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1. Styxhexenhammer666 has repeatedly claimed that companies’ only motivation is money; hence, mainstream media run hit pieces on Youtubers to (try to) get rid of the competition; hence, Starbucks et al. virtue-signal, believing it will attract more customers & hence increase profits. Even in a single human being, motivations tend to be multifarious & sometimes conflicting; so, in an organisation?

Virtue signaling seems generally ruinous for companies, e.g. Disney, Starbucks. Why, then, do they persist? They could simply be following Cabal marching orders, but given these companies have many investors, such blatant self-sabotage makes little sense. My feeling is that as like attracts like, so places like New York and California exert a centripetal pull on degenerates, paedophiles, Satanists, and all who hate the West; and a centrifugal push drives out the normal and the good – and the greater the former, the less the latter want to live there; and it is probably similar in converged organisations like Disney or Google.

Humans beings are mostly social creatures – almost no one could today survive without the cooperation of others, so we are always considering the opinions & approval of our peers & associates; there is an almost physical resistance to defying received wisdom – it takes a degree of Kurtz-style wilfulness, bordering on insanity. Thus, those who perceive an imminent or actual paradigm shift are usually a little on the strange side. i think that even while the Starbucks and Disney executives watch their profits slipping away, they don’t know how to stop; they cannot bring themselves to say, “maybe normal people don’t want Leftist propaganda shoved down their throats”.

They don’t want to be the first to stop clapping.

2. The God Emperor’s assault on the Cabal and their minions is political, military, and memetic. Up to Trump, the mainstream right were generally afraid to dissent from the Leftist narrative; they would at least weakly clap along even if they knew that e.g. the brouhaha about poor children in cages is manufactured hysteria; that the pictures date from 2014; that (almost) nobody cared when predatory invaders & their children were detained under any Cabal-controlled administration.

The God Emperor is breaking this apart.

Of course the Leftist tools don’t for a moment care. They are merely looking for ammunition to use against the first uncompromised administration in three decades. What Trump is showing is that when you fold arms and refuse to clap, nothing bad happens. The Left, being totalitarians, rely on social pressure & fear, and Trump exemplifies the strong, arrogant individual; he shows that they can call you Hitler and Satan and shriek at the sky, and wear pink pussy hats, and nothing happens.

Their [the Black Riders’] peril is almost entirely due to the unreasoning fear which they inspire (like ghosts).  They have no great physical power against the fearless; but what they have, and the fear that they inspire, is enormously increased in darkness.

(letter from JRR Tolkien, June 1958)

3. If, as Q has suggested, the Cabal is a worldwide operation, my hope is that the destruction of the American groups will necessarily bring down the paedophiles in Britain, and the European Union. It looks like the American zone will be cleared by the mid-terms, so my guess is things will reach a climax this autumn.


1. i mostly read Graham Hancock’s Fingerprints of the Gods on my recent holiday. As i see it, the thesis of the book is: at some point before the ending of the last Ice Age (about 10,000 BC) an advanced civilisation existed; the Ice Age ended when the planet’s alignment altered, causing earth-crust displacement so for example Antarctica moved considerably “south”; the advanced civilisation was almost totally destroyed by catastrophic flooding, volcanic & seismic activity; survivors traveled the Earth, ending up in e.g. South America and Egypt and assumed the white man’s burden, teaching the primitive tribes agriculture and so on; the civilisers departed or ended up being killed (probably by those they tried to help) and the primitive tribes slowly developed with what bits & pieces of lore & technology they could grasp, living amidst monuments they could not understand.

2. i have no idea if any of this is true though some myths i once assumed to have been invented by crazy old grandmas in Times of Yore are actually at least partially historical. In both Egypt and South America it seems the natives merely squatted about the workings of their vanished benefactors, then claimed them as their own and built their rituals around that which they could not build nor understand.

i was struck by the image of huge Mayan temples, engineered to high precision, stuck atop mountains – vast projects even the God Emperor would find barely possible, in the 21st Century – and when the Dagoes arrived the piranhahitas were capering about in loinclothes, eating snakes and whooping on panpipes, drinking piss and sacrificing each other en masse, and behold the Dago thought, How did they build these pyramids? Let’s kill them all in the name of Christ.

The Egyptians had attained a higher level of civilisation, being blonde, but there is nonetheless a degradation in quality & knowledge as if they were left with e.g. the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx and fragments of knowledge, and developed their own civilisation based on what little they could master.

3. Modern Europe: where for example David Cameron could attend Eton and Oxford, and still didn’t know what Magna Carta means; or where Pakistanis call themselves “British Muslims”; or where first-year university English Literature students complain that Dickens and Conrad are unreadable hard; or where slightly less than half the voting electorate of the UK wanted to fully surrender their rights to a globalist superstate and accused e.g. pensioners who fought the Nazis of being Nazis for voting for national independence; or where a man like Count Dankula is likely to face imprisonment for making a joke, but the police & local councils turned a blind eye to Muslim rape gangs for the last twenty years. Meanwhile our loathsome Prime Minister lectures us about British values as if it is somehow her job to instruct the people as to their values and their identity. One could see Greece as the end towards which European nations are all heading – a barbarously-moustached, darkened people living in ruins they cannot understand, their corrupt democratic leaders talking grandly about values and tolerance and their great traditions as they offer their far-from-virginal behinds up to the aforementioned globalist superstate, and sell off everything they can to foreign investors.

4. Hancock focuses mainly on the Egyptians and piranhahitas. However, there were passages which might interest the runic scholar (i presume Hancock does not know of the parallels, since he did not mention them). For example, regarding Viracocha:

Viracocha himself, with his two assistants, journeyed north…He travelled up the cordillera, one assistant went along the coast, and the other up the edge of the eastern forests…The Creator proceeded to Urcos, near Cuzco, where he commanded the future population to emerge from a mountain. He visited Cuzco, and then continued north to  Ecuador. There, in the coastal province of Manta, he took leave of his people and, walking on the waves, disappeared across the ocean.

There was always this poignant moment of goodbye at the end of every folk memory featuring the remarkable stranger whose name meant ‘Foam of the Sea’:

Viracocha went on his way, calling forth the races of men…When he came to the district of Puerto Viejo he was joined by his followers whom he had sent on before, and when they had joined him he put to sea in their company and they say that he and his people went by water as easily as they had traversed the land.

Thus the god Yngvi:

Ing wæs ærest mid Eástdenum

gesewen secgum, oð he síððan eást

ofer wæg gewát. wæn æfter ran.

þus Heardingas þone hæle nemdon.

Ing was first amidst the East Danes

so seen, until he went eastward

over the sea. His wagon ran after.

Thus the Heardings named that hero.

4.2 And the Gateway of the Sun at Kalasasaya:

So Hancock:

It was a beautifully balanced piece of sculpture with three rows of eight figures, twenty-four in all, lined up on either side of the elevated central image.

4.3 And Hancock on another civilizer-figure:

There were other deities, among the Maya in particular, whose identities seemed to merge closely with those of Quetzalcoatl. One was Votan, a great civilizer, who was also described as pale-skinned, bearded and wearing a long robe.

All the legends stated unambiguously that  Quetzalcoatl/Kukulkan/Gucumatz/Votan/Itzamana had arrived in Central America from somewhere very far away (across ‘the Eastern Sea’) and that amid great sadness he had eventually sailed off again in the direction whence he had come.


oð he síððan eást

ofer wæg gewát

5. In my naive younger days i thought myths were all invented and arbitrary; later, i was drawn to thought of Jungian archetypes; now i tend to think that many (perhaps even most myths) are based on historical fact; but also that if children were raised by robots on Mars, utterly ignorant of their racial history, and that of the wider human race, they would archetypally arrive at stories that would hit many of the same historical notes as ours: of white men with beards who arrive with great knowledge, and depart whence they came, over the sea.

The historical and the archetypal are one. Our physical, historical, and mental/spiritual being is one.

“Yes,” said Gandalf; “for it will be better to ride back three together than one alone. Well, here at least, dear friends, on the shores of the Sea comes the end of our fellowship in Middle-earth. Go in peace! I will not say: do not weep; for not all tears are an evil.”

Then Frodo kissed Merry and Pippin, and last of all Sam, and went aboard; and the sails were drawn up, and the wind blew, and slowly the ship sailed away down the long grey firth; and the light of the glass of Galadriel that Frodo bore glimmered and was lost. And the ship went out into the High Sea and passed on into the West […]


1. The Golden One recently said, apropos a video of Varg’s about having muscles “when shit hits the fan” that we’ve been at war since 1945. It’s a little disingenuous as “shit hits the fan” means total anarchy, no public transport, no gym membership, no guaranteed access to nutrition (including protein). However, something certainly changed in our world in 1945.

2. Two quotations.

The news today about ‘Atomic bombs’ is so horrifying one is stunned. The utter folly of these lunatic physicists to consent to do such work for war-purposes: calmly plotting the destruction of the world! Such explosives in men’s hands, while their moral and intellectual status is declining, is about as useful as giving out firearms to all inmates of a gaol and then saying that you hope ‘this will ensure peace’. But one good thing may arise out of it, I suppose, if the write-ups are not overheated: Japan ought to cave in. Well we’re all in God’s hands. But He does not look kindly on Babel-builders. 

(J.R.R. Tolkien to Christopher Tolkien, 9 August 1945)


Die hysterische Angst, die die Öffentlichkeit jetzt vor der Atom-Bombe hat, oder doch ausdrückt, ist beinahe ein Zeichen, daß hier einmal wirklich eine heilsame Erfindung gemacht worden ist. Wenigstens macht die Furcht den Eindruch einer wirklich wirksamen bittern Medizin. […]  Denn alles, was ich meinen kann, ist doch nur, daß die Bombe das Ende, die Zerstörung, eines gräßlichen Übels, der ekelhaften, seifenwäßrigen Wissenschaft, in Aussicht stellt. Und das ist freilich kein unangenehmer Gedanke; aber wer sagt, was auf eine solche Zerstörung folgen würde?

The hysterical fear following the Atom Bomb, or rather, the expressed fear, almost suggests we have here a truly wholesome bitter medicine. […] Because my thought here is, the Bomb will bring to an end, utterly destroy, a loathsome evil: our modern Science. Not an unwelcome prospect by any means, and besides who can say what would be born from such destruction? 

(Wittgenstein, notebooks 1946, my translation)

3. i note that Spain is acting to Catalonia as the EU to Britain and every member state. Last year, apropros Brexit, a fat rabbit student and IT geek (they all seem enormously overweight) said if we take my independence logic to its conclusion, Bavaria would separate from Germany, Niederbayern from Oberbayern, etc. i suppose there is a natural coherence which can unify disparate peoples and places, but it is a delicate and uncertain thing. Since 1945 we’ve inhabited a world of power blocks, and the gradual destruction of individual cultural difference. The belly-patting Southron manager and fat rabbit type would scoff and say Britain loves to be in the EU but actually i think if the defining group is drawn too large the individual ceases to feel any affinity to his supposed category. Naturally, fat rabbits, Southrons and Volvo-drivers could not understand this: for them, the economy is all and the genetic base or culture is, at best, a minor talking point at a nice little dinner party.

Tolkien was right to describe our new overlords as Babel-builders. They are innately atheist, supposing human rationality can create total and lasting order, despite every attempt thereat having come to disaster in the past. One reason i’ve been so delighted by Taleb’s Antifragile: as far as i can tell, he shares my doubts about manmade order & certainty, and one typically has to go quite far back (e.g. to Tolkien or Wittgenstein or Chesterton) to find such an understanding – an understanding set against apparent understanding; it is, today, a spiritual perspective.

4. Much will have to be rebuilt, after the collapse – hopefully very differently, almost certainly so since those who believe the most in today’s late system are unlikely to survive.

1. Despite the grim situation in Western Europe i feel all it as it should be; much as i am not unduly depressed to find myself broke, since i did not aggressively seek out classes, and until recently bought fine whiskies and waistcoats as i felt moved – and so having no ‘gro in my bank is merely what i should expect. My work in July should be ample (crash courses) and i used the free time to write and think, so it’s all good.

2. i was teaching two software developers at a finance company and we fell to talking of abstruse matters such as C++ and C sharp, some kind of programming language for modern machines, apparently. By their account, one of these automatically allocates memory, the other not. i suppose, for computers, unused memory capacity is a good thing; by contrast, human beings and cultures are determined by their stored memories, by fullness rather than vacancy. In computer terms our processing power is the greater, the more we use our memory, the fuller our databanks.

3. Human memory is typically narrative. i think one function of dreams is to “process” recent memory, to weave it into a story. i do have a few snapshot memories where i have almost no idea of context, and typically these are perplexing. Memory is almost always narrative, within a framework of association. This established structure makes sense of experience. The greater the memory, the greater the possibilities of narrative subtlety and range.

Most people today actively defend themselves against extended memory. They know little of their ancestors and despise those who think it important. Nationalism no longer means much in Western Europe; these nations been flooded with immigrants for whom the history of e.g. England or Germany or France is totally irrelevant. 2nd and 3rd-generation immigrants typically know little of their own family history back in the desert, and just as typically despise European tradition – and they are legally citizens of European nations. This would go some way to explaining why 1st-gen immigrants aren’t as criminal as their children – those who grew up in e.g. Pakistan at least have some ancestral connection; their displaced children have none; and as they inevitably dilute and disrupt the native culture, in the end nobody has anything.

4. Discussing software – about which i am happy to understand nothing – one of the students said they use programs full of barely-comprehensible code, and occasionally find a “command line” with the notation do not delete, written by someone who has long since left the company; and while the line has seemingly no function, when it is altered the whole system goes drastically awry. It struck me as akin to civilisation, which is built on inscrutable enactments and beliefs; take them away and a land can go, in two or three generations, from this:

to this:

5. This transformation has naturally been in the interests of our elites, who would rather wield tyrannical power over a “Scouring of the Shire”-style land of cowed, bullied natives and widespread crime and terrorism than be public servants to a largely free land:

‘It would be a grievous blow to the world, if the Dark Power overcame the Shire; if all your kind, jolly, stupid Bolgers, Hornblowers, Boffins, Bracegirdles, and the rest, not to mention the ridiculous Bagginses, became enslaved.’

Frodo shuddered. ‘But… why should he want such slaves?’

‘To tell you the truth,’ replied Gandalf, ‘I believe that hitherto – hitherto, mark you – he has entirely overlooked the existence of hobbits. You should be thankful. But your safety has passed. He does not need you — he has many more useful servants — but he won’t forget you again. And hobbits as miserable slaves would please him far more than hobbits happy and free. 

– hobbits and tattooed ginger Scots; speaking of whom, the case of Count Dankula deserves some attention. In short, a ginger Scot made an amusing video about his pug raising its right paw (my Russian hippy flatmate taught his dog this trick in Kassel), and is now facing prison time; here is a sober video on the topic:

This is the modern State: suppressing the native European population and smiling benignly upon Muslim rape gangs. Should you feel moved to send some cash this poor Scot’s way, click here. 

6. i am not political; there is no political solution. The modern man – debased, trivial, and childish as he is – must recover his ancestral memory. The usual aides-mémoire (ancient religious rite, landscape, traditional occupations) have mostly been destroyed through Protestantism, Vatican II, overpopulation, and the Industrial Revolution and urbanisation; and so the remembering will either be exceptionally traumatic, involving the destruction of cities and modern economy, genocide, and a return to hunter/gatherer and subsistence farming; or it will be merely very traumatic, involving a radical refiguring of Western consciousness within our existing way of life.

i am not trying to turn the clock back to a better time. i am, rather, trying to preserve seeds for an unimaginable future.

1. i went to Kassel to see Juniper and also just get out of Munich for a bit. Kassel attracts me not at all; it’s a typical modernist German town, depressingly functional and soulless, and now swarming with military-age African and Arab “Syrian” “refugees”.

This is the modern world, it seems – concrete towns full of Muslim invaders who are generously hosted & permitted to rape and murder by the complacent authorities. Discussing jobs etc. with Corinne (she suggested i find work in a publishing house) i told her i was born a generation too late for everything: academia has been corrupted almost beyond recognition by the Left, publishing houses have no use for proof-readers, and Humanities degrees now being overabundant (thanks to Thatcher and then Nu Labour), they have next to no value for employment purposes. The days when eccentrics and misfits could get Foreign Office, journalism, or publishing jobs because they had a 2:1 in English Lit or Philosophy are about 40 years gone.

2. i watched the Harry Potter films recently, at Corinne’s instigation. i found them surprisingly good, my only cavil being the way wands are used like handguns, seemingly irrespective of the personal power & wisdom of the wielder. Several times, i thought, Where have i seen that before? – then realised they shot some scenes in Durham Cathedral, in places i’d walked through almost every day (taking a shortcut to my college).


Education is an odd concept – i learnt most at Durham from solitary study, or talking to friends; i think the only value i got of the official system was in having 4 years without necessity of work, a big library, essay deadlines (otherwise i wouldn’t have studied & written as intensively), and a community in which i found some interesting minds.

My expensive school, to which i needed 4 hours’ travel a day (by public transport) was, i would say, useless, because my mind is seemingly incapable of performing to official standards – one more reason i’m conventionally unemployable, i suppose. i learnt virtually nothing, except that a good proportion of human beings are naturally evil; and how to deflect bullying (which is useful but not much to show of 12 years’ schooling).

The only advantage i see in my expensive useless school, and Durham, are that i could develop in an unmodern environment, as much as is possible in the degenerate West. In my last years at school, the good old-fashioned wooden tables were removed and a wonderful old lecture-hall type room (with circular tiers leading to the dias) was remade into a bland modern space with white plastic furnishings and white walls. i was lucky enough to grow up among wooden desks with ink wells and graffiti which, i guess, dated from well before my birth. i was also fortunate, in the late 80s, to have several teachers in their 60s, dire and scowling old chaps, undoubtedly of a fascist disposition, undoubtedly they had taken a Hun head or two with a machete, back in the day.

Somewhat similarly at Durham, my first year room had the kind of battered old wooden furniture i recognised from school – and when a friend lived in the same room, 2 years later, all this was gone, replaced with giant immoveable plastic furnishings. Although i was born a generation too late, i was blessed to live and think in such places, just before they were destroyed.

3. i did my MA thesis on Tolkien in my last year at Durham. 7 years later i re-read his works, round about the time a door in my mind opened, in summer/autumn 2008. i would say my hamingja chose this time, to ease the transition to the midnight sun.

i have often noted a mythic quality to Tolkien, irrespective of his literary virtues; that is, his works have a magical/cultural force. Apropos Roger Scruton, the Man in Black recently wrote to me: “Reading Scruton at times brings to mind Susan Cooper’s Dark is Rising books, Tolkien, and Old English literature.”

i decided to see how Cooper – another mythic writer – speaks, and found this talk:

and to my surprise:

“the actual book The Dark is Rising especially is, every inch of it, is where I used to ride my bike when I was a kid. The Manor House is indeed the local manor house, and the house in which Will Stanton’s family lives is in fact the local vicarage, where the vicar’s wife tutored me in Latin, at which i was quite terrible. i needed the Latin to be allowed to study English at the University of Oxford, and when I got there I found that the English syllabus had been cut off at the year 1832 by two of our lecturers, with the result that we all studied an enormous amount of early stuff – Beowulf, Spencer, Middle English, Malory. All those things led to the fact that, as a friend of mine said, they taught us to believe in dragons. And the names of the two lecturers were JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis.”

4. The mystery of Berkano is here – the hidden continuity, a tree which blooms after the long winter. Luckily, the powers that be – the Clintons and Bushes, Soros and his ilk – operate on a worldly scale, because the spiritual is beyond their apprehension; they are evil, and may indeed dabble in occult nonsense, paedophilia etc., but they are not of the enlightened evil – perhaps no human can be, the former precluding the latter. The true powers are hidden. The good old gods are, in a sense, present in the English landscape, even in the language (in its unadulterated form, found only in the totally uneducated and those educated in the truest sense, meaning they are repugnant to the academy), and in our myths.

Tolkien had a close connection to these gods, and through long association his works and most likely body and personality bore something thereof. It does not surprise me, then, that Susan Cooper (whose Dark is Rising books are on a par with LoTR) studied under the man. This is a lineage which Soros et al. cannot extirpate easily – it would require Soviet-levels of control; and since the modern devils think in very materialistic terms, they are unlikely to move against what they would see as irrelevant “juvenile trash” (Edmund Wilson’s judgement on Tolkien). But if a fire one day rises from the ash, it will be of a secret kindling.

5. My long weekend in Kassel was good. i did little save drink gin and read and talk to Juniper. She is decidedly unmodern. She was partly raised by her grandfather, on a farm outside Kassel, with dogs and cats. Her grandfather served on the Eastern Front, as a looker-after of horses, and i guess as a farmer was far removed from modernity. Juniper gifted me two of his pipes, which i smoke from time to time.


As Nietzsche said of reading Goethe, that it did good to breathe this air, so it does me good to be with people from the old world – being with Juniper is like breathing fresh air again, because she is part of her grandfather’s world, and he was part of the 19th Century.

Juniper’s sensibilities are so. i have often noticed that animals are drawn to her – they mostly just ignore me – i think because while i have all kinds of odd noise in my head, she has nothing of the 21st or even 20th Century in her. And that absence itself is a noble and remarkable thing, a kind of wizardry if you like. So, after Faramir resists the temptation of the Ring:

‘Ah well, sir,’ said Sam, ‘you said my master had an elvish air; and that was good and true. But I can say this: you have an air too, sir, that reminds me of, of – well, Gandalf, of wizards.’

‘Maybe,’ said Faramir. ‘Maybe you discern from far away the air of Númenor.’

1. i just read Varg Vikernes’ Sorcery & Religion in Ancient Scandinavia, a good & interesting read. As far as i can tell, he believes the old gods don’t exist, and are just names people gave natural forces: “built like all religions are on ignorance and delusions” (p 120). In this sense, Thor would be like gravity, a name we give to a phenomenon, a pattern of observable force.

It could be that if every single human being ceased to exist, the gods would too, but such a world would not concern me; and there are even older gods still wandering around, long after anyone worshipped them.

The comfortingly sane and sanitized view would be that the human subconscious produces certain archetypes, including gods, and these are merely aspects of our own collective mind. My own view is a little different: – we could be seen as aspects of the gods, or vice versa, or both us & the gods are merely manifestations of the universe. In any case, to consciously regard the gods as merely convenient illusions would be to limit the possibilities of revelation and concourse.

2. i finished watching Game of Thrones, impressed. i’ve read various Christian accounts of the show/books, lambasting it for nihilism etc., but these seem very superficial judgements. Modern Christians enjoy living in a bubble of middle class niceness & propriety, where everyone reads CS Lewis and pays his taxes on time. i found the first book tedious but the show is a different beast. i note that a type of Thor appears – the so-called Hound, a scarred killer:


He has a monstrous brother and is something of a monster himself; like Thor, the giant slayer who is himself giant, a ferocious gobbler of food and quaffer of ales:

This summer, apropos the migrant rape horde, the Man in Black told me: “If the old gods are connected to the land and the European peoples, then they might have something to say about it.” i don’t know of any life where i was given to the Germanic gods – though to a cousin-god from an older pantheon – and am genetically only half-European, so if the Old One could reach into my mind back in 2008 (fittingly, after re-reading Tolkien for the first time since my 2001 dissertation), i suppose others could follow.

3. On the subject of Tolkien, i came across a fragment of his, The New Shadow, very close to a story i was toying with this time last year, set 3 generations after the War of the Ring – in my idea, the peoples of the West have become soft and effeminate and are welcoming orcs into their lands, firstly to do the jobs they are too soft for, and then because they hate their own culture, and regard Aragorn, Gandalf et al. as terrible racists and barbarian who we should all be ashamed of, and orcs are so wonderful and exotic and we should have more of them around, and there’s such a nice little orc restaurant just around the corner in an ethnic neighbourhood, where they all speak orcish, such a romantic, exotic language, and little Tristan’s nanny is an orc, such a hard worker, she cleans the toilets and everything!

The Tolkien tale is on similar lines. An old man, Borlas, talks with a younger, Saelon. Borlas is youngest son of a minor character in The Return of the King, many decades before. Saelon is a faintly sinister young man who seems involved in “secret societies practising dark cults, and ‘orc-cults’ among adolescents” (Tolkien’s brief introduction).

Saelon invites Borlas to join him:

‘I warn you rather to clothe yourself warmly after nightfall,’ he said. ‘That is, if you wish to learn more; for if you do, you will come with me on a journey tonight. I will meet you at your eastern gate behind your house; or at least I shall pass that way as soon as it is full dark, and you shall come or not as you will. I shall be clad in black, and anyone who goes with me must be clad alike.

and then departs. Borlas wonders alone:

why invite me to go with him? Not to convert old Borlas! Useless. Useless to try: no one would hope to win over a man who remembered the Evil of old, however far off.

Tolkien was realistic about human nature, and regarded Sauron as merely one concentration of evil, in a fallen world. There seems a natural life cycle of cultures, so one has, for example, Athens and the other Greek states rallying (more or less) together against the Muslim Persia between about 492 and 479 BC, glorious glorious, and then you have Sparta and Athens ripping Greece apart in the Peloponnesian War starting 431 BC. A young soldier at Plataea would have been in his late 60s when Greece destroyed itself – so, two generations, more or less. The memories fade and unless carefully preserved, in art, in literature, all our ancestors fought for is cast aside as of no value, much as the Viking immediately smashes and burns anything he is given, or just throws it into a ditch or leaves it on a bus or in a homosexual brothel church.

i was born a generation (almost exactly) after my closest last life, and so by the time i was a man i was already in an alien world, a world that despised everything held good before my last death. However, i remember “the evil of old”, and am undeceived by the new.

4. The Left triumphed long ago, but because their self-identity is of permanent revolution, and because so many Feminist Diversity Outreach Professors would lose their jobs if they admitted they have won, it is necessary to fabricate new atrocities: so Halloween dog costumes are sexist, and so on. i note that the Left seems to have swung so far into spiritual evil that a fair number of feminists, SJWs, etc., are clearly insane. Of the three Borderline people i know (all women), two are open borders, globalist, EU, Social Justice Warrior types, the third being almost mentally retarded and so, luckily, uninterested in anything except food. Every rabid Leftie i know seems to have a childhood of physical and sometimes sexual abuse, which has filled them with permanent hatred for their culture and origins.

In the past, such people would be recognised as insane or at least highly damaged individuals. Any European who hates European culture, and even their own genetic inheritance, is hardly likely to be capable of clear and objective thought on the matter, because they hate that from which they came. They should leave Europe and go live in Pakistan or Liberia, where they can be raped to death by sand peoples happy among the authentic poor.

At least someone like Thomas Bernhard (father apparently a rapist who died in WW2, mother naturally seems to have hated the child) formed a connection with his grandfather, and rooted himself in a 19th Century Europe. But the modern Left would happily destroy everything of Europe, because they are spiritually as well as clinically insane. Bernhard was half-mad, but only half.

i predicted Trump had a good chance of winning the election several months ago, and everyone thought i was letting my contrarian disposition get the better of me. But i think he is part of a trend – not so much to “the Right” as to normalcy; and although he looks like a radioactive wild boar, his vices and crimes are thoroughly ordinary. Bill Clinton allegedly raped dozens of women, and liked to bite their faces till they bled; Trump on his own admission likes to grab women by the pussy, and they let him do it because he’s so damn Trump. They probably lined up to be groped by that wild boar.

If the Presidential candidates were films, Trump would be Porky’s; Clinton’s would be Ghostbusters 2016.

Well, you’d have to add elements of Wall Street to Trump’s, and if you look deeper Clinton’s film would be a paedophile snuff movie, but at least on the surface you can probably divide many of their supporters into those who would rather watch Porky’s or Ghostbusters 2016.

5. Discussing all this with an East German student, i said that no matter how rich the enemy may be, even George Soros can’t control a world where the culture changes against him and his ilk. The student, a typical German atheist, adduced as example that he insisted his daughter be baptised Catholic – because now our culture is clearly threatened, not merely from within by the Left, but from without by literally millions of military-age 3rd World rapists, that which formed European culture becomes valuable.

i think there will be, increasingly, spontaneous turnings away from the modern insanity, probably the men first, since women tend to either be hobbits (believing everyone is nice and friendly and we don’t need borders or police), or rabid shrieking Feminists, but it will happen, and i will live through the change. i don’t predict a return to capitalism, nor to some kind of fascism, but rather some new form will emerge – probably be rather a bloody affair, but then that has always been the way of things.

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