Should be in Durham today (i write on 20 Dec) visiting my insufferable alma mater. i don’t know the current state of the university here, but in the late 90s it was almost unsullied by modernity: there was of course gross interference from the repulsive administration but the very ugliness & stupidity of said administration acted as a timely inoculation for the student body. i suspect that Oxford and Cambridge would in the late 90s have been more superficially but less actually traditional than Durham, being as they doubtless are more in the firing line of the Left.

Pray for the purge.


i dare say, writing this now (20 Dec) that i got soap and socks as usual for Xmas, however that is not the point, the point is you can put the soap inside the socks and then wield them against Leftists and degenerates, the weak & the useless:

But who exactly should be beaten, you may ask. The answer is simpler than you would think: anyone who cries and whimpers like a child after the beating, deserved the beating.

4Chan/pol on the probably insane “Sceptic” German youtuber Kraut & Tea and related matters today:


>I beat women
That’s the first thing he ever said I find sympathethic. Maybe he has some redeeming qualities afterall.

File: U5Vk2az_d.jpg (5 KB, 640×104)


He only beats women for his own deviant sexual gratification, not to correct behaviour or to control and edify women. It’s socially destructive beating, not socially constructive beating.

And on Aydin Paladin, another youtuber i never watched – i gather she’s mixed race Alt-Right:

Aydin will be given honorary Italian status in the ethnostate for her contributions (plus no one will know the difference.) Obviously she won’t be allowed into Nordic Purity Zones (NPZs) or the Varg Archipelago, same as with all Meds.


She would have been Hitler’s personal cosplay maiden desu


I honestly don’t understand why mods don’t delete this reddit garbage and youtube fanboism.

It’s just circlejerking about nobody-basic-bitches with <30k subscribers that nobody gives a shit about.
Fuck off you reddit shills.


fuck off this is like professional sports for people with autism

I have an e-mail stalker, a man with a metal plate in his head in Grimsby. Up to six messages-plus-attachments a day, which I delete unopened. He started as a fan, and then grew familiar, and finally he became aggressive and contemptuous, angrily jealous. He’d send me clippings of my own articles, covered with yellow highlighter pen and teacher-style ticks and crosses. “You only appear in the Mail on Sunday so that people on the lavatory in Bedwas will think Lewis the butcher’s son has done well.” As if thirty years on this is my motivation! Which of course it is. He particularly hates me for knowing famous people – whereas in point of absolute fact my closest proximity to celebrity is that I once had a postcard from Gyles Brandreth, sent with a second class stamp.

Roger Lewis, Seasonal Suicide Notes

i can’t help but wonder if the postcard wasn’t even from Gyles Brandreth

but from The Spine. 

Is now 30 years old.

At this time of year it is customary to ask oneself: will i end it all, will anyone notice, will i instead befriend a black man and his family and despite my avowed and open fascist sensibilities be invited to partake of Christmas dinner with them, will i kill anyone, if so who, will the Race War begin and will it ruin my Christmas?

1. i’m using my mother’s PC, listening to her burbling happily away & making some sort of obscene trifle. She’s now deaf in one ear (probably earwax accumulation but she’s scared of doctors so has chosen to ignore it) so our conversations are even more disconnected than normal, e.g. we are driving somewhere and:

Elberry: Do you know where i can purchase fascist literature?

Mother: Ooh, there’s a cat! Or is it a dog?

Elberry: i think it’s a Muslim. Are there any fascist shops in the neighbourhood?

Mother: Ooh I found ever such a nice shop!

Elberry: A nice fascist shop?

Mother: And they had scones! Ooh, I do like scones! Scones and tea! Ooh yes, they were ever so nice, those scones! I had jam on them!

Elberry: Mother, was it a fascist shop?

Mother: That’s right, Elberry! Scones are fashionable now, aren’t they?

Elberry: i’m not talking about scones, mother! i’m talking about fascism! The race war! We are in Kali Yuga!

Mother: Ooh, I had ever such a nice pudding yesterday!

And so on.

2. A comment on a Vox Day blog post:

It’s not about Left/Right, it is about Globalism vs. Nationalism. If you do not realize that yet, then you are not Red-Pilled at all.

My last class before the hols was with a group of mostly elderly German women, one of the youngest (late 40s) is a typical mid-wit naïve German – retired 5 years ago because she and her husband are rich enough, she has no children hence no stake in the future, and said without the EU Germany and France would have gone to war long ago, that we need the EU to have peace, that globalism is inevitable and cannot be stopped, that if we can forget our differences and blah blah blah blah blah blah peace love globalism EU army tolerate no dissent democracy blah blah blah love blah blah blah blah.

Elberry: The way i see it, the globalists want the EU to be like the Soviet Union, a giant empire with an army to enforce the will of the elites. But i’m not sure it will work, you can’t just massacre tens of thousands of people and expect even the corporate media to cover it up.

Rich cow [disapprovingly]: I think the ideal is more like America, to be one nation, united!

Elberry: Well until recently America was mostly white, it was founded by Anglos, there was one language, and so it could be more or less united. In Europe every country has its own language and culture –

Rich cow: Yes, but we need to move away from this old model, we should one day have one common language for everyone, like Esporolo, Espromana –

Elberry: Esperanto.

Rich cow: A friend of mine, he was born in Germany but he went to school in Madrid and then he moved to Italy and now he is a professor in New York, teaching Israeli music, and when people ask what he is, he says he is European! That is the future, that is what we must all become!

Elberry: Yes, perhaps when all languages, races, and cultures have been eradicated and we live in a globalist utopia, denatured, we can be happy and live in peace. Perhaps you are right and we can all be like your friend, teaching Israeli music and things.

At this point a rather heated argument ensued between Rich Cow and the other students, most of whom have children & grandchildren and don’t want to be “enriched”, to have their language, their culture, their genetics, their ancestral religion annihilated while the cat ladies smile. Walking to the bus i reflected upon some possible rejoinders:

i) Globalism is inevitable, we must accept it.

Answer: Japan, South Korea, Eastern Europe.

ii) We must erase all races and cultures otherwise we will have war.

Answer: Even if everyone was the same race with the same inane McCulture, differences would very quickly form and because aggression and territoriality are innately human, people would kill each other for living in the wrong street. The only way to prevent conflict is to have a global government who savagely oppress the masses, Soviet-style, effectively warring on their own populations. Otherwise conflicts will naturally, from time to time, result. The attempt to form a world government is, in my judgement, more likely to bring on a nuclear holocaust than if nations were allowed their sovereignty.

iii) Everyone should be like the (((professor))) who is apparently “European”.

Answer: very few people are so naturally atomized as to feel nothing for their nation or their people. Mixed race individuals such as myself are more liable to feel bereft and so if you can breed the white race out of existence perhaps there will be a sufficiently large population of atomized individuals for whom nation, tribe, culture is meaningless. But could the average IQ 80-90 mystery meater live the kind of silk scarf-wearing lifestyle of the (((professor))), would he be able to inhabit the artificial world of the elites?

iv) The future will be thus.

Answer: you chose to have no children, presumably because it would have hindered your self-congratulatory virtuous lifestyle, so your genetic line dies with you. You have no right to praise the McCultured wasteland your kind have created, a global Mogadishu where a few frightened white people hide from 6 billion screaming Jihadists, a world where white people watch Downtown Abbey in an underground cave system and little girls ask their mothers “was it real? was there once a time when England was white?”

v) I am an intelligent Der Spiegel-reading woman, I am smart and I always vote because democracy –



3. i am curious to see if any revelations will come to pass in the Materium. My personal sense is of a Dagaz time, as per the Tarot card Judgement, as it were a light shining on a long darkness; i would ordinarily pay little heed to such intuitions but i note similar intimations on both 4chan and an occult channel i watch, so perhaps something is afoot. On the political scene, America is presently one of the centres of both filth and purgation. My feeling is that Trump has over the decades, attending parties and sipping his mineral water, gathered substantial dirt on the elites, and if they don’t give him what he wants (immigration controls, domestic jobs) he will crack them open like a rough Polack stevedore bringing a pickaxe down on the head of a Communist. While the centres of evil are in a sense consolidated, the inevitable total self-interest of those involved means it could begin to unravel if pressure is brought to bear on those caught e.g. raping kids. Offered a choice of public humiliation, a 30-year prison sentence, and possible execution; or confession, name names, and disappear into suburbia, it’s possible that obscene floodgates will open. If the Judgement does indeed come about i imagine it will be more than a minor scandal: imagine the average NPC learning that e.g. 80% of Democrats, Republicans, Hollyweirds, are rapists & paedophiles. That would be a far from trifling upset.

And the normies, bewildered and turning on CNN and the BBC and the Young Turks to hear that it’s all a right-wing conspiracy find the news anchors being dragged off, live, by stalwart crusty old FBI field agents brought back to administer a merited pistol whipping. And i will laugh and consume my trifle and bits of cream will fly out of my mouth giving me a rabid aspect, i will laugh & laugh & laugh, rubbing cream into my fine garments, and bellowing, “obscene! obscene! obscene!”

Merry Christmas!

Further to my earlier-stated conviction that Christmas is an inherently occult occasion, this carol is worth studying from an initiatory/esoteric perspective – perhaps why Susan Cooper uses it in The Dark is Rising.

Presuming i haven’t been detained for hate speech, i’m now back in town, most likely smoking tobacco and drinking whisky with my 86-year-old father; no joke, he very very rarely drinks but likes a ciggie from time to time and when he drinks it seems to have no effect on him.

Today i will be taking the Orient Express from Munich to Huddersfield. Please play this video on repeat loop for the next ten hours, and contemplate Millennial Woes.

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