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1. i’ve often been criticised for thinking in terms of character and talking about people i know. And yet, i think one can project social and political forms from the individual. On one of his videos Jordan Peterson said, regarding the entry of women into politics (and the electorate), that for a woman a crying baby is always right; a woman doesn’t question if the baby is justified in its complaint; because it is crying it is right and special. And certainly, in the West, we live in a feminized society with feminized politics: impractical, cruel, daddy issues, fluffy, lovey-dovey, raves about evil rape then invites millions of rapists in to rape, merciless against dissent, irrational, savage, gormless.

For a woman, disagreement means hatred. For a woman, mockery is assault. For a woman, dissent is terrorism.

2. i was teaching a new group, and being of late melancholy and jaded with my existence, and hence lacking my usual colossal tact, i criticised politicians en masse. Even in Germany – as conforming Big State a nation as one could dread to inhabit – most of my students nodded agreement, and a juicy MILF said one of her children’s teachers – the worst teacher in the entire school, despised by his colleagues and reviled by the pupils – left education to become a politician and everyone was delighted to see him go.

3. A tendency to be observed today: weakness signaling: the weaker and more emotionally-distressed and unstable, the higher one’s status in the West. Hence, the weaklings will proclaim themselves triggered, offended, and cry and demonstrate their mental instability, as if that indicates ontological superiority. The last time one of my (female) colleagues accused me of hurtful utterances, i merely smiled evilly and she slunk away in shame, to hang herself in the McLingua toilet.

4. Another modern tendency: to manage potential conflict by being nice. i would say there are roughly three means of conflict management:

i) Kill all potential opposition.

ii) Intimidate all potential opposition.

iii) Make friends with all potential opposition.

Option 1 is what one would find among the sand peoples in their native habitat, where the latest warlord will usually be found half-eaten by crocodiles six months later. At the top of Option 2 there is prolific non-lethal violence such as one one would find in Sunderland; at the lower range it is more, as in the McLingua teacher room, a matter of carrying an Uzi and walking with a certain John Wayne swagger, and calling everyone “pal”.

Option 3 is basically that of Withnail & I where a psychotic poacher breaks into the cottage at night: “we’ll have to try and make friends with him!”

Our leaders wish to destroy European culture and the white race, however those who vote for the Centre and Left parties are largely adherents of Option 3: the pre-emptive cringe and apology before Third World Jihaddists, the hope that if we’re just nice enough to them, they will let us live in peace. Option 3 is the recourse of women, and women in a land of superabundant resources to boot; they don’t understand (because of their arrogance) that non-feminized men see niceness as weakness, and the sand peoples in general correctly see weakness, and exploit it.

5. Before the recent German elections my little village was full of party posters, and two FDP canvassers tried to stop me near the bus stop (i told them, smiling pleasantly “I’m not a German citizen” though in truth i wanted to say “you faggots need to wake up and smell the negro, Tyrone is in your house blacking your daughters and you’re babbling about politics. Now is not the time for politics. Now is the time for alcohol! Gentlemen! To the pub!”). Now that the election is over (with predictable results) these posters are left strewn about town, even on the little country lanes and i dare say if i penetrated into the wood i would find CSU and Die Linke posters littered about like haemophiliac squirrels. The posters are naturally becoming weather-torn and stained, and no one clears them away. The parties who promise to help the people leave their trash like a discarded condom full of jizz in your shoes, for you to unpleasantly discover to your great chagrin.

6. If you want an image for democracy there it is – a condom full of strange jizz.



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