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Today i will be taking the Orient Express from Munich to Huddersfield. Please play this video on repeat loop for the next ten hours, and contemplate Millennial Woes.


1. In my younger days i wondered why the Soviet Union would send people to the gulag for writing a poem; reading Robert Littell’s excellent The Stalin Epigram, one enters a world of seemingly pointless oppression, as if the State no longer has any military/political foes so expends its vast resources on impoverished poets who can barely afford vodka. i bought it expecting some kind of spy thriller, but found it instead a darkly humorous & bleak literary work, e.g.

Moments after entering Lubyanka, I found myself in a morguelike room with white tiles on the floor and the walls. “Name, forename, patronymic?” the warden, a bony man with a shaven head and foul breath, shouted at me.

“Mandelstam, Osip Emilievich,” I shouted back, as if I were responding to a drill sergeant.

“Why are you shouting?”

“I’m shouting because you’re shouting.”

“I am not shouting,” the drill sergeant shouted. “I am talking in my normal voice.”

i suppose one could argue that discussion may eventually develop into political action, sabotage, assassination, a coup – since, after all, coups don’t appear out of nowhere; and so the State must perforce suppress even poetry, even humour.

2. My own fashy trajectory began, as i have written before, at university: the compulsory Literary Theory module forever set me against not merely Marxism, but over-reliance on ideology and jargon. i was for years an atomized individual who belonged nowhere and shrank from any kind of group, since genetically & psychologically i would be recognised as an alien intruder everywhere on this planet.

Things changed about 10 years ago, when i started to read Theodore Dalrymple and Roger Scruton. There was the shock as they diagnosed ills i had long observed but not understood; their broader perspective & experience made a greater sense of things i had noticed in isolation, e.g. chav culture, bureaucracy, propaganda.

My political/social sense was forcegrown by reading, and though there is nothing in either writer one could reasonably censure, the Left would gladly consign both to the gulag, along with Mandelstam. i would have become a fashy goy sooner or later, but my slowly forming reaction (a reaction against modernity) crystallized upon reading everything i could find of Scruton & Dalrymple.

3. On Friday i visited the Sour Elf to watch/listen to Milleniyule with The Golden One and Woes. We had a pizza or two while waiting, i brought a bottle of wine and drank myself into an early weekend, and examined her shelves.

Mostly crime thrillers (typical German fare) and socio-political works. We chatted for a bit then the stream came online so we sat to attend to the glory:

4. i’ve got so used to being surrounded by normies that it was odd to be able to talk face to face about e.g. Thotgate, doxing, the Race War etc. The Sour Elf apparently Skyped with one of Woes’ other Milleniyulers and, amusingly, emailed Woes when he was doxed, offering to help him work as a McLingua teacher if need be. i sat there on her sofa, clutching my wine and vertiginously striving to imagine Millennial Woes in a job like ours, in constant contact with a wide variety of people, compelled to control the interaction while remaining sensitive to the students’ interests & needs & weaknesses, often with ten or more in the room at once.

She is i would say Alt-Lite but i think beginning to realise that Sargon-esque “can’t we all just be friends? I don’t care what race you are! I don’t care what happens after I die!” talk is unlikely to accomplish much. My own feeling is that, as Andrew Breitbart said, politics is downstream of culture; but culture is downstream of genetics & religion – and so my focus is more & more on the metaphysical roots of the West.

i came across this interview with Peter Kingsley recently:

Now I was at a university where there was a very big, very influential religious studies department, and all of my friends at the time were studying Hinduism and Buddhism with world class professors, and there was a lot of excitement. Everybody was reading the Gita and so on, and was about to go off to India.

In the midst of all this, I remember lying down in the middle of my room —this is something I used to do spontaneously, meditate by just lying down either on the floor or on my bed, which was interesting as later I discovered there was actually a history of this practice in Ancient Greece— but while I was lying down a voice said to me very clearly ‘if you go to India, you will never come back. But your work is to do with the West—it begins with the West, it ends with the West, and that is what you need to do.’ 

5. Discussing the striations & tribulations of the Right, i said to Sour Elf that the Alt-Lite (Sargon etc.) seem to me overwhelmingly smug & pompous, because they are really in the centre, and while corporate (Leftist) media would denounce Mr Sargon “can’t we all just get along” of Akkad as a Nazi, in truth he can smugly sit on his fat ass and say those to his left are extremists and those to his right are extremists, and he therefore occupies the reasonable, logical centre. Those on the Alt-Right are necessarily edgy because there is almost no one to their Right, and everyone regards them as bigots and, in the Golden One’s words, mad cunts. No one who is comfortable with the modern dispensation (rootless, atheist globalism) would be on the Alt-Right: it is not the place for normies, for people who crave security, comfort, social status. Sargon et al. can say that in the period 1950-2000 they would have been the political centre, but the Alt-Right are men out of time, men against their time. And if our degenerate world is to be transformed, it will be by those who stand outside of the world; those who would be regarded as outsiders and mad cunts by the belly-patting Southrons and fearful normies.

6. i’ve felt slightly different since Milleniyule and last night had some strange visionary dreams. i was reminded of my day at the Rune Guild conference 9 years ago, where seemingly just being in the same room as other occult oddballs opened a door in my mind, as if our collective view of the world created a briefly separate reality, in which wholly different energies were possible. i’ve occasionally had this experience one-on-one, e.g. at university, really the last time i was regularly able to talk to people who read real books. i’ve had, over the last 16 years, numerous NPC acquaintances who told me i read too much and should go to pubs and watch television and then i will be normal and get a good job;

cypher meme


just as i now have NPC acquaintances tell me i shouldn’t drink gin or watch Youtube or wear my Swedish Army coat with such aplomb, or be an Anglo-Indian occultist. Anyone beyond the normal range suggests an alternative view and is therefore inherently threatening & alarming and must be either destroyed, dismissed, or converted to a grinning normie by forced ingestion of retard sandwiches.

7. i think there is a massively amplified imaginative reach when two or more vaguely like-minded people meet & talk. On a sociological level one could say that if you can discuss something with a group you come to feel it is socially acceptable, if only in this setting. On an occult level i would say that our imaginings bear their own force & form, and there is a non-linear augmentation when the idea is not limited to one, but rather shared by two or three or more. If one were to map the effect, i would put it thus:

It could be that the State on some level recognises the power of groups, that if people can be isolated, grumpily thinking their dark thoughts in their own heads, then the subversive elements can be rendered largely ineffective. Indeed, if the State can shut down alternative media, each isolated individual will probably just become bitter and angry and perhaps start to feel mad, since everywhere he looks he will see TV shows and newspaper articles applauding “diversity”, and he will wonder if anyone shares his opinions. However, as we saw in the Soviet Union reality catches up with us all, sooner or later; and i think even if alternative media is entirely destroyed and we’re left with normie platforms, the truth will out, one way or another.

1. i’m planning to visit my Alt-Lite colleague the Sour Elf tomorrow, to watch/listen to Milleniyule with Woes & The Golden One for optimal glory. i had the idea of going as Woes: growing my tramp beard, putting on a few kilos of fried Mars Bar fat, and wearing a bathrobe and drinking Coke and chain-smoking; she being blonde could attend the Temple of Iron to more closely resemble The Golden One,

however that may be too much to expect so we will probably just sit on her sofa and i will drink (being a sour Germand, she is abstinent) while she talks earnestly about tolerance and democracy and other highly abhorrent concepts.

2. Yesterday i bumped into an Irish colleague, let’s call her Mary since all Irish women are called Mary, she is short like a gnome and low energy, perpetually sighing and grumbling, a bad teacher and IRA sympathiser. She and her belligerently incoherent Irish husband visited Toddball for that American feast day in November and, in Toddball’s words, “they fucking stole everything, they brought tupperware boxes with them and all the leftovers, which I planned to give my kids, my fucking kids, the next day, ended up in those fucking Irish tupperware boxes.” i inquired, had the Irish brought anything to the American feast, and: “they brought potatoes. No man, don’t fucking laugh: potato fucking salad and some fucking potato tiramisu.”

So anyway i was in McLingua, and Mary was telling me about how her entire family are in the IRA, then she said how glad she was Roy Moore lost Alabama and how Trump had made America into the Third Reich, and she was meanwhile spitefully eating a 7 Euro salad and told me she had specifically requested a salad with separate dressing, and behold the salad arrived and it was drowned in dressing so she complained and the server duly made her another salad and gave the original salad to another customer for free. In her quaint Irish accent: “I said, Hey, why did you give him the fucking salad? Why don’t I get it for free? I should get it for free, not this fucking guy!”

i left but later wished i’d asked, Would it have been better if the server had thrown the original salad in the trash, so no one got anything for free?

i dare say it would have been better, for her.

3. On Wednesday i bumped into a quite pretty Satanist girl in the teacher room, 19 and never been baptized, teaches German and dyes her hair blue & purple. i first got talking to her when i noted a Leviathan/Satanic Cross on her jacket and asked, – Is that a Satanic cross?

We meet quite rarely; i have thought about asking her for an absinthe outside of work but am too lazy & fat & old so content myself with occasional chats when our paths cross at McLingua. On Wednesday she told me how she sometimes fantasizes about killing people when she’s walking through Munich. i’ve never thought about killing random people but then i’ve never been a Satanist or dyed my hair.

i recently came across a /pol thread, “are normies just NPCs?” Briefly, PCs are player characters, meaning in the game world a real human being is controlling their actions; NPC means non-player character, a character controlled by the computer, by a script. Some highlights of the thread:


i mentioned this thread to Satanist Girl and she vehemently agreed; i said that everyone has a script but perhaps normies are just much less flexible, much more terrified of altering their opinions; she said that normies aren’t even aware they have a script; i said that if you are aware of your script you can edit it, you can perceive your own character and at least try to change yourself.

People come to seem NPC when they become too predictable, for example if, over several years, every single communication features the word “Jew” or “Zionist” or “Israel” one starts to feel adrift in Baldur’s Gate, interacting over & over again with a computer script.

4. i got home and was watching an occult channel on Youtube, where the presenter spoke of our scripted reality, especially in media & politics and said one of the benignly startling things about the God Emperor is his tendency to go wildly off script, to misspell, to attack the mainstream script, to confuse & alarm normies.

On one level there are more or less visible forces are work – nations, ethnic groups, religions, ideologies. Beyond this, there is a scripted versus an unscripted reality. Our ubiquitous media has promoted the extent of the former to an unprecedented degree. Bearing an alternative script, however crudely, repetitively, & tediously, at least requires a degree of courage & obstinacy. The mainstream script – Drumpf is Hitler, globalism good, Muslims wonderful, Christianity bad, white race guilty – has tremendous force; and through the media it has become akin to a virus. One requires a degree of stubborn recalcitrance and even frowardness to reject the dominant script.

On a metaphysical level beyond politics, the structure of our conscious reality cannot be scripted: within the terms of human reality, human devisings cannot long exercise total determination, any more than a child can teach itself to talk. For the last generation or so we have inhabited a largely scripted reality, in which people talk like characters from Friends and The Big Bang Theory, mindlessly repeat what they hear on corporate media, and in general walk around market squares saying things like “howdy stranger, interested in a quest?” and “honest gold for honest work” and “an adventurer, eh?”

i look forward to increasing deviations from the “script”; the elites are in general all fully scripted and so aren’t really capable of engaging with a PC like Trump, a fact he exploits in his seeming craziness. It’s not even a question here of evil vs good: it’s the NPCs vs the PCs, the scripted vs the unscripted.

5. i feel it would be a mistake for the Alt-Right to become overly organised; it should remain largely decentralized, utterly unscripted – for one does not need a script to speak honestly. Replacing an utterly malign with a mostly benign script is not enough; and one can have group loyalty without mindlessly repeating the approved propaganda (even if said propaganda happens to be true).

At the moment there is a bit of a to-do in the Alt-Right with e.g. Varg (who is very much a party of one, or rather of himself and his wife & kids) denouncing the whole movement as a bunch of degenerates and Jews and childless women. My own feeling is that the very “diversity” of both Alt-Right & Alt-Lite is part of its power: on a social level, it’s ridiculous to claim that e.g. Milo Y (a gay Jew with a black boyfriend) is a Nazi; and then you have Alt-Righters like Millennial Woes (bisexual, had an Indian girlfriend); when Contrapoints (presumably a homosexual transvestite and i think some sort of Marxist) made this video attacking The Golden One:

the blonde Swedish beast responded with this masterpiece:

It is hard to fit such men into a script. Even Varg seems to me just, well, Varg. They deviate from the script because it does not apply, because they are human beings who i think reject not merely the mainstream script, but the idea of living within a script as a NPC. And that has its own power, regardless of politics, regardless even of morality – one could say it is beyond good and evil.

1. On this video regarding Jordan Peterson, Millennial Woes remarks that in his almost complete dismissal of the group, Peterson is a typical baby boomer. i like Peterson; i see him as an honest man (albeit one who loves the shekels, but after all “we are not communists“), an intelligent man who has skilfully drawn from Jung and Piaget, among others – he is, however, in some ways typically New World and of his generation. He cannot understand why race is important; he is of that type who i would guess lives in a 99% white neighborhood, interacting almost wholly with whites, and the only sand peoples he encounters are educated & civil. Nothing in his background has awoken him to the reality of race, and i dare say he has carefully chosen a path which means he will not have to, and he can pompously hector and admonish those who object to being replaced in their ancestral homelands.

2. i’ve (hopefully) nearly finished editing my latest collection, Vocations, most of the work being 4.5, the temp memoir which makes up about half of the total word count. Re-reading it over & over again, i was today struck by how incredibly miserable & depressing these years seem in the memoir, and indeed were in real life. Given that the British economy was booming precisely in the years where i proved unemployable for all save the worst of office jobs, a normie would be excused for assuming i was deliberately sabotaging myself. It is, after all, hard to understand how an educated and more or less sane individual could fail to get a graduate job in those years.

i understand it now on different levels: on the most superficial, it was a combination of high qualifications in English Literature, no work experience, and my evidently introverted & eccentric character and inability to dissimulate. On a deeper level, the level to which i am forced when i consider the ill luck which dogged my every endeavour, i would say that i was born at odds with my age.

My soul seems inherently set against what St John calls “the world”; and the circumstances of each life create the conditions for such a character, for example i seem often born into outsider racial groups, with a highly dominant father, raised apart from the ordinary world, and so tend to see mostly the negative aspects of my age, to feel that i don’t really belong here, among these people, in this time.

As a result, in every life i recall (or know about through other means), i have not really been of my time, save in the most superficial aspects. This has given me an air of, at best, eccentricity, at worst the demonic. Many of my favourite Youtubers seem to share something of this quality, an inherent opposition to “the world”, whether they turn their backs on it entirely (Varg Vikernes)

seek to tend their garden in occult solitude with cats (Styxhexenhammer666)

or become chainsmoking unkempt fascist overlords in Jedi bathrobes (Millennial Woes).

3. In general, i note that people seem to be born with several simultaneous incarnations, usually in a similar area and at more or less the same time; they typically wait about a generation before being reborn, though there are always exceptions, e.g. someone i know of was apparently unincarnated for almost two millennia, others are instantly reborn; and probably some only have serial incarnations. Looking at our times, i see old school conservatives like Roger Scruton or Theodore Dalrymple or Peter Hitchens as very much of their time, men for whom religion seems of primarily social benefit; men of an elegiac tone. The most traditional of the lot, Scruton, always strikes me as a theorist and somewhat bloodless philosopher, as it were trying to recreate a world that was already dying when he was born.

i died a bit after the end of the war, and returned in 1976, so grew up in a different world to that of Scruton or Hitchens or Dalrymple, opposed to a different world. In a sense, i think it would have made no sense for me to be reborn in the 50s: i only seem born at times of cataclysmic change; that is, cataclysmic beyond even the cultural rot & invasion of the last 40 years.

4. i feel that things are changing now, very quickly, and what is to come will seem terrible to some. Such changes both require individuals, and have their own form & will. Those of the old dispensation will be akin to Mr Jones from Bob Dylan’s ‘Ballad of a Thin Man’:

You’ve been with the professors and they all liked your looks
With great lawyers you have discussed lepers and crooks
You’ve been through all of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s books
You’re very well-read, it’s well-known
But something is happening here and you don’t know what it is
Do you, Mr. Jones?

This change is not orchestrated by the elites. It is more of a sea change, though historically speaking certain individuals will play significant roles. This kind of seismic change tends to be accompanied by the following signs: bizarre synchronicities, deaths, odd & often catastrophic natural phenomena, widespread cultural/political movements which baffle and perplex the elites; and art of an inadvertently resonant nature.

My general feeling is that the new order will be of an evidently occult nature, that it will not merely consist of various Trumpian nationalist leaders, of financial collapse, race war, but of increasingly strange, supernatural occurrences; though i don’t expect the Rapture – it will be possible for the most normal of normies to go back to their Dawkins and say, with increasing desperation, “there’s a perfectly rational explanation for all of this!”

5. When i heard that Aidan Gillen and Tom Hardy were both to feature in Peaky Blinders Season 4, i rejoiced. Gillen plays a highly sinister gypsy killer called Aberama Gold, Hardy a Jewish gangster called Alfie Solomons. Now why Elberry, you may ask, does this matter, of what import is a British TV show in these dark days? It matters because of one of the works of art which contains in seed the cataclysm of our time: The Dark Knight Rises; and one of the most significant scenes thereof features Aidan Gillen as a CIA officer, and Tom Hardy as Bane.


CIA Gillen: Who are you?

Bane: It doesn’t matter who we are. What matters is our plan. No one cared who I was till I put on the mask.

Future scholars will study this 5-minute scene the way Housman studied Manilius. i prayed unto the Almighty, Oh Lord let Gillen and Hardy share a scene in Peaky Blinders, that is all i ask of life. And behold, my cry was heard:

Alfie: Tommy, when a pikey walks in with hair like that you’ve got to ask yourself, Have I made a mistake?

Aberama: Who the fuck are you?

Alfie: Who the fuck am I?

This is a sign. It is Happening. It is too late to prepare, if you do not already have tins and weapons and a Swedish Army coat and a tactical pen it is too late, i am sorry but there is no point even going outside – you will only be slain on the streets by marauders. By the time you read this your only option is to send me all your money via Patreon. You see, i am prepared. i have a lot of alcohol and a tactical pen and a Swedish Army coat, and canned food and tobacco and pipes, i also have a Sami dagger and more waistcoats than one man could reasonably ever wear. Your life is basically over because you did not listen to me when you had the chance, my life is just beginning, so i think the only reasonable course of action is to say to your loved ones, your partner, children, “look here, Elberry will have no work for 2 – 3 weeks over Christmas, he’s been averaging about 1200 Euros a month for the last year, the man is broke, and apparently It Is Happening so we’re all doomed because I don’t have a Swedish Army coat, so what I’m going to do is send ALL OF OUR MONEY to Elberry via Patreon, because we can’t use it, because we are unlikely to survive another 24 hours, and Elberry can use it because he is wise.”

1. Following this

rather fashy sci-fi speech from Millennial Woes (looking like a blackshirt till you realise he’s clad in lumberjack attire), Varg Vikernes made this video:

Thus Varg: “Technology is the Jesus of the atheists. All it means is that people are religious, atheists too – they just have another type of religion. And this religious nonsense fills the need for the impossible. If you want a hope for life on another planet, then I would guess the only hope we have is for rebirth on another planet. As a pagan, the question I ask is, Why do they want to go to some heavenly paradise? Why do they want to visit other planets? What’s wrong with life? What’s wrong with our own planet?”

2. According to Stephen Oppenheimer’s Out of Eden, human beings migrated from Africa about 72 millennial woes ago, spreading slowly over the entire planet and then evolving to form regional differences, what i would call races but the modern “man” would perhaps call ethnicities, if ze wouldn’t outright deny their existence.

i have no idea if this theory holds water since modern science is funded by the elites, but there is something peculiarly mesmerising about presumably small bands of grunting negroes (looking like diminutive Busta Rhymes) wandering out of Africa and, over, several millennia, getting as far as the Arctic and South America, and almost wholly changing their appearance through selective pressures & affinities.

i’m sure “natural selection” does occur, but i think we are also moulded by the land itself; the land on which we dwell has its own conscious force and we slowly conform to it. There is already an American “type” from Germanic/Mediterranean stock, big-boned, usually with small eyes – Toddball (a Bernie Bro) looks like Trump to my eyes, the same blocky head and build, small eyes. Naturally, to be on very alien territory would be to some degree traumatic for both the land and the human being; for the land it would register as an intrusion; for the human being a sense of alienation, animosity, indifference, to which he responds with anger and despair as we see with various ghetto cultures. The invader naturally loathes the countryside, old buildings, for they are inimical to his psycho-biological form; he instead forms ghettos within cities, to create an insulated, artificial world of kebab.

2.2 Exceptions: high IQ races (e.g. Jews, gooks, Indians) have less of a problem, but still naturally abhor nature. Mixed-race individuals (such as myself) seem to have a preponderance of mental/emotional disorders, and just from anecdotal evidence i note that interracial couples seem at higher risk of miscarriage. Of course, there can be advantages to it: for example, from my father (Brahmin ancestry) i have a functional brain and tendency to religious/ideological mania and priesthood, from my mother an Anglo-Saxon normalcy and incidentally a blood connection to the German gods – not that this is by any means an easy mingling of disparate potentials.

3. The idea of primitive human beings leaving their ancestral lands and expanding over the planet is fascinating and a little puzzling. The expansion was slow, so i suppose it was thus: a tribe got a bit too large; for hunting & gathering some started to move farther afield, setting up camp perhaps ten miles away, and then more or less permanently roaming that farther zone; over millennia they would end up exploring the planet. And yet, there seems something purposed and deliberate in the migration patterns, as if they were driven forth or drawn towards a land.

Typically, when resources are scant there is conflict, and the losers are either killed or driven forth. So were those of each migrating party the weak and vanquished? – does our ancestral sense of exile & failure & fall have this primal origin?

So he drove out the man; and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flashing sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life. (Genesis 3, 24)

– that or, i imagine, the wayward and testosteronous, those of a Ulysses spirit:

 ‘O frati,’ dissi, ‘che per cento milia
perigli siete giunti a l’occidente,
a questa tanto picciola vigilia
d’i nostri sensi ch’è del rimanente
non vogliate negar l’esperïenza
di retro al sol, del mondo sanza gente.
Considerate la vostra semenza:
fatti non foste a viver come bruti,
ma per seguir virtute e canoscenza.’

‘O brothers,’ I said, ‘who through a hundred thousand perils have reached the west, to this so brief vigil of the senses that remains to us choose not to deny experience, in the sun’s track, of the unpeopled world. Take thought of the seed from which you spring. You were not born to live as brutes, but to follow virtue and knowledge.”

(Inferno XXVI, 112-120, tr. John D. Sinclair)

And so, were “our” earlier ancestors typically the vanquished and the heroic?

4. In any case, i find it hard to imagine that in a primitive society the birth rate would so exceed mortality as to necessitate constant migration. Imagine if you grow up in a relatively benign climate; and what pressures would force you to migrate to a barren northern climate. Of course people didn’t migrate from e.g. modern Italy to modern Finland in one or even ten generations but when i consider populations biologically & culturally adapted to life in the Arctic, i feel that there is something beyond mere physical necessity at work here.

My feeling is that Mother Earth herself is a part of our human reality, that there is an ontological affinity between e.g. people or dogs or birds and this planet, and indeed parts of this planet. We are not isolated phenomena who just happen to be on this planet; if one takes the Hermetic maxim “as above, so below”, reality is fractal, and in a sense we are the Earth, and the Earth is us – and certain races are created by the land, to live there.

4.2 And i note, people often return to places they lived in previous incarnations; in one case, someone i knew in my first life (what is now south Iraq, about 5 millennia ago) was born & lived there his entire life fairly recently, and as far as i know the climate and demographics (not to mention culture) were totally different; it was as if the geographical location itself, that particular part of the planet, called to him.

5. On January 27 1959, nine young, experienced hikers set out to walk from Vizhay to Otorton, in the northern Ural mountains. When they failed to telegram their safe return, a search party was launched. Their bodies were found on 26 February, at what is now called the Dyatlov Pass after the group’s leader.

They had camped by Kholat Syakhl, a rounded hill/mountain 10 miles from their intended destination. The tent was found to be slashed open and empty, however the group’s clothes and belongings were still in the tent. Footprints (mostly barefoot) led away from the tent.

The searchers found two bodies by remnants of makeshift fire a few hundred meters away. Both bodies were barefoot and almost naked.

Three more bodies were found a few hundred meters away. From their position, it seemed they had been trying to return to the tent when they died; presumably of hypothermia since there were no injuries, though one had a small crack in his skull.

The remaining four were found in a snow-covered ravine. They wore more clothing, though not enough for a February winter in the mountains. They had fatal injuries (skull damage, chest fractures) though apparently no external wounds. One body was intact but her tongue was missing. Some of the clothing was found to be unusually radioactive.

The tent was found to have been cut open from the inside.

The investigators determined the deaths were caused by “calamity or overwhelming force”.

6. Donnie Eichar, in his book Dead Mountain, theorises that the symmetrical dome shape of Kholat Syakhl could have formed the frequent and ferocious winds into a Kármán vortex street, which would have sounded like freight trains suddenly roaring around the tent; in addition, infrasound could have caused physiological effects (headaches, dizziness) and extreme panic, causing the hikers to cut their own tent to escape.

Another (unrelated) body was found in the area last year.

For now, Eichar’s theory sounds plausible to a layman like me (i daresay a McCabe could perform his own experiments). My feeling is that, taking the Hermetic maxim, there could be a particular geographical effect which makes it imprudent to camp anywhere near Kholat Syakhl; and that this particular part of the planet is hostile to human life – actually the name is literally “dead mountain” in Mansi (the local tribe). The consciousness of the earth itself can take various forms; and as power attracts power it could be that non-physical conscious energies (demons, if you like) congregate in this area.

7. The whole planet is in a sense conscious, and we belong to it. Even the most anodyne and modern of cities is on a part of the Earth; even the most preposterous and cosmopolitan of men is a human being and part of the Earth. In the West the tendency has been to deny the enormous wild energies of e.g. whatever killed the Dyatlov group; to say “these are natural phenomena we can control or prevent”. But i would say: the same energies are in us also; they were once acknowledged and called e.g. elves or demons or gods; they were the leopards which become part of the ceremony. There is a darkness to the world & to us; an energy which can become savagely & broadly destructive, and it will become manifest to us, in time.

1. i’ve been vividly dreaming the last few nights. On Monday night i dreamt of Millennial Woes (we were discussing the Race War) and of my student Heinrich. Woes is explicable because i’ve been binge-watching his old videos and they are sehr geil, Heinrich because i’ve been teaching him once a week for about a year. They are both of course Europeans and both tend to a lumberjack look, and both strike me as introverted and intelligent, but otherwise they have little in common. In the dream(s), i was discussing genocide with Woes and then later Heinrich appeared, and at some point the Heinrich dream was folded into the Woes dream. On awakening i was struck by this enfolding – i could feel that my dream mind had been trying to find a commonality between the two men and two narratives; it occurred to me that dreams are often so, taking disparate threads of our daily experience & thought and trying to compress them into one story (dreams are almost always stories). The strangeness of dreams arises in part from the attempt to form some kind of unity from plurality; it has an awkward, probing and taking-up and casting-aside nature, as in the 3rd movement of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, the music reworking what has gone before (c.f. Act 2, Scene 5 of Don Giovanni, or Cymbeline):

2. As with dreams, so our waking minds automatically seek similitude, oneness, to fold different experiences and thoughts into one clear line. Dreams, i think, are in part the formation of a narrative out of our daily experience & thought, because without an overarching & containing pattern we could make little sense of our lives. And this pattern is typically implicit, almost invisible because it is the means by which the visible is made comprehensible (and memorable); it is not the visible itself.

In our times, that which is not empirically testable or clearly visible is dismissed as a fancy or a lie. And yet it is precisely this which makes our world (die Welt ist die Gesamtheit der Tatsachen, nicht der Dinge).

3. Black Pigeon Speaks made a video on our foundation myth; in brief, in the West ours is: WHITE PEOPLE = NAZIS = HOLOCAUST = EVIL


Which is unfortunate for us but rather spiffing for non-Europeans, well for the moment.

4. i doubt Western civilisation (let alone culture) will return. But the dream may reassert itself, in some necessarily distorted, awkward, unexpected fashion. Although empires and civilisations & cultures have died in the past, ours is a little different: we have enough literature, art, and music from the heyday of the West to perhaps keep some version faintly alive, for eventual transformation. As Phillip Jeffries remarked in Fire Walk With Me, we live inside a dream. Our waking sentience is mostly directed to imposing some semblance of order on what is in fact a truly David Lynchian cosmos of malleable identity, time & space.

The world is inexplicably bizarre; but part of our dreaming is to fashion a dream acceptable to our own sanity. It is not so much that our understanding of the world is a lie, as it is very much within the parameters of our sanity. However, it occasionally shifts and then there tend to be psychic disturbances, odd incidences of e.g. collective amnesia or psychosis. Whenever the collective dream shifts, enormous energies of the unconscious spill out, in violence and madness and exaltation.

At present i feel unfortunately like Phillip Jeffries wandered back into civilisation after 2 years in the Black Lodge. Luckily, my job keeps me grounded in the day to day detail of ordinary men & women, since, after all, it is their dream too.

1. Millennial Woes defined a group here (he originally did so in an earlier video but this stuck in my mind):

A set of individuals: people who might share characteristics but don’t necessarily have any bond with each other, and whose existence is entirely in the present moment. Contrast that with a group: people who share characteristics and have a bond with each other, and can be considered the present iteration of an entity which might have existed in the past and might exist in the future. The concept of time has been introduced, which inaugurates the group as a group rather than a set of random individuals who happen to have some similarities.

2. After copying out the above i went shopping and in the supermarket queue was standing behind a youngish guy who, i decided, was probably ex-military: Germany had conscription till recently so that’s not so remarkable, though usually they lose the manner fairly quickly after leaving. Without really paying attention i paid attention to his interaction with the cashier (a new guy, young, German), and felt that not only was the customer ex- (or perhaps still) military, but the cashier was also, and there was a kind of recognition. i was mostly thinking about what i would write about groups upon my return, and was thus only vaguely aware of the slight differences in body language, gaze, movement, etc. of the two, and then the cashier asked if the customer wanted the receipt, he said no, and the cashier said, Alles klar, and i smiled to myself; for outside of Das Boot

in my eight years in Germany i have only ever heard this phrase from Bundeswehr soldiers and i felt the cashier was either half-consciously letting him know, “i was in the Bund” or it was a wholly unconscious sympathetic response.

3. On the walk home i analysed my recognition of the two and realised that every single element could be disputed, that is not a single datum was in itself absolute proof. However, the presence and relation of several data is both difficult to explain and yet almost immediately sensed and typical of a particular identity. When i think, what characterises the group Bundeswehr, i would say they are brisk and yet relaxed, and don’t fidget. They often try not to look like soldiers, perhaps in the same way alcoholics try to act sober when they’ve in fact had a few ales.

4. Human beings are eminently social animals. But then, even animals are largely social. The social instinct – to identify with a group – seems innate. From a reductive biological perspective, those who lacked the sense of a group, and the desire to belong, are highly unlikely to have survived. So, if there is some biological basis to group identity (i find it hard to imagine that birds, by trial and error, figured out how to build nests or fly in formation, and then each generation somehow teaches its offspring in a manner no human observer can detect), probably everyone has it to some degree.

5. In our rather nauseating times, it is popular to declare oneself an individual. i am a human being! they say, Not a European! Fine but such folk merely reposition their group from the genetic and local to the political, and with oddly more ferocity – where hardcore Bavarians for example will happily say that they are not really German and Berliners are just Prussians, they don’t generally dislike non-Bavarians – they just regard them as different and a bit odd. But talk to a Leftist and, well – you don’t even need a signed copy of Mein Kampf anymore, it’s enough to say things like this:

and you’re in the gulag forever; i mean, unless your name is Clinton. i can’t think of a single person of my acquaintance who doesn’t express this group-desire in some form or another.

6. i don’t really see why people talk about individualism as if it’s even possible for more than a tiny number of, well, oddballs. You need an internal momentum and integrity to resist the allure of the consensual, and that is naturally rare. Those who advertise themselves as individuals are usually just losers who want to be cool, and then become partisan and join clubs and dye their hair blue and read the Guardian; and perhaps put on funny clothes, smash shit up, and get some of that sweet Soros gro. Those who are truly individual tend to an indeterminable, deep identity which also makes them hard to predict and liable to change their own mind on peripheral topics, and to associate with a variety of folk – for example, Styxhexenhammer666 has talked with civic nationalists like Sargon, the Jewish Bernie bro progressive H.A. Goodman, the Alt-Right Richard Spencer, the an-cap Stefan Molyneux.

The rest of humanity are just normies – they can be intelligent, they can be interesting, but ultimately they are driven by the need to be acceptable, and if tomorrow it became mainstream to eat babies they would read New York Times editorials on the health and social benefits of infantophagy and at first stare, uncomprehending, then nod slowly, and lick their lips, and when they look up to see the same narrative on CNN they will think, Yes, I always thought we should do something like this!

And the more intelligent they are, the cleverer their justifications and post hoc analyses.

7. Although i understand nothing of Physics, one could use the metaphor of particles & waves, and say that each person is an atomic thing, a particle, but part of being a particle is to also be a wave. From the particular standpoint, waves are illusory, are fancies and nonsense. One can take a teaspoon of water from a wave of the sea, and find no evidence of the wave in these five or so milliliters – that does not disprove the wave.

Perhaps it is better to say, not that the wave is greater than the teaspoon of water, but that they occupy different realities – or are different ways of seeing reality; the dancer & the dance.

1. Millennial Woes started a series on the media response to each exploding/stabbing Mohammed, on the grounds that there isn’t much to say about the acts themselves (either recent immigrant or a homegrown Jihadi, usually a petty criminal “known to the police” – nothing remarkable in the West). i likewise find the Harvey Weinstein scandal uninteresting (powerful Hollywood American with German surname supports Hillary Clinton and also sexually abuses women!) but it’s interesting to consider what’s going on behind the scenes. As ever, the corporate media signals the favour or disfavour of the elites (just look at their brief u-turn on Trump when he ordered a strike against Syria).

2. Everyone knew about Weinstein. The stories were however repeatedly killed by the corporate media:

When Maddow asked why Farrow’s feature ended up at The New Yorker rather than at NBC, where he is employed as a correspondent, he replied, “You would have to ask NBC and NBC executives about the details. I’m not going to comment on any news organization’s story that they did or did not run.”

3. But now it’s open season on Weinstein. Why? It’s certainly not in the interests of the liberal elites to show their Democrat darlings up as squalid sexual operators. i presume that Weinstein pissed off the wrong people, people higher up than him. And now his life is more or less ruined and i would guess he knows quite a lot about not only his echelon, but his immediate superiors in the demonic hierarchy, and so – well, i wouldn’t be surprised if he accidentally drops a barbell on his own throat in the gym, or shoots himself twice in the back of the head, or a robber will shoot him in the back and then not take anything. The nature of these deaths themselves are interesting – i think deliberately clumsy, as it were sending a double signal: to the normies it’s just an accident, to those who might betray their demonic masters, a robbery where nothing is stolen is a warning – behave, you!

4. So now the whole of Hollywood is suddenly, on cue, appalled. And when instructed, they will all forget about it. Surreal, isn’t it? On an occult level, the intensely strange nature of Hollywood, of actors, attracts certain grotesque and malign elements. Collective atmosphere can open doors that shouldn’t be opened (or that should) and when i consider the self-righteous hypocrisy of men like Ben Affleck or George Clooney, the levels of commitment and imaginative focus needed to be a great or even a good actor, the little created world of a film, which can reach out and transform a significantly broader reality (the influence of Star Wars, for example), then i think one would see a strange turmoil of ritualistic energy about Hollywood. And that attracts certain forces and forms; indeed, it invites them:

1. i’ve been doing a lot of writing recently, on computer; typos abound, sometimes letter substitutions, sometimes totally different words, e.g. “want” instead of “watch”.

This never happens with handwriting, nor so frequently when i write on one of my manual typewriters, perhaps because there is no delete key, perhaps because it feels (and is) more directly physical.

How differently we experience our own thought when we make so many errors, when error is so easily corrected.

2. People often suppose that we have the thought, fully-formed, and then express it with language. Instead, a kind of presence builds, vaguely, and we begin to speak or write; and the utterance creates the thought. It is not a matter of midwifing the thought, but rather of creating it with language.

3. i get most of my “news” from Youtube now: for a fuller sense of the person who creates the thought. i always found corporate media tedious – as with school, it felt wooden and mechanical. There was very little humanity to it – and by humanity i mean anything authentic (for good or ill). My father tried to force me to read the dreary Times every day and i leafed through it hoping for a good war or cannibal outbreak, but alas it was always tedious grey-haired London faggots writing about the junior undersecretary for trade’s latest tax incentive. Fuck that shit, thought i, i shall play Dune 2 and read David Gemmell.

The authentic will win out over time, which is one reason Social Justice Warriors try to co-opt and pervert non-ideological works such as Ghostbusters or Lord of the Flies or Thor or Star Trek/Wars: they want to destroy the original as much as possible, to put it in the “memory hole” and overwrite it with their Politically Correct Feminist, egalitarian Marxshit. It’s a sign of our degenerate times that Star Trek for example was always a progressive, globalist show – but by today’s standards it is appallingly misogynistic and Capitalist Imperialist and racist and sexist and homophobic and xenophobic and Islamophobic and Patriarchicacalifragilisticexpialidocioustistic and so must be overwritten.

The Left wish to consign the past to the memory hole because it’s easier to say “we never had real Communism” if people aren’t aware that every time it’s been attempted the results, for some odd reason, are always horrific; and because the original Star Trek (and TNG) while frequently silly & leftist, have a levity & nuance & zany weirdness

not to be found in today’s shrieking Left – and thus must be overwritten. Kirk would shit on these modern menstruals with his whacky antics and huge phallus, therefore he must be forgotten.

4. Youtube allows something like the spontaneity and authenticity of one-to-one conversation. If, for example, i read that blacks & whites don’t integrate in America, that may or may not be true; however, when Toddball told me he had black friends as a child in Chicago but as soon as they entered “middle school” (or something similarly American) his black friends automatically self-segregated and would only hang out with other negroes, i can judge this to be probably true – i have his facial expressions, his body language, his voice, and my knowledge of him and my read of his character.

5. Bryan Appleyard, if i recall correctly, wrote (in Understanding the Present) that the modern worldview is of the universe without a human viewer, a universe in which human beings are merely objects, data. The so-called scientific objectivity has leaked out into our wider culture, so newspapers have their house style and one of my more intelligent university tutors had a paper rejected as being “not academic style” – the aim is to remove the individual, the particular perspective, and attain a denatured objectivity.

i reach for as full a context as possible, to understand just who is speaking. When i discovered blogs, in 2005, i was stirred more by the authentic strange character of these strange people writing whatever nonsense or sense: Bryan Appleyard, KurpThe Grumpy Old Bookman, Ensio Kataja, Longsword, Brit, Richard MadeleySteven Moore, than by their particular content. Now most of the above have died of drink i find myself more interested in Youtube. Here is an old video by Millennial Woes who seems to me an evidently decent human being, and to have not mere facility with language, but a meditative, unscripted ease & fluency; and he values the individual and the group:

6. While language clearly can and is often used to deceive or for malign ends, the fuller the context the harder this is. The corporate media makes for a flat, ahistorical perspective; i would say, to use Nassim Taleb’s terms, one should have skin in the game, be involved and both perceive and present as full and unmitigated a context as possible.


1. i was going to watch a Black Mirror episode tonight, and then fell to thinking of this Millennial Woes video (i won’t embed it, because his whole channel will probably be Shoahed soon), The Dishonest Mirror. Human beings abstract from reality, we generalise, we form representations to communicate with others, and to explain reality to ourselves. We are to a degree imprisoned within our own representations, as Shakespeare’s kings believe themselves to be not the boys they once were, but rather King – hence, the near or actual insanity that comes from dethroning, as with Richard II and Lear.

2. It would be easy to say we should dispense with our representations; but we have them for a reason – to massively accelerate comprehension and communication. Without representations, we would exist in a state of animal-like immediacy, unfoolable but also without all culture and civilisation. There are days this seems preferable, e.g. when i want to check my email and Yahoo insists on telling me that Obama’s tweet about the Charleston is the most popular tweet of all time, as if i should care what a vapid actor thinks about a situation he created over 8 years of race baiting. In the world without representations, Obama would be the cunning, weak hyena who slinks about pretending to be wounded before crushing the skull of a giraffe baby in its jaws; despicable in a sense, but really just the way things are, and of course the snickering, creeping hyena would end his days destroyed by a lion. In a world of representations, however, the hyena becomes President, Time Man of the Year, and wins the Nobel Peace Prize despite drone-bombing thousands of civilians in Pakistan and Yemen. So it is, in the world.

3. There are those, like Varg V, who strive for an unrepresentational a reality as possible; but in his case i think he remembers a pre-literate Neolithic-style life (genetic groups and lifestyles continued for long after their supposed end date so it could have been relatively recently); but for the rest of us – who mostly remember nothing before we were born – such a life would be extremely difficult. Having said that, i wouldn’t want to present human history in a binary fashion as either literate/representational, or Neolithic; i’m only speculating, as my first life was relatively recent (shortly after the “invention” of writing), but i have always, it seems, acted within, and reacted against, representations such as language, and i think this is often the case. My feeling is that there are degrees of involvement in representation, and degrees of acuity – so in our age i have found the almost wholly uneducated have a sure instinct for reality; and the rest are misled by propaganda and nonsense of all sorts, with the very worst being the half-educated intelligentsia who, like the Communist, opine on everything and understand nothing.

4. Those in positions of power are mostly those who manipulate and (rather oddly) credit false representations. i have recently wondered how someone could consume the evident propaganda of CNN, the New York Times, Washington Post, the Guardian, etc. without noticing the disparity between reality and the official account. i think it’s partly that when such organs are disproved they simply move on – they don’t address their own falsity, and so if they say Trump hires Russian hookers to piss on him in Moscow, or that Putin controls Trump because of muh reasons, and these tales are systematically demolished the average consumer will just continue to believe, because at no point will the media admit “we just made that up”, and the general trend (this is good, that bad) will please the intelligentsia.

i once thought that journalists of course knew they were liars, but having met a few (through my job) i realised they utterly believe in the general party line (in favour of a totalitarian superstate, destruction of European culture and the white race) and so little falsehoods are of no account; and worse, they believe their own lies. Even when one could prove that they simply created a “story”, they must believe in it, much as some sociopaths i’ve known would utterly believe their own lies – even while they knew they’d just made it all up.

5. i stopped reading Breitbart a few months ago, when they had a story about some white guy in England who was beaten and thrown in a canal by sand people. The article was propaganda, insinuating that the attackers chose the victim because he wasn’t a Muslim. While, from my experience, the Muslims would probably have let me pass unharmed because i’m a darkie, there was absolutely nothing to substantiate the article’s interpretation. It was, coming from the Right, typical propaganda, falsification; and compared with the kind of out-and-out falsehoods to be found in the mainstream media, very minor.

6. My 4 years at university were largely a waste of time. When i lived with my sister & her then-husband and children, 11 years ago, the then-husband (a Fat Rabbit Leftist IT guy) joked that even the worst IT student from an ex-polytechnic would get a better job than someone with a BA 1st and MA Distinction in English Lit from Durham and i chuckled bitterly for of course it was true. However, i think in general the kind of close reading and analysis to which i was set has at least sensitized me to incongruities, e.g. Trump attacks violence on all sides after a bunch of (as far as i can judge) peacefully posturing Rightists, including LARPing “Nazis”, are physically attacked by Antifa while the police do nothing, and the media accuse Trump of being a Nazi because he denounces violence on all sides.

i talked with the Jew Yorker a few weeks ago and realised that virtually all her information comes from corporate media, meaning CNN, NYT, Washington Post. She has been well rewarded by the world, having money, status, a highly comfortable existence within an upper middle class bubble; and it is natural to suppose that if one’s life is gemütlich, that is because of one’s beliefs (white race bad, Islam good, etc.). i was surprised that she would continue to credit the corporate media after their years of practiced systematic deceit, but then they are of her world – the gated community elite – and so they naturally side with each other, against anyone who sees the broader spectrum (like Trump), or anyone who is wholly unmodern (like me).

7. The mirror is presently almost symmetrically false. One doesn’t need to investigate actual events to see this, they make claims like “Trump defends Nazis” and then one can just click on Trump’s Twitter and see the exact opposite. In Germany, people mostly believe whatever they read in Der Spiegel and see on the TV, because Germans are natural conformists; in addition, Germans hate Americans and Trump is, if nothing else, highly American. In America itself, i think probably most people’s opinions don’t coincide with the Mirror: the corporate media and corporate academics/journalists are mostly talking to each other. It reminds me of a shitty poetry book i tried to review 12 years ago; it was so bad i couldn’t bring myself to say anything; puzzled, i re-read all the glowing blurbs on the back, and noted that they were by other modern “poets” and that this so-called poet had won numerous poetry awards and also served on the committees of poetry awards, and then i began to realise how things work.

Academics don’t expect anyone to read their books; political propaganda is avidly consumed by a relatively small number of non-journalists in the gated community elite: and because that elite tend to live in the same areas (New York, Washington, California) and talk only to each other, they don’t realise e.g. just how few people think trannies are anything other than confused homosexuals, or how few people think a vagina sufficient qualification to be President, or how few people care that Trump rambles and is off-the-cuff and looks like some kind of neanderthal deity.

i thought, after the corporate media and corporate comedians said Trump wouldn’t have a chance of even winning the Republican nomination, let alone the Iron Throne,

that what the Z-Man calls the Cloud People might realise their Mirror is false; but that would involve the destruction of a lifetime’s self-esteem, and as with the collapse of the Soviet Union the true believers will continue to believe in their bumper harvests and record tractor quotas as the rest of the establishment quietly peel off and go rogue. And as with the USSR those who stay till the end will end up in prison or despised and derided to their graves. The sneering of the Leftists in the above video reminds me of the Viking’s uncontrolled snickering and giggling through Excalibur – this is a man who can sit stony-faced through a great comedy, tugging his beard and frowning, but was hysterical with mirth at scenes of redemption and heroism; i think this kind of laughter is a defence mechanism against reality, against a reality threatening to a childish mind. Just as the Viking, who inhabits a world of manga and cartoons, was terrified into deranged giggling by the force of his own denied cultural foundation, so the Left were hysterical with mirth at a real American presuming to serve America. In a late civilisation, reality is met not with terror but with mirth – at first the IT geeks and manga-fans and socialists think they can laugh reality away, and indeed they can laugh away the awareness, for a while; to quote Bane:

Now is not the time for fear – that comes later.

The mirror will crack.

Give me the glass, and therein will I read.
No deeper wrinkles yet? hath sorrow struck
So many blows upon this face of mine,
And made no deeper wounds? O flattering glass,
Like to my followers in prosperity,
Thou dost beguile me! Was this face the face
That every day under his household roof
Did keep ten thousand men? was this the face
That, like the sun, did make beholders wink?
Was this the face that faced so many follies,
And was at last out-faced by Bolingbroke?
A brittle glory shineth in this face:
As brittle as the glory is the face;

Dashes the glass against the ground

For there it is, crack’d in a hundred shivers.

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