at work here. On the night of Brexit, i assumed we would lose, that the elites would rig the vote, but i had strangely blissful dreams all night (usually i just dream about trying to get to work on time, or being homeless), strong with the present of Wotan – a presence i haven’t so keenly felt since 2008; and i woke in a mood of rare joy, thinking, “oh well, now i’ll open the internet and find we lost” – and found we had won. And though i knew the elites would try to block this, i also knew they would fail.

When the metaphysical change really extends out into the culture of the West, there will be many strange transformations; many who just change their mind, suddenly valuing European traditions and their long heritage. For those fearing this year is 1929 again, with the collapse of the old order, and the birth of new extremism – well, yes and no; no because there are new energies not merely in human culture but in the world, including the animals.

It’s a wider game now, being played for strange stakes. i understand almost nothing of this, except that i observe certain people alive now, some after a long time, and i feel that the bishops and knights and rooks are being brought into position.

another post i wrote on elberried

And remember, when people say, only racists and sexists voted for Trump, i’m racist and sexist and i didn’t vote for him, though in all fairness that’s only because i’m not a US citizen. Enjoy.

My election special over at my purely satirical blog.

1. i went to Kassel to see Juniper and also just get out of Munich for a bit. Kassel attracts me not at all; it’s a typical modernist German town, depressingly functional and soulless, and now swarming with military-age African and Arab “Syrian” “refugees”.

This is the modern world, it seems – concrete towns full of Muslim invaders who are generously hosted & permitted to rape and murder by the complacent authorities. Discussing jobs etc. with Corinne (she suggested i find work in a publishing house) i told her i was born a generation too late for everything: academia has been corrupted almost beyond recognition by the Left, publishing houses have no use for proof-readers, and Humanities degrees now being overabundant (thanks to Thatcher and then Nu Labour), they have next to no value for employment purposes. The days when eccentrics and misfits could get Foreign Office, journalism, or publishing jobs because they had a 2:1 in English Lit or Philosophy are about 40 years gone.

2. i watched the Harry Potter films recently, at Corinne’s instigation. i found them surprisingly good, my only cavil being the way wands are used like handguns, seemingly irrespective of the personal power & wisdom of the wielder. Several times, i thought, Where have i seen that before? – then realised they shot some scenes in Durham Cathedral, in places i’d walked through almost every day (taking a shortcut to my college).


Education is an odd concept – i learnt most at Durham from solitary study, or talking to friends; i think the only value i got of the official system was in having 4 years without necessity of work, a big library, essay deadlines (otherwise i wouldn’t have studied & written as intensively), and a community in which i found some interesting minds.

My expensive school, to which i needed 4 hours’ travel a day (by public transport) was, i would say, useless, because my mind is seemingly incapable of performing to official standards – one more reason i’m conventionally unemployable, i suppose. i learnt virtually nothing, except that a good proportion of human beings are naturally evil; and how to deflect bullying (which is useful but not much to show of 12 years’ schooling).

The only advantage i see in my expensive useless school, and Durham, are that i could develop in an unmodern environment, as much as is possible in the degenerate West. In my last years at school, the good old-fashioned wooden tables were removed and a wonderful old lecture-hall type room (with circular tiers leading to the dias) was remade into a bland modern space with white plastic furnishings and white walls. i was lucky enough to grow up among wooden desks with ink wells and graffiti which, i guess, dated from well before my birth. i was also fortunate, in the late 80s, to have several teachers in their 60s, dire and scowling old chaps, undoubtedly of a fascist disposition, undoubtedly they had taken a Hun head or two with a machete, back in the day.

Somewhat similarly at Durham, my first year room had the kind of battered old wooden furniture i recognised from school – and when a friend lived in the same room, 2 years later, all this was gone, replaced with giant immoveable plastic furnishings. Although i was born a generation too late, i was blessed to live and think in such places, just before they were destroyed.

3. i did my MA thesis on Tolkien in my last year at Durham. 7 years later i re-read his works, round about the time a door in my mind opened, in summer/autumn 2008. i would say my hamingja chose this time, to ease the transition to the midnight sun.

i have often noted a mythic quality to Tolkien, irrespective of his literary virtues; that is, his works have a magical/cultural force. Apropos Roger Scruton, the Man in Black recently wrote to me: “Reading Scruton at times brings to mind Susan Cooper’s Dark is Rising books, Tolkien, and Old English literature.”

i decided to see how Cooper – another mythic writer – speaks, and found this talk:

and to my surprise:

“the actual book The Dark is Rising especially is, every inch of it, is where I used to ride my bike when I was a kid. The Manor House is indeed the local manor house, and the house in which Will Stanton’s family lives is in fact the local vicarage, where the vicar’s wife tutored me in Latin, at which i was quite terrible. i needed the Latin to be allowed to study English at the University of Oxford, and when I got there I found that the English syllabus had been cut off at the year 1832 by two of our lecturers, with the result that we all studied an enormous amount of early stuff – Beowulf, Spencer, Middle English, Malory. All those things led to the fact that, as a friend of mine said, they taught us to believe in dragons. And the names of the two lecturers were JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis.”

4. The mystery of Berkano is here – the hidden continuity, a tree which blooms after the long winter. Luckily, the powers that be – the Clintons and Bushes, Soros and his ilk – operate on a worldly scale, because the spiritual is beyond their apprehension; they are evil, and may indeed dabble in occult nonsense, paedophilia etc., but they are not of the enlightened evil – perhaps no human can be, the former precluding the latter. The true powers are hidden. The good old gods are, in a sense, present in the English landscape, even in the language (in its unadulterated form, found only in the totally uneducated and those educated in the truest sense, meaning they are repugnant to the academy), and in our myths.

Tolkien had a close connection to these gods, and through long association his works and most likely body and personality bore something thereof. It does not surprise me, then, that Susan Cooper (whose Dark is Rising books are on a par with LoTR) studied under the man. This is a lineage which Soros et al. cannot extirpate easily – it would require Soviet-levels of control; and since the modern devils think in very materialistic terms, they are unlikely to move against what they would see as irrelevant “juvenile trash” (Edmund Wilson’s judgement on Tolkien). But if a fire one day rises from the ash, it will be of a secret kindling.

5. My long weekend in Kassel was good. i did little save drink gin and read and talk to Juniper. She is decidedly unmodern. She was partly raised by her grandfather, on a farm outside Kassel, with dogs and cats. Her grandfather served on the Eastern Front, as a looker-after of horses, and i guess as a farmer was far removed from modernity. Juniper gifted me two of his pipes, which i smoke from time to time.


As Nietzsche said of reading Goethe, that it did good to breathe this air, so it does me good to be with people from the old world – being with Juniper is like breathing fresh air again, because she is part of her grandfather’s world, and he was part of the 19th Century.

Juniper’s sensibilities are so. i have often noticed that animals are drawn to her – they mostly just ignore me – i think because while i have all kinds of odd noise in my head, she has nothing of the 21st or even 20th Century in her. And that absence itself is a noble and remarkable thing, a kind of wizardry if you like. So, after Faramir resists the temptation of the Ring:

‘Ah well, sir,’ said Sam, ‘you said my master had an elvish air; and that was good and true. But I can say this: you have an air too, sir, that reminds me of, of – well, Gandalf, of wizards.’

‘Maybe,’ said Faramir. ‘Maybe you discern from far away the air of Númenor.’

Am off to Kassel for a few days, won’t be able to post as my hostess has a 10-year-old computer which can barely start up. i wrote an Elberried post last night here.

1. i just read Varg Vikernes’ Sorcery & Religion in Ancient Scandinavia, a good & interesting read. As far as i can tell, he believes the old gods don’t exist, and are just names people gave natural forces: “built like all religions are on ignorance and delusions” (p 120). In this sense, Thor would be like gravity, a name we give to a phenomenon, a pattern of observable force.

It could be that if every single human being ceased to exist, the gods would too, but such a world would not concern me; and there are even older gods still wandering around, long after anyone worshipped them.

The comfortingly sane and sanitized view would be that the human subconscious produces certain archetypes, including gods, and these are merely aspects of our own collective mind. My own view is a little different: – we could be seen as aspects of the gods, or vice versa, or both us & the gods are merely manifestations of the universe. In any case, to consciously regard the gods as merely convenient illusions would be to limit the possibilities of revelation and concourse.

2. i finished watching Game of Thrones, impressed. i’ve read various Christian accounts of the show/books, lambasting it for nihilism etc., but these seem very superficial judgements. Modern Christians enjoy living in a bubble of middle class niceness & propriety, where everyone reads CS Lewis and pays his taxes on time. i found the first book tedious but the show is a different beast. i note that a type of Thor appears – the so-called Hound, a scarred killer:


He has a monstrous brother and is something of a monster himself; like Thor, the giant slayer who is himself giant, a ferocious gobbler of food and quaffer of ales:

This summer, apropos the migrant rape horde, the Man in Black told me: “If the old gods are connected to the land and the European peoples, then they might have something to say about it.” i don’t know of any life where i was given to the Germanic gods – though to a cousin-god from an older pantheon – and am genetically only half-European, so if the Old One could reach into my mind back in 2008 (fittingly, after re-reading Tolkien for the first time since my 2001 dissertation), i suppose others could follow.

3. On the subject of Tolkien, i came across a fragment of his, The New Shadow, very close to a story i was toying with this time last year, set 3 generations after the War of the Ring – in my idea, the peoples of the West have become soft and effeminate and are welcoming orcs into their lands, firstly to do the jobs they are too soft for, and then because they hate their own culture, and regard Aragorn, Gandalf et al. as terrible racists and barbarian who we should all be ashamed of, and orcs are so wonderful and exotic and we should have more of them around, and there’s such a nice little orc restaurant just around the corner in an ethnic neighbourhood, where they all speak orcish, such a romantic, exotic language, and little Tristan’s nanny is an orc, such a hard worker, she cleans the toilets and everything!

The Tolkien tale is on similar lines. An old man, Borlas, talks with a younger, Saelon. Borlas is youngest son of a minor character in The Return of the King, many decades before. Saelon is a faintly sinister young man who seems involved in “secret societies practising dark cults, and ‘orc-cults’ among adolescents” (Tolkien’s brief introduction).

Saelon invites Borlas to join him:

‘I warn you rather to clothe yourself warmly after nightfall,’ he said. ‘That is, if you wish to learn more; for if you do, you will come with me on a journey tonight. I will meet you at your eastern gate behind your house; or at least I shall pass that way as soon as it is full dark, and you shall come or not as you will. I shall be clad in black, and anyone who goes with me must be clad alike.

and then departs. Borlas wonders alone:

why invite me to go with him? Not to convert old Borlas! Useless. Useless to try: no one would hope to win over a man who remembered the Evil of old, however far off.

Tolkien was realistic about human nature, and regarded Sauron as merely one concentration of evil, in a fallen world. There seems a natural life cycle of cultures, so one has, for example, Athens and the other Greek states rallying (more or less) together against the Muslim Persia between about 492 and 479 BC, glorious glorious, and then you have Sparta and Athens ripping Greece apart in the Peloponnesian War starting 431 BC. A young soldier at Plataea would have been in his late 60s when Greece destroyed itself – so, two generations, more or less. The memories fade and unless carefully preserved, in art, in literature, all our ancestors fought for is cast aside as of no value, much as the Viking immediately smashes and burns anything he is given, or just throws it into a ditch or leaves it on a bus or in a homosexual brothel church.

i was born a generation (almost exactly) after my closest last life, and so by the time i was a man i was already in an alien world, a world that despised everything held good before my last death. However, i remember “the evil of old”, and am undeceived by the new.

4. The Left triumphed long ago, but because their self-identity is of permanent revolution, and because so many Feminist Diversity Outreach Professors would lose their jobs if they admitted they have won, it is necessary to fabricate new atrocities: so Halloween dog costumes are sexist, and so on. i note that the Left seems to have swung so far into spiritual evil that a fair number of feminists, SJWs, etc., are clearly insane. Of the three Borderline people i know (all women), two are open borders, globalist, EU, Social Justice Warrior types, the third being almost mentally retarded and so, luckily, uninterested in anything except food. Every rabid Leftie i know seems to have a childhood of physical and sometimes sexual abuse, which has filled them with permanent hatred for their culture and origins.

In the past, such people would be recognised as insane or at least highly damaged individuals. Any European who hates European culture, and even their own genetic inheritance, is hardly likely to be capable of clear and objective thought on the matter, because they hate that from which they came. They should leave Europe and go live in Pakistan or Liberia, where they can be raped to death by sand peoples happy among the authentic poor.

At least someone like Thomas Bernhard (father apparently a rapist who died in WW2, mother naturally seems to have hated the child) formed a connection with his grandfather, and rooted himself in a 19th Century Europe. But the modern Left would happily destroy everything of Europe, because they are spiritually as well as clinically insane. Bernhard was half-mad, but only half.

i predicted Trump had a good chance of winning the election several months ago, and everyone thought i was letting my contrarian disposition get the better of me. But i think he is part of a trend – not so much to “the Right” as to normalcy; and although he looks like a radioactive wild boar, his vices and crimes are thoroughly ordinary. Bill Clinton allegedly raped dozens of women, and liked to bite their faces till they bled; Trump on his own admission likes to grab women by the pussy, and they let him do it because he’s so damn Trump. They probably lined up to be groped by that wild boar.

If the Presidential candidates were films, Trump would be Porky’s; Clinton’s would be Ghostbusters 2016.

Well, you’d have to add elements of Wall Street to Trump’s, and if you look deeper Clinton’s film would be a paedophile snuff movie, but at least on the surface you can probably divide many of their supporters into those who would rather watch Porky’s or Ghostbusters 2016.

5. Discussing all this with an East German student, i said that no matter how rich the enemy may be, even George Soros can’t control a world where the culture changes against him and his ilk. The student, a typical German atheist, adduced as example that he insisted his daughter be baptised Catholic – because now our culture is clearly threatened, not merely from within by the Left, but from without by literally millions of military-age 3rd World rapists, that which formed European culture becomes valuable.

i think there will be, increasingly, spontaneous turnings away from the modern insanity, probably the men first, since women tend to either be hobbits (believing everyone is nice and friendly and we don’t need borders or police), or rabid shrieking Feminists, but it will happen, and i will live through the change. i don’t predict a return to capitalism, nor to some kind of fascism, but rather some new form will emerge – probably be rather a bloody affair, but then that has always been the way of things.

1. As per my submission to the Almighty, i now have a lot of one-on-one students on whom to sate my vile & teacherly lusts. With one, by name Corinne, late-30s, married, little baby called Rudolf, unemployed, bearing an odd resemblance to the first girl i fell in love with 20 years ago, i discuss dobermannry and fascism and the nature of male violence, e.g:

Elberry. How are you? You look beat.

Corinne: Rudolf was moaning for hours, and I tried everything, I am seeing if he needs food or changing, but he moans and moans. At the Kita (creche) they say he is fine, everything good, and then we come home and he starts moaning.

Elberry: I see. [thoughtful pause] Well, what i found with dobermanns, is that they get bored if you don’t take them for long walks, then they prowl around eating the walls and howling. You should take him hunting. Does he have any Barbour apparel?

Corinne: But he is only 15 months old.

Elberry: Well obviously, you don’t want to start with bear-hunting.

2. We were talking about money and she said that, having never had any, she doesn’t think about it overly; but her husband (studied Music & Journalism and now miraculously has a job on a classical music magazine) comes from a wealthy family and is always worrying about money and compares himself to his far-wealthier siblings and parents. i said that i have largely ceased to worry about money, and just accept that if i am to die, i will die; and if i get enough work, i will live. Lunatic as this sounds, it has worked the last 12 years, i.e. since i stopped taking money from the G and began working.

This is likewise why i give nothing to charity. A very Germanic do-gooder young woman intercepted me on the street in my ‘hood, trying to get me to part with coin. First i asked if she was lost, since i’ve never before seen Chuggers in my village; then she switched to English and started going on about starving black children. i told her i had only 7 Euros in my bank and had had to use my UK credit card to buy a train ticket for the month. She continued grinning and babbling about starving black children, and how i could give as little as 25 cents a day.

Elberry: i already owe 10 grand to my UK credit card, and you want me to give you MORE money?

Chugger [close to tears]: But they are children!

Elberry: Lady, i don’t care about these children. i don’t know them. They may not even exist. i only care about people i know.

Then i fixed her with The Elberry Stare, and stalked magisterially off, to find i’d actually been paid and had enough money to buy gin and give money to starving black children, so i went and bought gin and then went home and made myself a pretty good g & t and read esoteric fascist literature in peace & quiet.

Talking about this to another one-on-one student, a Croatian called Zlatko, i said i pay my taxes every year and haven’t asked anything from the G since i began work in 2004. i survived the difficult 6 months in Kiel, after inlingua fired me without warning or explanation, and the many slow months in Munich, because i have a credit card, and because some people (mostly the Viking and my mother) value me enough to lend me money, money i am frankly unlikely to ever be able to repay.

When i try to save money, something bad always happens, as witness 2012 when i ill-advisedly went to visit the Communist in France, had a nearly-fatal asthma attack (he collects birds as pets, toxic to my lungs), and all my savings were in one stroke wiped out.

i therefore just try to live month to month and assume the world will end soon and all of this will be meaningless. And i trust that if you are a decent(ish) human being, you don’t need charity, because people will like you and help you; and i don’t require some all-encompassing bureaucracy to care for every possible situation. i am willing to trust the Almighty, and avoid the Government and the Left as much as an Elberry can.

3. Because it is otherwise impossible to understand the internet, i have begun watching Game of Thrones. i read the first 900-page volume in 2009, started the second but after 150 pages realised i hadn’t enjoyed a single page and stopped. The TV show is far superior, i might say as superior as the Lord of the Rings films were inferior to the book. i’m on Season 6 now. For me, the show is concerned with weakness, the failure of planning & the undermining of strength, and the new possibilities of those denuded of their strength – thus far the character arc of Jaime Lannister who begins as a smirking apple polisher Southron, the consummate warrior and Beckham, a feared killer and golden boy all-rounder:


is then broken and defiled, and then becomes a far more interesting character, a man without strength.

In his weakness, robbed of all that had made him great, he creates a bond with another character, and becomes a truly new human being, with the ironic complexity of the newly-made-weak, e.g. when he and a warrior face several enemies, the warrior asks “how many can you take?” and Jaime replies, “Maybe one. If he’s slow.”

But in a spiritual sense, our weakness is our potential.

i have noted that my most interesting life-stages coincide with my weaknesses, with abnegation & acceptance, so talking with Corinne about money i reflected that in at least two of my other lives i could have bought my way out of almost anything, and now i can’t even pay my rent; and this amused me, albeit somberly, for i seem the more open to the divine, the more i disengage from worldly strength.

4. On Thursday morning, walking to a new class, i was thinking about genetic inheritance and Shrekh, my Pakistani Muslim (now militant atheist) school friend, who was born in Britain, raised by uneducated working class Pakistani parents who seemed honest enough to me; but nonetheless Shrekh & his sisters all shoplifted without shame, seemingly for fun, and Shrekh at school would occasionally masturbate through his trousers when he saw the 6th Form girls; in his mid- 20s he got to know some girl and threatened to kill her, then told me he felt sorry for his words, feeling he was acting like “a typical Paki”.  Did his father at some point take him aside and say, “now son, when you see a white bitch you must start to masturbate, and if she talks to you, you must threaten to kill her if she disobeys you”? i found this unlikely.

So as i was walking to my class, i wondered if such behaviour could be on some level genetic, a thought i have long resisted as seeming too close to the Dune genetic theory, in which every ancestor’s mind resides in our blood. But since i doubt anyone taught him to semi-openly masturbate at women, and to steal, and these are hallmarks of the Merkel Muslims, i began to wonder if even 10th-generation Pakistanis would still act in this way, no matter their cultural environment. Certainly, if one considers the crime statistics for blacks in America, and Muslims in Europe, it seems so.

So anyway, i was brooding darkly on Pakistani culture, and then came to my class and found several new students, one a 50-something Pakistani – the first new Pakistani i’ve talked to in a decade – he seemed nervous about me, a reaction i’ve mostly experienced in students from highly authoritarian backgrounds.

He came to Germany as a student in the 80s, and has a real job. i asked if he felt his character had changed after 30 years in the Reich, he said it had, he had taken on German habits of order, punctuality, etc. He remarked once on Pakistan and India as British colonies, and i got the feeling he was one of the darkies like my father, who belong to that specifically upper-class strata of educated subjects, not English and not exactly Indian/Pakistani. On the whole i got a good feeling and liked him, though if he gives me a rucksack and asks me to take it to the Bavarian Parliament i will whip out my Uzi pen and use it without delay or restraint.

5. Later that day, i taught a Spaniard at a big IT company and, talking about the complacency of the West, i referred to Varg Vikernes’ video, describing him as “a black metal musician who murdered another musician and spent 15 years in prison, and now lives in France”. My point was that Varg has the kind of strength developed through deprivation (15 years in prison), through worldly opposition (a Muslim could have committed exactly the same crimes and got 9 months’ probation at most), and he is neither good nor evil, but just himself, and that this is the model of man the survivor, in a world before & after the State. i described him as “unlike most today, an individual” and since my Spaniard student looked slightly unnerved, i added, “of course, a dangerous individual, but then every true individual can be dangerous.”

About 24 hours later, Varg released this video:

6. There have been a few such “synchronicities” of late, where my thoughts or my words are then soon echoed or modified in some fashion. i find these times come and go, but they are always interesting, as suggesting a greater order to our reality – not, i think, a necessarily moral order, though the Pakistani student seemed provided to correct my assumption that all Pakistanis will always remain essentially Muslim, publicly masturbating and stealing and so on.

This is, i think, to do with the divine – that the ordinary & habitual sychnronicity of our lives, that structuring mechanism of time & space, becomes meaningful when one’s attention is given to a god. This necessitates an acceptance of extra-worldly motive and intervention, and can appear as weakness & irresolution, to the worldly.

The Left is a fairly new phenomenon, i would say it is merely one aspect of the Machine Age, along with every totalitarian regime (including Nazism): the desire to make the individual, and society, as mechanical and ordered and transparent as possible, cogs in the great machine. In this order, nothing may be left to chance.

i was born in this world, but have come to accept the raw and unmediated nature of things, before the gods. It is a headier atmosphere, on the mountain ways, where you may become homeless, be required to take your own life, be destroyed, but the great uncertainty comes with great freedom and the possibilities of magic and true power, a power surpassing magic as magic surpasses worldly understanding.

To renounce the apparent security of the worldly, of the Leftist bureaucracy, and stand alone before uncertainty and the gods – that requires a Varg-like wildness and character, or, in my case, the weakness & persistence of one who can be broken and despised, and yet survive. i no longer expect anything of the world of man, and the dream of the Left – an all-encompassing prison planet where the Elite quaff champagne in their well-furnished Government offices, and dole out justice and mercy to the reprobate & deserving – that disgusts me, that is a Tower of Babel fantasy and would, if somehow achieved, only produce the half-men of the Left, weaklings and sniveling hysterical degenerates, i.e. Social Justice Warriors, Feminists. But it will fail and fail hard, as foretold of yore in Genesis 11, and as witnessed in the socialist hell of the USSR, and latterly Venezuela.

The awakening will come hard to many.


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